SMAU Rome 2011: Platinum and ISV Partners are waiting for you

25 March 2011 by fperricone

Microarea Platinum Partner SMAU-Roma

Come to SMAU Roma 2011 with Microarea...its free!!
This year Microarea wants to provide a new leg in order to come closer, throughout the ISV and Platinum Microarea Partners, to the mid-south Italian market.  

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

The 30th and 31st of March, stand D6 (Wing 11 - Fiera di Roma) and our 6 Microarea Partners (Platinum and ISV) will we waiting for you: Wednesday 30th you will meet DLF System (Avellino), Sedoc Finance (Reggio Emilia), Soluzioni Professionali (Rome), while the next day (Thursday the 31st) you will get to know AT Informatica (Verona), Project++ (Foggia) and Treebyte (Vicenza).     

At the Microarea Partners stand you will find experienced professionals who will show you the preview of the new release with over 140 new interesting and efficacious features that will improve the everyday work of yourself and of your employees. You will be free to ask for customised product demos and see with your own eyes the full integration between the vertical solutions (developed by the Partners) and   

Take note of the dates on your agenda: Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st of March 2011, opening hours 9.30 to 18.00, Fiera di Roma, via Portuense 1645/1647.

Thanks to the Microarea Partners you can get free tickets for the SMAU Roma: get in hold of your invitation now!

We are looking forward in seeing you in Rome!

Sales.Web for the all-in-one solution for the on-line sales

23 March 2011 by fperricone

Sales.Web per

Sales.Web is the platform integrated with for the management of commercial and on-line sales activity.

The solution is made in SIT Srl (Microarea Platinum Partners).

The most recent creation of SIT is a software platform for the management of the commercial and on-line sales activity (B2B/B2C) integrated with, with which it shares the database, masters, price ranges and discount policies, extending the functionalities and potentials. 

The new software of Sit (Microarea Platinum Partner specialist in the implementation of vertical modules integrated with offers to all end users the possibility of utilizing an advanced e-commerce system where all data (sale orders, quotations, invoices, statistics regarding sales & orders) can be accessed and processed 24 hours a day by anyone and from any device connected to the web. Thanks to a profiling system, the clients or the agents who enter into connection with the platform throughout a private access will visualize only the data under their domain.  

Sales.Web hence allows a consistent decrease in time and cost relating to the sales process, besides diminishing the errors due to the request entering of clients or agents (which in the past were received via telephone, fax, e-mail). Sales.Web also ensures the procedures automation given the fact that the orders are filled out directly by the agents or by the client himself (who can check the goods availability in warehouse and access its commercial conditions in real time).

"With this tool - underlines Roberto Parco, Sole Director of SIT - all companies can actually improve the sales management by reducing the internal work load and errors, increasing the customer satisfaction and enhancing the communication and sharing of the information. Furthermore, the end users will be free to benefit from the native integration of the data and will be able to make the accounting software evolve into a full on-line sales system".  

Let us now see the main characteristics of Sales.Web:
Structured as a customisable e-shop with the "CSS" styles, provided with a multi-level catalogue system and of a purchases "trolley" (in order to confirm or annul the order), it can be installed on a local server providing benefits in terms of speed and saving the hosting costs, running on whichever operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Unix).  Sales.Web can be used via all browsers and can be purchased or rented, with a sensible saving in cost.

Extremely versatile since it can work in various ways: standalone (independently from other systems), natively integrated with or with other back-office software throughout the development of appropriate data federation systems. Last but not least, Sales.Web displays of an innovative sharing tool - Integrated Catalog Management System- of the catalogues, of a category or of a single product within other websites, allowing to extend the usability of the data and of the management in other systems with a "code line". 

Following the Microarea Convention, held in Pacengo (VR) the 10th of March 2011, SIT presented to the foreign Microarea Partners the solution Sales.Web with an English interface, obtaining a significant amount of interest and appreciation as a result of its flexibility, potential and integration with

For further information and in order to download the brochure of the solution, access now the product profile document (in Italian language). 

Microarea Convention 2011: Sold out!

16 March 2011 by fperricone

Microarea Convention 2011

A large number of Partners attended the Microarea Convention 2011, held at the Hotel Parchi del Garda in Pacengo del Garda on the 10th of March.

Many new features including the forthcoming issue of 3.5

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

Three hundred people attended the Convention 2011. Remarkable the presence of the foreign Partners: over 20 of them arrived from Hungary, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania! 

The expectations have not fallen short: many topics have been set forth and highly important new features have been announced. Three new modules of 3.5 have been officially presented and illustrated throughout visual demonstrations. The three new modules just mentioned are Warehouse Management System (logistics), EasyBuilder (customisation development tool) and EasyAttachment (documents filing management).  

If you wish to find further information on the three new modules, check out the blog herewith: you will find specifically relating articles.

Respecting the timetable became a quite difficult task mainly due to the highly consistent number of people attending the event. Nevertheless, thanks to a efficient "back-end" work, the delay in regards to the schedule was very limited.
The first presentation was held by President Enrico Itri: a clear-cut, precise and incisive picture of the past, present and (above all) of the great ideas and innovations that Microarea has in store for the future.   

Next was Fabrizio Perricone, the Product Marketing Manager. He introduced to everyone, thanks to a breathtaking video, the new logo and the graphical design that will come with the release 3.5 of Furthermore, he highlighted the excellent results obtained by the Microarea website along with the main services provided to the Users and Partners by the website itself.   

The Sales Director Mario Aschiero, throughout a brilliant speech, brought everyone's attention on the outstanding results obtained in 2010, identifying the increase in the number of end users as the strategic goal that the Microarea Partners need to pursue in 2011. Such goal is the only "medicine" able to fight back the product contract cancellations due to the financial crisis that caused the closing down of many user companies. Mr. Aschiero also underlined the ethical aspects that Microarea and its Partners share in order to offer high quality services to all users.   

The Microarea Award 2011 ceremony just before lunch break: magnificently presented by the Microarea International Sales Channel Manager Réka Ujj, the Partners awarded were Micron Srl (best Italian Partner), Magoarea Ltd. (best foreign Partner) and Mario Infante of Giga Srl (best contribute to the Microarea Community).

The after lunch was characterized by the outline of the new features available in the 3.5 release of four sessions during which the slides were set a side in order to give way to actual demonstrations.

The interview to Andrea Rinaldi (CTO ERP division) offered the opportunity to highlight the new "cool" characteristics of the product! Integrated Skype call, address verification via Google, template report, organisation chart management and lots more...also if, to say the truth, the 25 minutes of the presentation were too few to show the over 130 new features available in 3.5!   

The second demo which took place in the afternoon focused on EasyAttachment with a Q&A between Anna Bauzone (Project Manager) and Fabrizio Perricone. The document storing system made in Microarea proved to be truly simple and efficacious.

Next came the Marco Perasso and Matteo Canessa (two members of the development team) presenting EasyBuilder: easy to use and incredibly effective, EasyBuilder is the tool which allows creating customisations in More than often the demo was interrupted by the spontaneous applauses of the audience.   

Giuseppina Sperico (Logistics Team Manager) and Francesco Ricceri (he who developed the software of the hand held devices) showed to everyone how the new module Warehouse Management System can significantly improve the logistics management of the warehouse. The solution for the management of the Wi-Fi handheld terminals was presented during an interesting unscheduled presentation. 

Towards the end Mario Aschiero described the "Go to Market" of the three new modules: aggressive prices and full support to the Partners on behalf of Microarea

Last but not least, a truly interesting "Q&A" session.

What a busy day it has been, with lots of information provided and positive communication: the audience followed all presentation with great attention well past six o'clock in the afternoon!  

Multimedia material will be soon available on the Microarea channels (official website, Youtube..).

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