Cruscotto Aziendale for a step forward in B.I.

25 July 2011 by vsalaris

Cruscotto Aziendale per  

Cruscotto Aziendale allows to perform searches and cross analysis, periodical and schedulable elaborations in a simple and intuitive way, all of which having the database as starting point.    

Edited by the Marketing Department 

DLF System, ISV Microarea Partner, presents Cruscotto Aziendale for Cruscotto Aziendale is a Business Intelligence system created with the aim of handling in real-time the data obtained from the database, making the data become then ready to be easily consulted.

The solution developed by DLF System is immediately operative, this meaning right from the installation. This is possible thanks to its ability in picking the information directly from Cruscotto Aziendale is pre-configured in such a way as to return the information in the form of reports, graphs, maps, documents, dashboards and corporate indices according to the different sectors (example being the Sales and Purchases per Current Year, Previous Year, All years and lots more).
Once the data has been exported in Excel, Word or html format, Cruscotto Aziendale allows to easily send the information via e-mail to multiple addresses or to a website. In no time there is the possibility to perform visual researches and cross analysis, as well as store generated documents according to a pre-established frequency...all of which with a simple mouse click!

The DLF System software is the optimal solution to the basic needs of the users that wish to obtain information in a simple and intuitive way. At the same time, Cruscotto Aziendale represents a fundamental resource on a managerial level, turning into an important informative support towards the operative decisions.  

Cruscotto Aziendale for is a practical and versatile tool that ensures added value to your data and, furthermore, it is economically inexpensive. Top quality at a low price. Through Cruscotto Aziendale, DLF System makes available to you much more than a simple analysis and data-consulting tool. Cruscotto Aziendale is a Business Intelligence tool vital towards offering services and providing a distinguishing top level informative offer, this being demonstrated, for example, by the possibility of sending  to you agents via e-mail the periodical balance of their turnover, all of which automatically.      

DLF System makes available to you a Desktop and a Developer version. These two versions will allow you to add new queries, graphs and reports. In the Developer version, Cruscotto Aziendale integrates itself with the new DLF System product: Link Info Web, the web solution integrated with and designed to question via internet, in real time, the database, obtaining and publishing updated and on-time data, also in case of the database not being necessarily on the Server web.  

Visit the Microarea website in order to uncover (in Italian language) all the potentials offered by Cruscotto Aziendale for the solution made to help you turn your company informative resources into actual knowledge.  

Microarea and Bulgaria: mutual trust for outstanding results!

21 July 2011 by vsalaris in Bulgaria  

The power of and the outstanding potential of Bulgaria is the outcome of the meeting held at the end of June in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) by the local Chamber of Commerce.    

edited by the Marketing Department

The meeting, organized in Bulgaria by the Gold Microarea partner Actim, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the vital district of Stara Zagora, was held on the 29th of June. The meeting, intended for the Actim end users, was attended by several Bulgarian companies and Microarea, the latter represented by Reka Ujj (International Sales Channel Manager) and Daniela Petrova (Internet Sales Representative for Bulgaria).

After having presented the new graphic layout of the Microarea products and the logo, Reka Ujj and Daniela Petrova outlined the new modules EasyAttachment and WMS for the document management system and logistics, providing true evidence of versatility and innovation.

The Microarea presentation was followed by Tsvetan Kazakov, CEO of the Bulgarian company Magoarea Ltd (Microarea Gold Partner), who answered questions and unfolded various functions belonging to the product in mother language.  

The audience showed true interest and earnest curiosity in regards to the functions that specifically address the Bulgarian market. Another aspect, at the center of everyone's attention, was production management, area in which offers complete and flexible solutions.  

A particularly interesting moment of the meeting was when the Sofia ICE Office presented the European Funds, focusing on the recently published call for tenders relating to the technological modernization of the micro, small and medium companies contained within the program "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013", the latter promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Energy.     

Throughout the setting into action of a series of financeable activities, the program supports companies in the investments aimed towards the enhancement of their business performance. At this point of the meeting, the general interest (considerably high throughout the entire event) reached peak levels: perfectly fulfils all characteristics outlined by the call for tenders, both for the acquisition and implementation phase!

The meeting held in June proves once again that the confrontation occasions on an international level are always highly relevant events that provide also consistent motivation. The Bulgarian district of Stara Zagora once again was up to the expectations thanks to an unequalled openness towards the new interesting scenarios for the growth and development of an efficient company: a goal that Microarea and its Bulgarian Partners (always ready to grasp new opportunities) have proved to pursue actively.   

A huge success for EasyAttachment

7 July 2011 by vsalaris EasyAttachment DMS  

A more than expected success for EasyAttachment: the ease of use of the document management system module is positively convincing a growing number of users day after day!

edited by the Marketing Department

The simple and fast document management system is convenient.

This is the "bottom line" of the many positive feedbacks coming from the promotion campaign set forth by Microarea, who decided to position the "spot light" on EasyAttachment (the module addressing the document management system) throughout the months of April, May and June.

EasyAttachment is designed in order to ensure a perfect organization, an efficient collection and a unlimited availability of all files via an intuitive and rapid storing system of any type of document, in association to one or more ERP documents.  

Microarea decided to incentivize all users to experience personally the agility and usage simplicity of EasyAttachment by applying a significant discount on the list price, this giving rise to a great success and a massive appreciation of the product! The campaign, which lasted in Italy up until the end of June, will carry on in the international market throughout both July and August.  

Countless the number of those who have adhered, in Italy, to the EasyAttachment campaign: they have been able to get hold, at an incredible price, of a truly powerful tool and find an effective solution to their specific document management needs.

Do not fail in taking advantage of the EasyAttachment promotion campaign! You have time until the 31st of August to make the promotion yours. As for the future, EasyAttachment will make sure you save time and reduce costs thanks to its ability in improving company efficiency and productivity: a never ending convenience!  

EasyAttachment is available starting from the release 3.5 of in order to update your, so to take advantage straight away of all benefits provided by EasyAttachment, all you need to do is activate the Microarea Live Update Service (MLU), which will make sure you are always in step with the most recent features "made in" Microarea.    

Keeping up to date is the best way to increase efficiency: if you have not activated your MLU yet, get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department! Make sure you are always updated so to enhance your corporate performance.

Have a look at the relating video found on the Microarea YouTube Channel if you wish to uncover, besides the new features made available by 3.5, EasyAttachment even further: witness with your own eyes how intuitive it is to manage and link efficiently the electronic and ERP documents of thanks to EasyAttachment.

A further demonstration that innovating is always convenient! 3.5 SP2: have a load of new features!

4 July 2011 by fperricone update  


Following the release of 3.5 and its outstanding aspects, Microarea makes now available the Service Pack 2 with lots of new and appealing new features.   

edited by the Marketing Department

The SP2 is ready to enhance further the usage experience of 3.5, thanks to numerous interesting improvements for everyone, along with specific new features aimed towards the international market.

Discover the "stars" of the almost 50 functional innovations made available by the SP2!

One of the "stars" of this update is the new module WMS Mobile, thanks to which the integration with the handheld device Wi-Fi (terminals) for the Logistics management is now a rock solid reality!

New reports give way to a more precise and immediate overview of the clients and suppliers turnover connected to the counterbalance in use. Furthermore, in order to enter the clients, suppliers and items masters in a simple, safe and gradual way, you can now apply the "draft" copy level for such information.  

New features are also included in EasyAttachment, the easy and effective document management system for, able to integrate itself perfectly with the Security module in order to offer an ultimate level of privacy. EasyAttachment is now enriched further by the support provided to the direct storing of the documents incoming from scanner, as well as the darg&drop of the e-mails so to store the text as well as the attachments! 

EasyBuilder also, the powerful tool able to develop customizations for, will now include new features: from creating hotlinks in a truly intuitive way, to the simple management of the proposition order of the fields (tab-order). The new menu editor included in EasyBuilder allows adding reports and accounting objects in the menu throughout the graphical interface.  

Hold on, there is more: many improvements regarding the international market as for example the equity statement report for Bulgaria or the net price rounding off per document regarding Poland and Romania.

Please remember that 3.5 SP2 is an update covered by the Microarea Live Update Service: you can download the update free of charge from the Microarea website! Have you not subscribed to the M.L.U. service yet? Get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department or with your Microarea Reseller referral. Find out the convenience of being always up to date!
It always advisable to seek the support of your Microarea Reseller referral when wishing to update your this will make sure that safe and qualified hands deal with your company data and installation.

If you wish to receive further information regarding the update, make sure you visit the section Product Download in the Microarea website Private Area: you will find 3.5 SP2 ready to address your needs and requests... Take advantage and accomplish your updating now!

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