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24 January 2011 by fperricone


Microarea is testing and “stressing” the new powerful instrument for the “in depth” customisation in Thanks to this “refinement” period, that will last until the issue on the market of the new release expected in Q1 ’11, EasyBuilder will ensure immediate performance and excellent stability.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

The question that everyone is about to ask now is: what is EasyBuilder? The name of the tool tends to be quite significant by itself. In practice, EasyBuilder is a tool that allows to easily create customisations for

EasyBuilder consists in two elements: the designer for the creation of customisations, and the runtime in order to employ the customisations.

The new version of contains the runtime of EasyBuilder free of charge: this means that all End Users (having valid Microarea Live Update service) can update their to the new release of the product and enjoy the benefits provided by EasyBuilder.

With EasyBuilder, it is extremely simple to customise the User interface of, adapting the latter to the specific requirements of your company. Is there information that is missing and that you wish to manage? The data entry contains a high number of information that you do not use and hence you wish to reduce the “weight” of the window? Do want to make the entering of essential information impossible for you to forget? The answer to the mentioned necessitates is EasyBuilder!     

EasyBuilder allows adding, with a few clicks, a field to a data entry of Furthermore, EasyBuilder allows modifying the positioning of the objects within the window of as well as the graphical characteristics, hiding objects and adding “behaviours” (or actions if you prefer) describing the operations to be accomplished in the preferred programming language (C#, VB.NET and Woorm scripting – yes, the same language used to drive the actions within the reports!). As for example, it is straightforward to make a field compulsory in order to then save data.

Those of you who are already familiar with Taskbuilder.Net (the Microarea development platform on which is based) should be aware of the power such instrument is able to offer. Having said this, you should also be aware that, for example, creating a new field within a data entry of is not simple at all: good quality knowledge of C++ language and TaskBuilder Framework (well documented with help on line and e-learning courses) are needed. EasyBuilder knocks down such barriers making indeed everything immediate and straightforward.   

EasyBuilder also allows creating objects with a greater complexity in regards to the single field: grids and tabs can be created and “hooked up” to the database structure in a trouble-free and effective way.

Another winning feature of EasyBuilder consists in the type of “customisable package” being created: it is 90%  “upgrade-safe”, this meaning that it continues to function without having to provide maintenance after a upgrade. This is in indeed the “ace in the hole” of EasyBuilder: the End User (with a valid Microarea Live Update service) who employs, customised with EasyBuilder, can benefit from the updates regularly issued by Microarea without having to wait for the lining up of the customisations in use (nevertheless, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of your Microarea Reseller referral).

The main benefits provided by EasyBuilder to those who create customisations are:

• Simplicity of use (intuitive graphic interface WYSIWYG and code scripture with intellisense)
• Development environment integrated with
• Customisations 90% "upgrade-safe"
• Use of the preferred programming language (C#, VB.Net e Woorm scripting)

The main benefits to the End User reflect closely those provided to the developer:

• A simplified updating
• Lower level of investments (if compared with customisation with TB.Net)

The “plus” are many indeed and able to shift the focus of the “customisation developer” of, from the use of the powerful yet complex to the equally powerful but definitely easier to use EasyBuilder... for the benefit of the End Users! Please be aware that in order to update your you need to have a valid MLU service.

If you wish to get hold of further information, read as soon as possible the White Paper found the Private Area! 

Mago.Net and Store360 united for e-commerce

24 January 2011 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> per l'e-commerce


STORE360 is the all-round professional solution that allows achieving a scalable, highly performing and reliable e-commerce platform.

The solution has been developed by the Genoese company GSI Teleinformatica Srl (ISV Microarea Partner).

Just few simple steps allow conveying the product inventory managed by towards the most wide showcase available for the on-line sales: e-commerce (one or more sites), eBay® (one or more shops), research engines (Google®, etc.) and the price comparison portals (Kelkoo®, Trovaprezzi®, Ciao®, Pixmania®, etc). These channels can be selected singularly and can be integrated in time. 

The best possible conjugation between performance and potential new sales achieved thanks to the on-going synchronisation between and STORE360, the inventory, updating of the price list, the entering/modification/elimination of products and the resulting management of the sales orders and invoicing. A slim and neat management, that is able to bring immediate results in terms of time optimisation and consistent decrease in mistake risk (typical scenario having place when the information is passed on in a fragmented and poorly integrated manner). 

Let us talk briefly about numbers.

A strongly diversified clientele today employs STORE360: starting from the emerging company that manages a limited amount of products, all the way to the well-established company dealing with a consistent number of online sales.
A few examples? 
The Users that employ the solution STORE360 on eBay®  obtain a feedback (sales) volume ranging from 50 to over 5,000 per month, a ratio standing at 1 to 100 proving how STORE360 can be perfectly tailored to every type of need (this be limited or extensive). 

The experience acquired in the past years (GSI runs on the internet since 1997) has given way to the growth and development of the software such that highly qualified solutions are offered today to all professionals working with the market and who use the web as a flexible work instrument. An instrument with a huge potential as in regards to transactions and dimensions. and STORE360 united in order to offer your company the perfect solution for the e-commerce sector. 

Microarea 2010: a new feature every three days!

19 January 2011 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> update

Microarea introduced over 140 new features in its products in 2010: this means one new feature every three days! Many legislative updates, and lots more, for the Italian and International market.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

All of the Microarea product end users, having a valid update service (Microarea Live Update) in 2010, have enjoyed the benefits brought about by the many legislative amendments that have been provided during the entire year. Let us mention a couple of strongly significant updates (especially from the Italian End Users’ point of view): Intrastat services and black list. The mentioned updates are considered to be, by most End Users, very important matters that need to be managed in a precise and possibly automatic way. Microarea promptly updated and lined up the accounting procedures to the legislations in force.
As early as February, the Intrastat services, annual VAT statement, F24 (for Italy) and tax journals (for Bulgaria) were updated in order for them to be in line with the most recent legislative amendments. Just one month later, end of March, the Service Pack 3 for 3.0 was released with further adjustments for the Intrastat statement.

Some might say  “hazy lazy April”…but not for Microarea!!! By mid April all End Users with valid MLU service can download the new release: 3.1. Over 50 product improvements of which several highly important, ranging from the factoring management all the way to the consistent performance improvement of various features (web utilisation, Saas mode, etc.)
May was the month in which the Service Pack 1 for 3.1 has come to life, introducing several new features connected to the accounting sphere and report generator integrated with (Woorm).

Summer came along, and so did the new release for (in July to be precise) which became available for download, release named 3.2. Consistent legislative updates for the management of the transactions with tax privileged countries (the so-called black list), and the full support of the Oracle database 11g R2, are two of the many improvements that have been provided.

Once summer had gone by (together with the holidays), came September bringing alongside the Service Pack 1 for 3.2: several updates improved the product ergonometrically.    

In October, the SP2 came into being: a very interesting Service Pack in regards to the various legal amendments for Italy, Switzerland and Romania. Clearly, further improvements were made available, providing benefits to the users belonging to every country served by Microarea. 

New legislative updates in December with the SP3. Italy, Switzerland and Poland are the main countries that have enjoyed the benefits brought about by the most recent legislative improvements. Furthermore, there have been countless improvements enjoyed by the users of all nations: worthy of mention is the increase in performance obtained on the MRP algorithm, allowing (under certain conditions) the latter to increase its speed up to five times as much!

Looking back in time has allowed us to retrace the year 2010 along with the useful (not to say fundamental) new product features provided by Microarea in In order for you to be always up to date, all you need is to make sure that your Microarea Live Update service is active. 

In case you were one of the few End Users not covered by a valid MLU service, do not waste one more second: call the Microarea International Sales Department or get in touch with your local Microarea reseller in order to find out how important and convenient it is to be always up to date! 

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