EasyMO for Mago.net, the real-time gathering of manufacturing data

20 January 2012 by vsalaris


The manufacturing data collection process is simple, effective and immediate thanks to the Mago.net vertical solution EasyMO, made in Project++.   

edited by the Marketing Department 

The Microarea Platinum Partner Project++ presents EasyMO: the Mago.net vertical solution that aims towards data collection and confirmation for all of those companies that require an immediate feedback regarding the productivity level in every merchandising sector.   

The MO confirmation is occasionally a manual, slow and inaccurate process, which certainly does not meet the accuracy and reliability standards set forth by modern and competitive enterprises. The EasyMO vertical, side by side with Mago.net Enterprise Edition, is able to provide sure and reliable answers regarding time and consumption management, this by gathering information directly from the production lines. The Project++ solution controls the collection of events, employed materials and manufacturing timing for the development of each MO during the work shift, and in regards to a specific line, hence ensuring the alignment of the warehouses in real-time.   

The strength of EasyMO for Mago.net consists in the confirmation data gathering, which takes place during, and not after, the manufacturing phase, this thanks to the utilization of touch screens installation along the manufacturing line (eventually provided with barcode scanners and plc interface). This solution allows entering data in a very fast and highly precise manner from other acquisition modes, hence reducing consistently the risk in committing any type of mistake. Also, the prime materials supply process can be based on a constantly updated situation of the warehouse.      

A specific report allows controlling the gathered data every time that an operation is closed, allowing to request (if necessary) the convenient verifications before running the material picking and confirmation. EasyMO opens automatically the picking list, enters the collected quantities and confirms the manufactured, scarp and second choice products for the order of reference.  

The EasyMO advantages are made even more evident by the positive effects on the human resource sectors. The analysis carried out by the vertical is connected both to the team and to the operators that have carried out and generated a reporting system aimed towards the productivity and motivation on an individual and corporate level.

The Project++ vertical communicates live with Mago.net via WebServices thanks to the technological solution made in Microarea called MagicLink: this carries along a series of important advantages, first of all the possibility to perform installations also in remote positions in respect to the ERP server, hence simplifying the network infrastructure. Furthemore, Mago.net makes available the vertical EasyMO menu, in which you can consult the work shifts and the operations, as well as proceed with the confirmation of each operation.

If you are looking for precision and reliability in regards to the manufacturing data collection, find out more by visiting our online page EASYMO (in Italian language): you will find out how to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy by relying on the synergy between Mago.net and EasyMO.  

Mago.net 3.6: a new release ready to be discovered!

18 January 2012 by fperricone

Mago.net 3.6  

Over 100 new functions and a new module will be available to you in Mago.net 3.6, the new release ready for download to all End Users covered by the M.L.U. service.

by Fabrizio Perricone

Any company or professional position that relies on Mago.net in order to improve their everyday work will surely enjoy the benefits brought about by the new features included in the 3.6 release!

A new module will surely enrich the functional performance level of Mago.net: Credit Limit Management. The module ensures full control over the credit limit made available to your customers, managing in a fully customized way, and thanks to effective graphical descriptions, the status of the credit limit throughout the various phases of the sales cycle.

Mago.net has been enriched with a whole series of new functions: let us have a look at various significant highlights.

The storing of the documents with EasyAttachment proves to be a vital solution for any company: today we can search for any type of document, found within the archive, simply by typing part of the text of the electronic document! The employment of the barcodes, for the filing of each document, guarantees a storing system increasingly precise and simple.   

For those of you who are often out of office, or work on Mac, you will be glad to know that from now on you can export in MS-Excel the data of the reports also from the Internet browser thanks to the EasyLook module.

is the present and the future of the customization: also in Mago.net 3.6 there are several new features providing incredible advantages to all developers, increasing the possibility of creating tailored solutions whilst facilitating the access to the resources.

Within the WMS area (logistics), the barcode management is now extended also to the GS1-128 type, highly flexible and able to contain a large quantity of information, which is essential within certain market segments such as the food industry, where the item code, lot and expiry date are information obtainable thanks to one single scan: an outstanding time saving! The 3.6 release also makes available the so-called cross-docking, the procedure that makes the goods receipt and shipment an exceptionally fast and clear-cut procedure, this when there is no need to stock the goods within your warehouse. The management of the Wi-Fi handheld devices (ensured by the WMS Mobile module) allows managing at 360 degrees the receipt of the goods, this besides featuring countless improvements ergonomically speaking, hence making the terminal work in a faster and easier manner.  

The allocation order procedure, along with the analysis on the single order, in the purchase cycle is a truly outstanding feature. Such procedure analyzes contemporarily the head data and the data found within each line of the customer order, providing for the delivering of the goods only if the latter are available: an excellent tool to rationalize the transportation costs.

Moving on to the customers, suppliers and contacts masters, we can find new important information, such as the certified e-mail address (PEC) or the GPS coordinates of the various HQs.

The administration is also "on the move". A great number of new features, including an enhanced functionality regarding the Declaration of Intention, which can be addressed to a specific Customs office, to the fundamental subdivision according to the rates of the invoices issued but not yet collected, necessary for the correct filling out of the VAT annual statement. What proves to be also very useful is the new procedure that allows to automatically close the payables and receivables accounts in the bill book of the customers and suppliers, this with a residual balance lower to the value applied to the end user. The same procedure allows creating journal entries. In Mago.net 3.6, the cost centre and the jobs from an analytical point of view are optimized throughout the comparison between the actual and budget values, this in order to keep track of the company profitability. The accruals and deferrals are now available also in forecast accounting and the creation of an intra-year balance is now really simple! 

The manufacturing control area also moves fast forward thanks to its integration with the WMS, this throughout the management of the downloading of the components from the pre-shipping document. The lots generation in manufacturing has now become even more flexible and able to adapt to the requirements of each company thanks to the new parameterizations. The versatility of the manufacturing orders, which allow modifying the phases also should certain manufacturing operations be running, has been enhanced further.

All of the above is just a tiny part of what the new Mago.net release 3.6 is able to offer to your company. If you wish to find out more, read the release note and make sure you are covered by the Microarea Live Update Service in order for you to proceed with the downloading of the update. If instead you want to receive more information regarding the M.L.U. service, get in touch now with the Microarea Sales Department.

Put yourself in the hands of your Microarea Reseller referral in order to update your Mago.net in a totally safe and reliable way.

The Mago.net 2011: a year made of 230 new features

10 January 2012 by vsalaris


Throughout 2011, Microarea released over 230 new features fit to improve its products, meaning that during last year a new update was introduced every working day.   

edited by the Marketing Department

In 2011, the benefits provided by the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) service are more than ever obvious. All End Users, who subscribed to the service, had the opportunity to touch with hand the countless new features, issued on an average of one every working day!   

A truly intense year the past one, characterized by legislative/normative variations and adjustments, that needed to be handled with precision and punctuality. The updates provided by Microarea targeted all kinds of matters, from the national legislative and fiscal adjustments to the Service Pack, all the way to the new release of Mago.net and lots more... All of which at hand, in a simple, fast and precise way thanks to the M.L.U.

Hereunder is a brief chronological digression, relating to the main new features of 2011. The aim is to summarize the most striking updates of the past year, all of which available thanks to the vital Microarea Live Update Service, simply essential to keep yourself up to date.
February 2011 started with the issue of the SP4 for Mago.net 3.2, which included the adjustment for the traceability of the financial flows and the update of the VAT communication 2010.
During the month of March the release 3.5 of Mago.net was made available. Over 140 new features, new logo and renewed graphical outline, integration with Google Maps and Skype and the three new and revolutionary modules that stand up to be the "must have" of 2011: EasyAttachment, WMS and EasyBuilder, in other words the maximum productivity and efficiency for each user.
The newly born Mago.net 3.5 takes no time in improving: in April the first Service Pack was ready.
Also the training needs to be updated, and hence, in May, Microarea issues the new e-learning courses within its website, specifically dedicated to the new modules.
Just before the summer holidays, in July, other new important innovations are presented: the SP2 for Mago.net 3.5 (including over 50 new features, many of which targeting the international market), followed immediately by the SP3 that allows achieving further benefits from an ergonometric point of view.
When September comes, Microarea is outstandingly back on track: the SP4 and SP5 provide important tools in order to comply to the VAT rate (increased from 20% to 21%) consequently updating all masters and documents. Another crucial new element, introduced by the September Service Packs, is the so-called Spesometro (tax communication): a new module specifically created for the communication, to the Tax Agency, of the VAT operations.
One month later, in October, the SP6 is released, the latter including dozens of improvements shaped on the ease of use of all End Users. 
And here we come to the end of the year, and along comes a great finishing touch: Microarea issues in December the Service Pack 7 with refinements and improvements shaped according to the feedbacks of Users and Partners.
In brief, in the last 12 months Microarea was able to create 9 updates and 230 new features, an undeniably extraordinary result indeed, but there is more to come!

Before putting the Champagne on ice, Microarea planned other startling proposals in order to start 2012 at best... In order to enjoy all benefits and keep up to date with the Microarea new features, make sure you have activated the M.L.U. service.
If you have not yet touched by hand the advantages offered by the Microarea Live Update, do not waste other precious time and further updates. Get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department or your Microarea Reseller referral in order to discover how being updated is the best way to protect your investments and handle your company at best, also in 2012!  

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