EasyAttachment: the document filing made in Microarea

24 February 2011 by fperricone

EasyAttachment Mago.<i>net</i>  

The finishing touch for the electronic documents storing system developed by Microarea. One of the most awaited innovative features of the next release of Mago.net is currently undergoing a “refinement” phase.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

Improving corporate efficiency means increasing the working effectiveness of every employee in order to avoid waste of precious time in the everyday work.

Think about all the time wasted in searching paper documents within the archives: getting hold of the document contained by those heavy, tall and extremely dusty classifiers is undeniably difficult and costly.

Mago.net, thanks to the EasyAttachment module, allows storing any electronic document (incoming from scanner as well): from pdf to the technical drawing, from the brochure to the offer signed by the client. Anything can be stored electronically and associated to one or more ERP document. EasyAttachment allows reducing radically the time needed in the research and visualisation of the documents also thanks to the intelligent use of key words and categories, all of which without hassle and...dust!

Take a look at the short video (available in Italian language) regarding EasyAttachment on the Microarea Youtube Channel.   

In other words, a “Must Have” module, exactly as Mail Connector used to be (and still is!!) when first issued.

Do you want to help your company with EasyAttachment? 
Check your M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) contract validity. The M.L.U. allows updating your Mago.net to the new version (that will be available shortly) and ordering the new module to your Microarea reseller referral. Should you have the Enterprise Edition, the module is included in the product update

Stock&Store Mobile for Mago.Net: the back office on hand

15 February 2011 by fperricone

Back office mobile per Mago.<i>net</i> Stock&Store Mobile is the customizable solution for the Windows Mobile devices, for a complete and on-time back office management.

The solution made in Treebyte Srl (ISV Microarea Partner).

Treebyte from Monticello Conte Otto (Vicenza) issued the new version of Stock&Store Mobile, a software module parametrizable on Windows Mobile platform and able to provide an easy and straightforward tackling of all functionalities of a modern back office.

The integration proposal set forth by Treebyte addresses all Microarea resellers who wish to be growingly effective from a commercial and technological point of view in the retail industry but not only, providing an integrated solution capable of high performance standards. Having said this, the integration proposal also suits all of those Mago.net End Users who wish to manage an advanced back office with a solution specifically created to meet their needs and requirements.

It is within this context that Treebyte Srl is promoting various commercial initiatives and events so as to present the integrated solution Stock&Store Mobile for Mago.net. Further technological and commercial details (as well as the possibility of downloading the product brochure) are available in the area specifically dedicated to the Mago.net Ecosystem (area in which also the references of the ISV Partner Microarea Treebyte Srl are accessible).

New important features in the SP4 for Mago.Net 3.2

1 February 2011 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> update   

The first service pack of 2011 is now available: the SP4 for Mago.net 3.2.
The End Users with valid M.L.U. service can download free of charge the service pack by accessing the download area.  
The SP4 also includes the adjustment to the traceability of the financial flows!

By Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

Nine interesting improvements are available in the first service pack of 2011: New features in the administrative-accounting, manufacturing and inventory areas...in other words, there is enough for all!   

From an administrative point of view, a great deal of importance has been awarded to the traceability of the financial flows regarding public contracting (antimafia law n.136 and subsequently enactment 187): now Mago.net allows providing the CIG (Identification Code for Call for Tenders) and CUP (Project Sole Code) in all financial transactions that can be undertaken within the described context.
Another significant legislative adjustment regarding Italy consists in the updating of the annual declaration of the VAT data 2010.    

A new feature that is of sure interest to all Mago.net End Users is the introduction of the customer budget for specific items, merchandising categories and item kind, in order to obtain financial analysis of growing interest and accuracy.

Find out what the new update of Mago.net is able to offer to your company by reading the release note: please remember that the Microarea Live Update is all you need in order to access the area where you can download the update. Have you not subscribed to the M.L.U. service yet? Call now the Microarea International Sales Department or get in touch with your Microarea reseller referral in order to find out how simple and convenient is being updated...also  with the most recent legislative amendments!  

It is always advisable to seek the assistance of your Microarea Reseller referral when wishing to update your Mago.net.

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