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24 August 2011 by vsalaris


LEO, the vertical solution for, stands out as the solution to the requirements of those companies belonging to the fashion industry, this being true for whichever type of production.

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The synergy between A.Esse.I. and Proximo, respectively Microarea Platinum ISV Partners, gave birth to LEO, a software aimed towards the fashion industry, resulting from thirty years of experience in the field of fashion. From sportswear to classical clothing, from knitwear to under garment, from leather products to accessories all the way into footwear, the LEO software has no limitations whatsoever and addresses all small and medium manufacturers on orders portfolio  or ready to wear products, offering innovative and technological solutions along with many easy to use features.

LEO, innovative and versatile, was created to support to those companies whose key to success is represented by the time-factor element. In fact, Leo is in fully oriented towards the control and management of complex logistics, and at the same time, the products suits any need regarding activities such as production, marketing or retail. Besides providing a complete store management, the product developed by A.Esse.I.and Proximo enriches throughout specific features that meet all the needs of the fashion industry, ranging from the supplier offer to the purchases, from the sales orders to the agents management.

The outstanding flexibility of this solution allows exporting data into Excel, Word, HTML or text files, convert them into PDF format and send each reports to any recipient with the Outlook tools. LEO also holds a multilingual support, hence being able to manage the articles according to size and colour criteria or apply a table type management based on seasons, lines, collections, sectors, operators, and lots more. LEO is able to expand in order to meet the clients’ needs and integrate itself with all the functions of, from Security to advanced reporting, all the way to the access data monitoring.

LEO is constantly in line with the latest release of in order to allow the product to be always up to date and groundbreaking. It is thanks to the latest new features applied, including the subcontracting management, warehouse logistics including the use of handheld devices or RFID terminals and the packing management handled at best.

Thanks to LEO, A.Esse.I. and Proximo provide with a vertical solution that is easily manageable and intuitive. It is no surprise that the ongoing growth of the LEO modules, along with its functions, achieve a significant level of success among the Microarea retailers that end users.

LEO for is undeniably trendy: have a look at the relating page found on the Microarea website (in Italian language) and find out why!

Microarea Social network: a dimension accessible to everyone

4 August 2011 by vsalaris

Social Microarea  

Microarea is naturally always one step beyond. This thanks to its ability in identifying the opportunities made available by the evolution of technology and by taking full advantage of the above mentioned opportunities, providing the partners and users with growingly innovative scenarios to integrate with.  

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It is now several years that Microarea considers the social networks as the utmost form of communication, able to create an innovative approach to the net and convey important messages throughout tools that ensure an outstanding level of interaction between Microarea and its users.

Starting from 2008, Microarea was successful in setting up its own YouTube Channel and placing its landmark on Facebook and Twitter, hence demonstrating its advanced approach to the net distinguished by a strong social dimension. The users can come in touch with the Microarea channels not only for a simple online research, but also to provide an active contribution, bringing to life and "feeding" the social channels with their personal contents.

Microarea is aware that accessing free of charge services represents an important step towards an authentic interaction and sharing, this is why Microarea itself gives way to a confrontation between end users and Partners on alternative social channels. This allows engaging an interactive and pragmatic approach to the large number of information and to the cultural production introduced into its "great recipient", the Microarea website.  

Such set-up represents a significant added value, given the fact that the corporate social networks that include "special" and reserved contents are exclusively reserved to those who utilize these information channels. News, activities, product previews, yet also promotional campaigns addressing those who access the Microarea social environment. The release of the contents, their classification and the indexation in the search engines are close to immediate, in order for the information to be available straight away for the benefit of the entire community.
Consequently, this will mean that, by taking advantage of these new interaction methods, you will be always up to date with the Microarea news. In addition, you will have the chance to comment the most recent news, meet other users and Partners and answer any type of question in an agile, fast and dynamic way.

The hundreds of fans on Facebook, the countless tweets, the dozens of Microarea videos on YouTube and the thousands of visualizations confirm the fact that communicating and interacting on the social networks is a winning and appreciated strategy!

After all, how could this not be true? Try out the effectiveness of the Microarea social channels. Find out how all the highlights of the official website are pointed out to you throughout the channel that best suits your characteristics, the Facebook or Twitter updates, or have a look at the videos on the Microarea YouTube channel. In any case, do not miss out in leaving a message regarding your personal opinion. Your opinion is truly important to Microarea!   

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