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22 June 2011 by vsalaris

Microarea Community Forum  


A new team spirit based on mutual sharing is making its way in the Microarea virtual zone, within a network in constant growth, the members of which are focused, motivated and proactive.

edited by the Marketing Department

Microarea believes in the sharing of experiences as growth tool and resource optimization and strengthening. Nevertheless, words have to be followed by deeds; Microarea knows this statement is true and this is why thoughts have been put into action by creating an important resource for all users and Partners, active since 2009: the Microarea Community.     

What are we here talking about? It's simple: by taking part in the Community you can join the Microarea virtual community, made by Partners and Mago.net users of different nationalities, within which you can set forth your ideas, ask for advice, provide and receive feedbacks regarding any topic. Thanks to the Microarea Community you can become actively part in the process of technological knowledge spreading. As a matter of fact, the Microarea virtual community for the purpose of providing and receiving help, support and ideas thanks to the advice of the group members, bringing together users and Partners and adding value to the work of each and everyone!

Join the Microarea Community in order to experience a moment of true interaction, thanks to a tool that offers the possibility of learning, growing and understanding together.
Thousands of forum members, 6000 comments and over 1500 active discussions, be sure that you will never ever feel as left alone! The answer you are looking for is probably waiting for you in the forum. Where ever you are, thanks to few clicks you can exchange ideas and ask for advice all around the world, contributing to the enhancement of the usage experience of the Microarea products by those who believe, just like you, in the values of teamwork. 

This priceless opportunity is provided by the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.) service: besides making sure that your application is always up to date, the MLU service ensures also the possibility of taking full advantage of a once in a life time chance in getting to know the Microarea universe and share freely your important experiences. If you have not yet activated the MLU service, make sure you seize this precious resource by getting in touch with your reseller referral or by calling the Microarea International Sales Department in order to be always up to date and access the Community straight away.

Take part and become an active member of the Microarea Community: register now on the Microarea website and set foot now in a world in which culture, experience, information and technology blend together within an environment of free interaction.

SecureFil: for safety reason

16 June 2011 by vsalaris

Securfil per Mago.net  

Thanks to SecureFil, only the authorised users have access to data: this is the reliable answer to the your safety requirements, in compliance and respect of the privacy standards.    

edited by the Marketing Department

Giga S.r.l., Microarea Platinum Partner, developed the software SecureFil, the verticalization to Mago.net that is able to manage (in a simple, safe and effective way) the needs and requirements related to data protection.
SecureFil extends the Security modules of Mago.net while filtering and making available in a differentiated manner (according to the user's characteristics) all information. SecureFil is always up to date with the new releases of the Microarea software, and fully integrated with Security and Security Light of Mago.net.

The Giga S.r.l. solution represents an important resource, able to associate default templates and reasons specific for each user, in order for these customization to have priority in regards to the values preset in Mago.net. SecureFil is particularly appreciable when, for example, you want your sales channel to use an ERP system through an access restricted to data belonging to specific competence.       

Once installed, SecureFil allows filtering (according to the rights of each user despite the type of research used) the masters, offers, sales and purchase orders, inventory entries as well as sales and purchase documents. A valid example: thanks to setting of simple access filters, your agents or branches (that use Mago.net) can consult (and eventually modify) only the data that falls under their pertinence and responsibility.

The function that allows associating models and reasons to a specific user is extremely practical for those companies having remote offices. SecureFil allows entering documents by employing specific criteria for each office/user, this making sure that set parameters (such as deposits, warehouse entries or accounting models) are associated to each user. These settings make sure that each branch utilizes the ERP software in an appropriate manner, without the risk of committing errors and without the need of having to modify manually the already filled out fields.  

Jointly with the EasyLook web interface of Mago.net, SecureFil allows all users, who operate in remote modality, to work in flexible and safe conditions, in an accessible environment that nevertheless is controlled by the company protection policy.

For further information, please visit the on-line page (in Italian language) regarding SecureFil found on the Microarea website.  

When talking about..teamwork!

3 June 2011 by vsalaris

Microarea alla 24h Finale  

Team spirit is a truly important value, at work just as in life...The Microarea Team really believes in team spirit and proved so by taking part, with pathos and passion, in the 24 hour mountain bike in Finale Ligure!

Edited by the Marketing Department

Three colleagues, three sportsman, three friends, one team: Matteo Canessa, Silvano Parodi and Marco Perasso, mountain bike lovers and Microarea developers for the technological platform TaskBuilder.net, raced with the Microarea MTB Scout team at the 24H competition in Finale Ligure-MTB Festival, that was held on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of May.  

The competition, 13th edition since its creation, is a top level European event: a 12 km long track that unfolds in between breathtaking sea and mountain scenarios belonging to the West Riviera, in the beautiful Manie (Savona) plateau. The 24h of Finale is both an important challenge and a first class happening: 24 vibrant hours of non-stop cycling along with a real festival made of shows, food, beer, concerts and entertainment for the sportsmen and visitors coming from all over the world: this year the participants were over 1500, 120 teams belonging to 18 different nationalities.        

The Microarea MTB Scout team was spontaneously created thanks to the common passion of Marco, Matteo and Silvano, and thanks also to the support of Microarea, which provided full backing (just like for other events) to its team, funding and valorising the teamwork beyond the company environment!

Our three riders, who have undergone daily training sessions of growing intensity in order to prepare themselves for the competition, took turns together with five further team members in running the 25 laps of one of the most challenging tracks in Europe. Following a brilliant beginning, during which the Microarea shirts battled for the top positions, the wide gap achieved was unfortunately lost due to a series of "hitches" that nevertheless did not cause any drastic consequence on the end result. The Microarea MTB Scout team managed to placed itself in the first half of the ranking, 56th position in between 120 squads!

Once the competition was over, the enthusiasm of the Microarea bikers was evident."The 24h of Finale is a unique experience. The competition is highly demanding but able to provide strong satisfaction and overwhelming emotions" said Marco Perasso. Matteo Canessa underlined the significant loyalty and fairness that characterised the competition: "a true example of fair play, respect towards the challenging athletes and surrounding nature. The words of Silano Parodi instead help us perceive even better the high quality distinguishing the entire event, characterised by "an incredible audience and staff, an organisation that makes this event be a truly special moment to be shared with family and friends". 

Everyone agrees: a positive experience that shall "be surely repeated", as all three sportsmen declared almost simultaneously. In fact, while watching the video with the photographs of the event, you can clearly see the strong commitment put into the event and the good time that everyone enjoyed!   

Once the bicycles were parked, Marco, Matteo and Silvano set themselves back to work with loads of positive energy to be transformed in new ideas and proposals for the development of Mago.net, ready to take on the challenge with the enthusiasm that distinguishes the Microarea team, the same enthusiasm that will surely "hit" Partners and Users! 

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