12 months of Microarea greetings for a great 2012

28 November 2011 by vsalaris


The 2012 Microarea calendar is indeed an ode to personal motivation: the sports results included within each month are a metaphor of the challenges undertaken and overcome every day... from a work point of view as well!

edited by the Marketing Department  

2011 Annus horribilis? Not really. Many opportunities have been made available by Microarea thanks to the new features included in Mago.net! This statement is underlined by the solutions that target concrete and actual needs faced by companies, such as (for example) the new features introduced into the fields of the documents management system and logistics.  

In light of the efforts set forth, and results achieved this year, Microarea wishes to send out a small message characterized by a positive and constructive attitude open to new challenges, which shall hopefully contribute to a day by day growth. This is why Microarea decided to offer, to its current and future end users, a little gift that shall follow them all year long in the best possible way: a 2012 calendar.

Will power, determination, motivation and the desire to improve constantly are the elements that allow Microarea to grow and reach top class results in terms of quality and efficiency. The same energy helps sportsman to obtain the incredible results that are described month after month in the Microarea calendar.  

From mountain climbing to scuba diving, from the great sport challenges to the most unusual records: a series of symbol images that will help you remember, day by day, that everything is possible...with the help and support to your company, provided by the ERP Mago.net, it is even easier and more profitable!    

The 2012 Microarea calendar: twelve months of striking images and motivation, hoping for the next year to be an Annus mirabilis!


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S.I. P.O.S. for Mago.net: the simplified point of sale

24 November 2011 by vsalaris



The vertical solution for Mago.net, made in Select, provides support to any type of point of sale throughout all the various phases, ensuring a wide range of customization possibilities and an outstanding level of efficiency.

Edited by the Marketing Department

The over fifteen-years long experience of the Microarea partner Select Informatica (from Turin) has given rise to PointOfSales.Net, the vertical solution for Mago.net designed for the overall management of the point of sale.
The sharing in real time of the company data found within the ERP Mago.net, makes PointOfSales.net (S.I. P.O.S.) indeed a product characterized by countless and diverse functions, all of which targeting the retail and wholesale point of sales, franchises, and warehouses with centralised cash tills. S.I. P.O.S. is a slim and efficient work tool for any situation type, as witnessed by first class companies such as the Io Bimbo chain that relies, with great satisfaction, on Mago.net along with the vertical solution of Select.  

The functions of the Select vertical solution range from the most typical cash till operations, organized within one data entry that groups all the functions included in the sales phase, to the extended security tool that allows to associate the point of sale of the seller and the warehouse for the unloading of the goods.
The guaranteed simplification of the full integration with Mago.net involves both the sales phase and the handling of those crucial parameters for the management of promotions, share-out of the discount policy on kit, the service and fiscal voices regarding gifts, returns, reversal commissions, fidelity promotions, price lists and variations of the latter.   

PointOfSales.Net supports, efficiently and thanks to a considerable potential, the customizations also in a crucial phase such as the re-assortment and the reordering to the supplier.
The direct access to the Mago.net master makes available to the end user a number of reports. Exploiting the potential of Woorm (the report generator integrated within Mago.net) there is the possibility of easily creating customized lists.
S.I. P.O.S. proves to be also easy to use: the stronger monitor function Touch Screen gets rid of the mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, one key button allows acquiring the list of the materials from the handheld devices used for the preparation of the warehouse orders. 

Select Informatica engaged with success the development of solutions in perfect alignment with Mago.net. Besides PointOfSales.Net, the Microarea Platinum Partner produced various solutions, all of which oriented towards the optimization in different company management sectors. Vertical solutions such as TentataVendita.Net, created in order to optimize the policies and phases of the distribution and sales operations, or Finance.Net, the solution that acts as a communication bridge between applications dedicated to the corporate finance and the complete management of the DocFinance treasury.
The functions of PointOfSales.Net are already available to a number of companies, this providing evidence of the outstanding value of the synergy existing between Select Informatica and Microarea.
Find out more by visiting the showcase dedicated to S.I. P.O.S.! (in Italian language).

Smau Milan 2011, the triumph of excellence

4 November 2011 by vsalaris


Once again Microarea achieves a huge success and countless "thumbs up" at the Smau Milan 2011 ICT event .

edited by the Marketing Department 

From the 19th to the 21st of October, the wings 3 and 4 of the Fieramilanocity lodged the 48th edition of SMAU Milan. A long established tradition that this year witnessed an outstanding number of visitors: over 52,000 coming from all over Italy.

Many visitors enjoyed the possibility to witness with their own eyes the excellent solutions made available by the Microarea Partners! Throughout the three days the Microarea Platinum Partners 2c Service, Select Informatica, SIT, Artware, Joker, Micron, Europroject, M.E.S. and the ISV Microarea Partners  Treebyte, DLF System, Digita, GSI, Proximo offered the possibility to everyone to try out the new features, providing evidence of their outstanding experience and availability towards a outstandingly interested audience.  

Thanks to the customized demos and to the specific solutions that enhance productivity and competitiveness, once again the Microarea Platinum and ISV Partners managed to distinguish themselves among the over 600 ICT brands that were present at the fair, taking part actively in the process of cultural change that is effecting a large number of companies and administration bodies.  

All of the interested visitors were free to test the huge potential of the Microarea solutions. Smau, more than ever, proved to be the right time to show to the market the excellent projects of the Partners, create new contacts and generate further possibilities of interaction. The enthusiasm that characterized Smau Milan 2011 gives way to a future full of promising scenarios.

Live the Smau Milan 2011 experience by watching the short video of the event. See you at next amazing occasion!

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