EasyAttachment: the convenient document management system

28 April 2011 by fperricone

EasyAttachment -30  


The document management system, a crucial field that often requires a considerable commitment in terms of time and space, now becomes a simple, fast and...CONVENIENT task!

Edited by the Marketing Department

Microarea wishes to introduce you to EasyAttachment, the Mago.net 3.5 module specifically addressing the document management system. The purpose of EasyAttachment, the reason why it has been developed, is to file in a simple and easy way all types of documents as well as associate the latter to one or more accounting documents, in order for the files to be always organised and close to hand. 

Furthermore...improve the productivity of your company in a fast and simple way has never been so convenient!

If you wish to save time and reduce costs, take advantage now of this amazing offer: up until the 30th of June you can make EASYATTACHMENT yours with a 30% discount on list price simply by proceeding with the reservation directly from the Microarea website.

In order to uncover all details regarding the offer visit the according page by clicking HERE

In order to carry out the reservation all you need is to be registered on the Microarea website; simply provide your username and password. If you are not registered yet, do not worry: all you need to do is follow the simple instructions that will allow you to accomplish the operation in two minutes only!  

Thanks to EasyAttachment, managing and connecting the electronic documents to the accounting documents of Mago.net is that simple that you will want to see it with your own eyes: give a look to the relating video found on the Microarea YouTube Channel, but, above all, take advantage of the once in a life time opportunity ... you have time until June!

Padua 4th-5th of May 2011: SMAU Business back to its "origins"

21 April 2011 by vsalaris

SMAU Padova 2011  


The Smau Business touring circuit is once again on track: as every road show worthy of the name, it moves on, next stop: Padua!

edited by the Marketing Department

The great "rendez-vous" with the IT innovation is back, the 4th and 5th of May 2011. In the same place where it all began in 2008, after merely 3 years, Padua is ready to welcome a growing stream of ICT operators, the energy of which allowed the SMAU Padua to become a "must" in terms of visibility, knowledge source and development opportunity.   

Once again Microarea will attend in force, with 7 Platinum and ISV Partners: Wednesday 4th of May you will have the pleasure to meet A.Esse.I. (Bologna), AT-Informatica (Verona), Giga (Padova), while on Thursday 5th of May it's going to be the turn of DLF System (Avellino), Proximo (Ancona), Tecnobiemme (Modena) and Treebyte (Vicenza).

Do not miss the chance to get to know even better Mago.net 3.5 as well as the over 140 new outstanding features provided by this recent release. Jot down on your agenda the following dates: 4th and 5th of May, rendez-vous with the Microarea Partners at SMAU Business Padua, stand A4!  

An excellent opportunity to learn how to increase productivity and competitiveness, make the most out of the customised demos and find out more on the interesting vertical solutions fully integrated to the Mago.net ERP made available by the Microarea Partners.

"Be there or be square": SMAU BUSINESS 2011 in Padova, PadovaFiere, Via N.Tommaseo 59. Make sure you remember the address, we will take care of everything else: the ticket is offered to you by Microarea!

In order to obtain information on how to reach the fair, visit the event official website, throughout which you will be able to plan your journey according to your needs and requirements thanks to the on-line guide of the workshop and ITC solutions.

See you in Padua!

Retail.net for Mago.net: the all-round and flexible solution for cash desk

18 April 2011 by fperricone

Retail.net per Mago.net   MICRON presents Retail.net: the fast and simple solution fully integrated with Mago.net, created with the purpose of optimising the issue of the sales documents, designed for the small businesses as well as for the franchising networks.

The vast experience in ERP application (planned and installed for various merchandising sectors), characterised by different complexity levels, allowed the Microarea Platinum Partners to identify a common need: the optimal management of the sales document issue steps. In order to satisfy this need, Micron (whilst creating Retail.net) drew inspiration from the principles of versatility and adaptability to all business types.

In fact, Retail.net provides more solutions, ranging from simple ones to growingly complex ones, and is able to manage the wholesale as well as the retail, generating any type of document requested: till receipt, sales coupon should the tills be centralised, budgeting, etc.

The application set forth by Micron provides evidence of it extreme versatility within the range of allowed installations, as the ones appointed to the single point of sale, to the multiple or to the remote point of sales via RDP connection, also in case of different terminals sharing one sole cash register.    

There are more solutions made available by Retail.net: for example, in relation to different commercial types, its flexibility is proved by the extension that manages the size and color, thanks to which  are satisfied all peculiar needs of the wearing apparel sector. A version specifically addressing the food sector will be released in the near future, provided with touch screen.    

Furthermore, the presence of the Mago.net modules allow to manage the sales force, cost centers, customised price lists, budget issue, fidelity card and, generally, any sales document in a silent or interactive mode

The wide number of installations make sure that the application is constantly in line with the new features found within the territory and ensures an ongoing updating of the product, with improvements and updates that can also be independent from the new releases of Mago.net, to which the alignment is in any case always certain. 

Retail.net is characterised by a just about full compatibility with the cash registers available on the market, hence providing for the safeguard of the existing hardware and the resulting positive effects in terms of costs reduction.  

SMAU BUSINESS ROME 2011: a smash hit in the capital!

12 April 2011 by vsalaris

SMAU Roma 2011  

The aspect that emerged sharply during the SMAU in Roma is how digital technology nowadays is key towards the enhancement of the competitiveness in the small and medium industry.

The numbers speak for themselves, and describe the growing activity having place in Centre and South Italy: the event that took place in Rome the 30th and 31st of March registered a sharp increase (around 20%) in the number of people attending if compared to the past edition. Over 5400 visitors (mainly companies and IT operators) contributed to the success of the fair, vivifying the stands and installation of the over 120 suppliers of IT solutions.    

The outstanding attendance is an extremely positive sign, providing evidence that there is a growing care and attention towards the IT innovations on behalf of companies and public administration, along with a full awareness of the key role that the ICT plays towards the development support of the local companies and administration.  

SMAU ROME 2011 provided companies with a useful opportunity to confront themselves with numerous cases in which innovation was achieved successfully, demonstrating how the spreading of the digital culture (as well as the potentials ensured by innovation) is indeed a strong competition tool. The spot light focused on the solutions that provide greater efficiency and cost savings, as for example the tools able to manage efficiently the communication within the social networks and online advertising, e-commerce and marketing strategies (stronghold for the clientele). During the event there was also time for independent sessions, one-to-one meetings, demos and curiosities on display: a true showcase of IT innovations having great success in matter of visibility and participation.    

SMAU in Rome has been a thrilling event for Microarea, that provided an extremely positive feedback in regards to clients and visitors, all of which positively surprised by the new features and by the team made up by the 6 Platinum and ISV Partners.  

All of those interested had the opportunity to enjoy, within stand D6, the experience and knowledge of the experts. The later were able to provide a preview, during the two days, of the new release of Mago.net and the over 140 new features. Customised demos were also provided to each user, along with highly innovative answers to the requests being set forth.
Thanks to the addressing of the single and specific necessities, the consumers were able to witness how the everyday tasks are improved and simplified by means of the vertical solutions made available by the Microarea Partners. Many have personally verified how Mago.net (along with the systems integrated with the later) leads to a greater optimisation and efficiency of the everyday tasks.  

In other words, Rome has been an outstanding opportunity from a visibility, communication and careful consideration point of view...an experience that shall be repeated in future!

We wish to thank all of those who brought life to the Microarea stand with their presence and curiosity! A "farewell" to everyone! See you at the next smash hit events for the IT business innovation: in Padua the 4th and 5th of May and in Milan from the 19th to the 21st of October with the 48th edition of SMAU Milan.

Microarea and Mago.net: the evolution moves along

4 April 2011 by fperricone

Mago.net 3.5  



Mago.net renews itself once again.
A passionate renewing named Mago.net 3.5 

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

New logo and graphical design, integration with Google Maps and Skype in order to offer a top level productivity to each end user and, above all, new modules specifically created as to offer even more to each company.

EasyAttachment: this is the name of the document filing system made in Microarea. The new module allows attaching any electronic document (file) to the ERP accounting document (ranging from the master to any type of transfer).  

The Warehouse Management System module, commonly named "logistics", is another amazing stronghold of this new release of Mago.net.

Microarea wishes to provide another astonishing new feature: EasyBuilder. Thanks to EasyBuilder, the customisation of the layout of the Mago.net data entries can be accomplished in a fast and simple way. Should there be the need to reach a more in depth modification level, EasyBuilder provides the possibility of exploiting the power of the programming languages .Net (C# and VB.Net besides Woorm script) in such a way as to provide total freedom. 

Mago.net 3.5: more powerful, easier to use, able to relieve the pressure of the everyday work as well as of the extraordinary tasks.

The even more incredible fact is that Mago.net 3.5 is indeed an update included in the Microarea Live Update service: you can download the MLU service free of charge from the Microarea website!... If you have not subscribed to MLU service yet make sure you call now the Microarea International Sales Department.

Watch the Mago.net 3.5 presentation video: two breathtaking minutes.

You have a wide range of choices in order to gain further information regarding the new modules of the 3.5 release:

  • You can read the articles published in the "Microarea Chronicles" blog (1, 2, 3);
  • You can watch the relating videos loaded on the Microarea YouTube channel
  • Do not miss out the white papers that outline the project details and allow to find out how to improve your company's efficiency thanks to EasyAttachment and the Warehouse Management System, whilst bearing in mind that EasyBuilder is available also for the end user that wishes to customise his/her Mago.net.
  • Furthermore, you can visit the Product area found within the Microarea website: here you can find furtehr in depth information.

Mago.net provides over 140 new features allowing your company to enhance its efficiency.

Mago.net 3.5, the simple evolution: no "migration" or complex procedure in order to update. Just as another service pack but with loads more in to it! 

Next step? Call now your Microarea Reseller referral...and make sure you update!

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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