3.5 SP7  

New features for also close to the Christmas and end of year holidays! Microarea issues the Service Pack 7, a further important update for 3.5.

edited by the Marketing Department

Countless and highly useful are the improvements included in the Service Pack 7, ready for Christmas.
What stands out in particular is the refinement of the now essential Tax Communication (Spesometro), born also thanks to the feedback of End Users and Partners provided in the Microarea Community Forum, advice that Microarea decided to integrate (giving an ear to the needs and requirements of who uses everyday) within the Tax Communication module in order to make it become even more functional.

The above is true specifically for the Italian scenario. Nevertheless, the SP7 enriches also on an International level: thanks to the many optimizations, the ERP has ergonomically speaking improved. All End Users of will enjoy benefits from this update. Find out all of the new features: access the on-line page of the Microarea website relating to the improvements made available.

Just like other Service Packs, also the SP7 is available in the Product Download area for those who subscribed to the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update Service), the Microarea service created in order to ensure an ongoing update of your and the safeguard of your IT investments!
The M.L.U. service allows you to take advantage of a once in a life time opportunity to actively become part of the Microarea universe thanks to the Community Forums, sharing with other End Users your experiences and advising and providing new and important ideas to grow together.
If you have not yet activated the Microarea Live Update, get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department, and start enjoying straight away the benefits brought by the Service Pack 7!
Please remember that in order to update your, it always advisable to request the support of your Microarea Reseller referral, this in order to a receive a safe, fast and professional service.