Performance and Speed with and Mobile Office

28 September 2011 by vsalaris


The Power and Reliability of the – Mobile Office synergy provide the LM Alimentare with an optimized sales cycle and a full customer satisfaction.

edited by the Marketing Department

LM Alimentare is a company focused on the merchandising of prime materials and semi-finished products for the planning and pastry. The company, over the years, extended its operating area also in further market sectors, these being the ice-cream making industry and supply of goods to bars. The wide range of products, and the effort set forth in constantly improving the service, make LM Alimentare a key player in the catering industry.

The goal of LM Alimentare is to optimize the sales cycle and increase customer satisfaction.
The result is achieved by relying on the power and versatility of; this important goal is the result of the synergy between the consulting offered by Gold Partner Debuggers Srl and the Mobile Office solution by Proximo (ISV Microarea Partner). 
Thanks to and Mobile Office, the management costs decrease significantly.  In particular, thanks to the Proximo solution, the orders are recorded also without needing to be necessarily connected to the internet. The sending of the orders to the company headquarters is controlled by Mobile Office to ensure top safety in data transmission.

A further advantage provided by the solution integrated by and Mobile Office is the speed with which the solution is “absorbed” by the operators. A training session lasting a couple of hours  allows the agent to be totally independent and able to check the customer account statement of the client, as well plan the agenda according to the appointments list, and last but not least, create the automatic re-assortment of goods hence speeding up the orders registration. The start-up also takes very little time: is operative after only one month, and within two months the same is true for Mobile Office. 

The safety of the data is ensured by the settings that LM Alimentare decided to apply. The agents can visualize only their assigned clients, and cannot change the sales price, but only act on the predefined discount ranges. 

Customizing: another strong point of the system! The order’s detail view is tailored for LM Alimentare, entering for each discount range the relating commission rate.

Here is the daily company process: by 2.00 pm the agents send the orders to the company HQ, where precise control reports (created by Woorm, the reporting system integrated with allow validating the orders and passing them on to the warehouse for their preparation. The shipment operators prepare the picking lists, which will then activate the creation of the delivery notes. The following morning the orders are ready to be delivered.
From the customer's order to the actual order's delivery in approximately 24 hours!...Mission completed!

In few hours LM Alimentare receives, validates, prepares and is ready to deliver an average of 100 client orders each day, this thanks to a flexible, powerful and simple to use tool, hence enjoying all the benefits and advantages made available by the synergy of and Mobile Office.

SMAU Milan, meet innovation!

22 September 2011 by vsalaris

Platinum Partner Microarea a SMAU Milano 2011  

SmauMilano ends the SMAU Roadshow tour 2011, on the road all year long all around Italy, supporting and spreading out technological innovation.  

edited by the Marketing Department 

Just like in the past years, the Milan exhibition center will host, from the 19th to the 21st of October, the SMAU Milan event. SMAU Milan is a well known and established showcase, celebrating this year the 48th edition, dedicated to IT and new technologies. The technology kermis, whose aim is to seize the heart of the ongoing evolution in the world of technology for businesses, offers workshops, labs and product demos. Where? Wing 3 and 4, FieraMilanoCity!  

The outstanding solutions of the Microarea Partners will enrich also this SmauRoadShow 2011 edition. Three days during which 8 Microarea Platinum Partners (2c Service, Select Informatica, SIT, Artware, Joker, Micron, Europroject and M.E.S.) and 5 ISV Microarea Partners (Treebyte, DLF System, Digita, GSI, Proximo) will take turns, within Wing 4 - stand C15, in addressing needs, demands and simple curiosity of all guests and users.  
Customized demos, in depth presentation of products and solutions whose target is increasing productivity and competitiveness, are just some of the initiatives that the Platinum and ISV Microarea Partners will provide at Smau Milan...come and see all the rest with your own eyes!   

Take advantage of the opportunity that Microarea once again offers you, gasp the chance of  optimizing your company business. Download now the free entrance ticket for SmauMilano2011.
Three days to innovate your enterprise!!
Visit the official website of the event in order to get hold of all the information and plan a visit up to your expectations and needs! 3.5 Service Pack 4 & 5: important new fiscal features

20 September 2011 by fperricone 3.5 SP4  

Important new fiscal features for Italian users and many interesting new features for everyone.
The Service Pack 4 is ready for download!   

edited by the Marketing Department 

The SP4 for 3.5 includes a significant number of updates that improve the usage experience of Most enhancements bring benefit to all end users, some are specifically designed for the Polish market, while other target Switzerland, Romania and Hungary.

New important features improve the usability of the Quality Inspection.

The WMS module increases the elasticity of the procedure regarding the management of the units of measurement during the inventory phase. On a logistics level, the management of the supplier lot is now available from the goods receipt document. Also the WMS Mobile gains benefit from the many new features that improve the module on an ergonometric level.  

The highlight of the present Service Pack for the Italian users is, without shadow of doubt, the introduction of the "Expenditure meter" ("Spesometro" in Italian), specifically created for the generation and control of the communication to the Tax Agency in relation to the VAT operations equal to, or greater than, 3000 Euros. The module presentation is expected to be the 31st of December 2011. Make sure you are equipped by then.

The refinement of the VAT codes updating procedure, in the documents and masters, is truly invaluable. The procedure, created in order to address an on time requirement of the Polish market, is updated in order to be used in a simple, safe and fast way to change the VAT code in those documents needing to be invoiced, and in the masters, increasing from the "usual" 20 to the "new" 21.  

These are the highlights of Service Pack 4, but you can uncover all details by reading the relating release note!

All end users, who have subscribed the MLU service (Microarea Live Update) can download the Service Pack 4 of 3.5 from the Product Download area.
To update your installation make sure you seek the advice and support of your Microarea Reseller referral.

***** UPDATE ON 23.09.2011 h 12.45 ********

Following further modifications by the Tax Agency on the VAT operations declaration, Microarea promptly released the Service Pack 5, this few days after the issue of SP4. Also, the updating procedure of the VAT codes on masters and documents has been improved further. The procedure is more useful than ever, this in few days from the increase of the VAT rate from 20 to 21%.

If you wish to download the new Service Pack, all you need is be subscribed to the MLU service and follow the link:

The Microarea diary on the net: newsletter & blogs with RSS

9 September 2011 by vsalaris

Microarea news  

Throughout the newsletter and the blogs, Microarea gives life to a lively and informal communication on everything that surrounds its world!  

edited by the Marketing Department

The Microarea blogs have been created for communicating transparently whilst safeguarding the ties between users and partners. Just like in some sort of on line diary, the Microarea bloggers periodically issue news regarding the world of innovation, updates, news, opinions and lots more, all of which jointly with images and videos.    

The Microarea blogs and newsletter make sure you can listen to an informal voice regarding all themes surrounding the Microarea universe. Keeping yourself up to date is fun and easy! You will be astonished by the clarity and immediacy of the information found within the blogs. Uncover the chronicles, the mail news for the press, the events, and furthermore, the advise of the column "Tips and Tricks". Keep track of the technical news, as for example the most recent new product features, the anticipations regarding the future functions, the participation to initiatives and events, the precious advice in order to learn how to use at best... there is always something to suit everybody's fancy!

Microarea believes that interaction is indeed a tool that favours growth. This the reason why Microarea commits efforts and resources towards enhancing communication through there channels whilst encouraging its "audience" to leave feedbacks. What you should do at this point is visit the Microarea website and begin to read and participate in the blog life, voting your favourite article!

The blog resources are updated very often. In order for you to avoid missing an article, Microarea makes available the subscription via RSS. Throughout the RSS feeds, you will be automatically informed on the new published items. The RSS service makes sure you are always up to date. All you need to do is subscribe to such service and you will receive a notice every time a new post is issued within the blogs. All of which free of charge!     

If this is still not enough, be aware that every month MicroareaNews is released, the Microarea newsletter.

The MicroareaNews contains the most interesting articles of the month, directly delivered to your e-mail box. Thanks to this service Microarea is able to bring the most important information directly to your office desk, ready to be read in order to uncover all the benefits that Microarea offers... easy peasy isn't it?
Enjoying this opportunity is extremely easy and fast: all you need to do to subscribe to the newsletter is provide us with your e-mail address!

One click to get hold of useful features and in depth information. Find out how with the agility of the Microarea blogs!  

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