3.6 Service Pack 1: interesting updates

20 February 2012 by fperricone


The first Service Pack for 3.6 is now available in the download area: find out all the new features useful also to your company!  

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The process that brings to the improvement and stretching of the functions is truly restless. Here we are, one month since the last minor release for, ready to discover the new features brought about by this first Service Pack.  

Well over 13 new features and many improvements regarding the product functioning ergonomics. The SP1 is indeed an interesting update. 

The Tax Communication module now includes new features, some of which resulting from specific requests set forth by End Users who,  throughout the Microarea Community Forum, have sent us suggestions that are very useful and that help the work of those you use everyday. Microarea is always ready to give ear, analyze and add functions to in order to support at best its End Users. Every End User can benefit from the ongoing product updates simply by subscribing to the Microarea Live Update service. One improvement above all: you can now gather all documents referring to one year and one specific customer in order to verify whether the threshold value has been reached.  

Warehouse, Logistics (WMS) and Accounting enjoy several updates that make even more precise, fast and...pleasent to work with!

In order to update to the 3.6 SP1 version, get in touch with your Microarea reseller: he/she will make sure that your expectations, from a technical point of view and in regards to the safety of your company data, are truly met.

Please remember that in order to download free of charge all the updates for you need to subscribe to the M.L.U. service. Furthermore, the Microarea Live Update service ensures access also to over 100 e-learning courses, opens the gates of the Microarea Community where you can communicate with other End Users, and makes sure that your company is always supported when growing by a always up to your expectations.

Find out how convenient it is to be always updated: call the Microarea International Sales department for further information regarding the M.L.U.
Access now the download area to find out all the new features found in 3.6 SP1.

Credit limit management for tailored credit

10 February 2012 by vsalaris


The new module ensures a precise management of the customers' credit limit thanks to strategic and efficient controlling operations along with a top-level customization.

edited by the Marketing Department 

The new year brought along many new features "made in Microarea". The new release 3.6 of is rich as in regards to new functions and growingly useful under many aspects. The area of, which has enjoyed most benefits from this overall product improvement, is the administration, and sales and purchase cycle thanks to the new module Credit Limit Management, created in order to ensure a wide and on time management of the credit limit allowed to you customers. 

The Credit Limit Management module is the utmost complete solution for your company. This thanks to the customer status analysis, the four parallel customer limit management lines, the possibility to keep track of the credit delivery and invoicing, the wide integrated reporting together with the an outstanding level of customization. In other words, you can keep full control over the order fulfilment according to needs and requirements. 

Besides being coherent with the company's policy as in regards to the credit limit management, the module can be entirely customized hence allowing to apply preferential behaviour parameters for each single customer.  

Thanks to the control functions, which operate automatically during the crucial phases of the sales cycle (from the order acquisition to the order delivery), the program behaviour can be driven in a pre-established manner or manually forced in certain situations, decided according to the situation.  

The Credit Limit Management module allows to block to a sales order should one or more parameters (relating to the credit management) be disobeyed, this meaning that the order can be registered yet not fulfilled unless being unblocked. 

When saving documents such as a sales order, delivery note or invoice, checks the credit limit. If one or more verification identify a crossing over the allowed limit, will block or warn the End User, this according to the pre-established setting. Thanks to the Credit Limit Exposure window, available within all documents, you can get hold of clear graphic indications (traffic light) along with a warning regarding the parameters that have been disobeyed and the ones that ask for particular attention.  

The available lists allow to have full knowledge of the allowed credit limits, the exposure of each single customer, the customers that have exceeded the limit according to the parameters and last, but not least, the blocked orders. The reporting system of the Credit Limit Management module is a truly efficient monitoring tool able to help you in the analysis of each customer any time you deem this necessary.

The benefits and advantages offered by this new module are amplified by the possible union with EasyLook, the latter allowing to use very easily the Credit Limit Management module also via Internet! For just one second, think how easily your agents will be able to verify, in real-time from their iPads, the credit limit of each single customer.   

If you wish to have a full view of the highlights offered by the Credit Limit Management, have a look at this short video. Your M.L.U. service is active and you are interested in recieving further details regarding the functions of the new module? Microarea provides you with possibility to follow a useful NON EXISTING PAGE e-learning course  in order to learn all there is to learn on the Credit Limit Management...directly from your office desk!

Microarea website: information and added value

1 February 2012 by vsalaris


The success of an Internet website depends on the coherence relationship between shape and contents. For Microarea, this means providing, throughout the web, relevant and interesting information.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Microarea, now as in the past, always released unique and distinctive information, re-establishing and increasing progressively its visibility among the web.

In 2011, the Microarea website achieved outstanding results from a visibility point of view: +22% visits on 2010, for an overall 1,800,000 on-line pages visualized! Interestingly, a large part of the visits are due to the "Googeling" activity of Internet surfers in search of information and solutions. Comparing to last year, we have witnessed to a consistent increase in the traffic deriving from Google: +30%!    

The significant work load that Microarea carried out on communication is integrated and fulfilled by the search engines optimization activity, this throughout technical improvements (the grouping of activities known as SEO) that guarantee a highly effective positioning of the results of the research engines. The latter is truly vital towards the products visibility and, more generally, of the entire Microarea offer.     

Also, the type of consultation provided a highly satisfying result: the visitors don't just "stop and go" on the website: there stay (on average 5 minutes) is well longer than the one referring to other websites belonging to players in the same market segment. This means that there is a significant level of interest and attention towards the reported themes.

Thrilling results indeed, which prove how quality does pay off in the end.

It is therefore obvious that the visibility of the companies that are hosted on is considerably high. An extraordinary showcase is available to the Microarea Platinum Partners, within which they can promote their brand and solutions integrated with The End Users instead have the "Success Stories" area where they can promote themselves on the web ... all of which offered by!
We could say, based on the information in our hand and trying to carry out a literature type comparison, that the End Users have "flicked through" the Microarea website searching for the most interesting info just like if it was a newspaper, they have read with attention just like if it was a manual rich of information and last (but not least) they have shown their appreciation as if it was a best seller!   

Aside the numbers and statistics, the great influx and interest of the visitors prove the value of the philosophy and efforts made by Microarea, acknowledging the importance of the investments made in order to offer a "point of reference" for the "aficionados" (Users and Partners) and net surfers who are looking for the answers to their needs. 

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