The first iPad of the campaign "1 iPad for 1 Mago" has been delivered

22 December 2010 by fperricone

1 iPad x 1 Mago

The campaign "1 iPad for 1 Mago" is coming to an end, but it has (and still is) providing joy to many old and new end users. The campaign kicked off the 15th of September and ended the 30th of November, but several business negotiations are still going on. The "introducing user" will receive the well deserved Apple iPad should the negotiations go through by the end of the year 2010.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Close to the holiday period, time in which everyone is in search of the right gift, Microarea has delivered the first iPad to the user TecnoAssist, followed by the Microarea Partner Singenia from Gallarate in the province of Varese...Beyond doubt an interesting gift: even the media say that the Hi-Tech gifts are always trendy! 

TecnoAssist, headquarters in Gallarate (Varese), repairs and supplies electronic appliances (PCs, printers, etc). The company (that has been working with Mago since 1997), by having subscribed the MLU service was able to install and utilise the last version of The President of TecnoAssist, Mr. Giandomenico Giuliani, is the person who entered (on the Microarea website) the name of the company to which has been suggested in order to obtain a top class enterprise management. The business talks with the contact have come to a positive outcome in a rapid and satisfying manner: one week after the demo came the decision to purchase the product.

Thanks to the simplicity and completeness provided by, TecnoAssist decided to manage "in house" not only the general accounting (previously kept by the accountant) but also Analysis & Controlling, inventory and the payables and receivables. As evidence of the "openness" of the architecture with which has been developed, the Partner Singenia has able to develop an integration that allows the interfacing of with proprietary systems of various suppliers and hence be able to manage the information from and towards such systems in a transparent way.  In order to utilise at best, TecnoAssist relied on the advice of their Microarea Reseller, as well as following many of the courses found in the vast on-line library made available by Microarea to all users with active Microarea Live Update service. Worthwhile taking note of the fact that the President of TecnoAssist wanted to underline the quality and usefulness of the e-learning courses published on the Microarea website in streaming mode and slide show.

TecnoAssist has decided to offer to its suppliers an interesting service indeed, using the "remote option" offered by with Easy Look the suppliers can access, via Internet, to certain reports of for the RMA management, hence making the entire returned material management process slim and precise.

Various photographs, framed into a video available on the Microarea Youtube channel, report the delivering of the iPad.

Microarea under water "attack"

10 December 2010 by nazam

Microarea under water

A very busy morning for the Microarea headquarters. The Genoese head office came under sharp, not by Assagne (he has got nothing to do!) but rather by water, an element found in nature that is precious and essential for life, that nevertheless can cause serious damage if spilled where it should not be.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

A dull and insignificant connection pipe, belonging to one of the many fan-coils found within the company building (useful indeed for the offices heating up during the cold winters and cooling during the boiling summers), pulled out from its original position causing a major break-down (lasting several hours) of the company's activities and operations.

What happened exactly?
The water that was intended for the thermo convector poured everywhere instead! Over ten offices, found on the three levels of the building, were literally overwhelmed by water. As most of you can imagine, the electronic equipment found within the Microarea premises was "unhappy" to say the least of this unscheduled event. The Microarea website remained unreachable up until mid-morning, time in which the situation started to turn back to normal thanks to the effort and work put into practice by the Microarea personnel.      

Microarea, in order to ensure an ongoing availability of the essential services, provides a constantly active validation back-up service for on servers that are external to the Microarea structure. Such service has allowed (during the blackout period) 765 users to validate their and work as though nothing ever happened.
To say the truth, there has been a small number of situations (less than ten) in which it has been necessary to modify the firewall of the end user in order to accept the replies coming from the domain (this latter domain is home to the back-up validation service) as well as

This short video can help you realise what the situation was like in the Microarea offices at 9.00 am, 9th of December 2010.

What happened has offered the possibility of verifying the quality and effectiveness of the disaster recovery systems utilised currently by Microarea. This experience has also been able to underline the importance of improving communication in such a way to be safe from the effects of a catastrophic event.

Considering the fact that the technological infrastructure is a vital factor towards ensuring a full and ongoing service, Microarea is taking into consideration a collaboration with (company holding a consistent number of server farm and cloud services that are available from all over the world) in order to reach a top level safety with systems fault-tolerant at 99.99999%.
You will be duly informed by Microarea when the new backup service will be all set.

Download now the Service Pack 3 for Mago.Net 3.2

6 December 2010 by nazam

Mago.<i>net</i> update 3.2 Service Pack 3 is now available! All End Users who have subscribed the M.L.U. service can download the new S.P. free of charge.

Plenty of new features have been included,some of which specifically addressing the Italian End Users, the Polish, Swiss market...and lots

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

To be more precise, there have been 16 improvements brought to the product by this new update. Further improvements for the Italian End Users in regards to the management of business operations engaged with countries having a favoured taxation and privileged tax systems (Black List). Expressly for Switzerland instead, the image updating as in regards to the Vat Report with official documents. Furthermore, the VAT rates utilised in Poland have been updated.     

A new procedure now allows aligning any change regarding the VAT rates in force: VAT default codes, buyer and supplier information, documents to be invoiced and so on, are all updated rapidly and efficiently by the procedure.   

The Manufacturing area is home to the excellent revision relating to the complex algorithm MRP (Material Requirements Planning): currently, under certain conditions, its speed is 5 times higher than before!   

Uncover all details by reading the release note of 3.2.3.

In order to update, you simply need to have subscribed the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) service made available by Microarea. The M.L.U. service also provides further important services to your company with over 200 on-line courses in order for you to use at its top, access to the Microarea Community Forum where you can exchange information, suggestions and ideas with other End Users as well as with the Microarea Partners and Staff.

If you wish to receive further information or subscribe the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.) please get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department.

It is always advisable to seek the assistance of your Microarea Reseller referral when wishing to update your

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