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22 November 2010 by nazam

Multilingual Mago.<i>net</i> on-line help

Microarea relies and invests in the foreign market, since it is considered to be a very important resource. A highly significant task has been completed in these days that will allow a better use of and consequently give rise to a greater personal and corporate productivity.

by Fabrizio Perricone
     Product Marketing Manager

Over 300 companies use in the five nations in which Microarea has aligned the product to the national legislation in force. It is worthwhile knowing that the number of foreign companies that use the ERP software is in constant growth!

The number one aim of Microarea is to ensure all users a superior experiencing of the product, providing a fast and decisive support in the native language of the user.  

135,000 (one hundred and thirty five thousand!) is the volume of words translated in the Help & Information Center. The translation covers all of the main functional areas of, ranging from the basic functions to the Administration area, and all the way into logistics. In order to achieve the best possible result, besides having employed a specialised company, there has been an internal revision carried out by the Microarea staff mother tongue Hungarian, Polish and Romanian. 
The number of translated words is equal to a pocket size book containing 400 pages!

Surely an important task that is not quite finished yet: the product help is in constant evolution in light of the new features provided by the constant updating made available by Microarea. This means avoiding to "rest on one's laurels", hence carrying forward the work and the solid foundations build so far.  

TTG: Mago.Net at the Tourism Exhibition in Rimini

9 November 2010 by nazam

The 24th of October has been the closing day of TTG 2010, the number one Italian tourism exhibition which took place in Rimini. Travel Software, together with its two prestigious IT partners (Microarea and Open Informatica), has underlined its presence throughout a 32 square meter stand that hosted, during the three days of the exhibition, a consistent number of travel agents and operators eager to see and test the products being presented.  

A staff consisting in 10 individuals has been made constantly available throughout the entire exhibition, for the demonstrations of the software Easy-ADV, Easy-TO (committed to Travel Agencies and Tour Operators) and Overlook Hotel (Hotel management).

The presented products have been subject to great interest also on behalf of many Tour Operators and Networks, "attracted" by the ease of use of the software. The long lasting (and deserved) success of the software is also due to the specialised after sales assistance.

Various Microarea representatives were present at the stand, providing evidence of the perfect union existing between the application "Easy", Overlook Hotel and the ERP accounting software

The ease of use of the ERP accounting software has convinced a number of visitors that the choice made by Travel Software is indeed the right one.
"We are confident that the many contacts which took place at the exhibition will soon become our loyal clients. We are still receiving requests on behalf of people who have not been able to visit the stand, because of the soaring attendance, but still confirm great amount of interest" said Marco Gozzi, CEO of Travel Software. proves to be the winning choice also for the Hotel and Tourism industry!

Microarea website: more than a simple restyling

8 November 2010 by nazam

Two years have gone by since the first major restructuring of our website. Strength, productivity and completeness of the Microarea offer: these were the elements of the message we wished to convey back then. Today we have decided to change things with the aim of making our website (including its contents and on-line services created in the past years) become a valuable and efficient marketing tool, exactly as every company website should truly be.   

by Germano Traverso - Technical Director for Support & IT services

In order to reach the set objectives, the communicative paradigms, throughout which we wish to address not only the whole spectrum of individuals potentially interested in our products, as well as the internet search engines, had to be totally redefined.
Visual and browsing paradigms, that will drive the Microarea website guest through pre-established and easily recognizable paths. Consequently, the potential user and the potential Partner will be able to identify themselves whilst finding the correct way towards providing answers to their overall curiosities and questions. 

We are not merely talking of an aesthetic restyling. There has been a proper re-planning of the paths through which the guest shall benefit from the “Mbyte content” and information registered on our system. Starting from a new homepage, passing through the specific appealing graphical elements, and leading all the way to the aim that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) theories consider to be of primary importance: maximization of the so called “conversion rate”. In other words, turn the highest possible number of website visitors into clients ( Users or Microarea Partners). 

The landing of the guest on our website shall not be “traumatic”: thanks to simple and clear-cut paths, the guest is guided throughout a "tour" naturally leading towards leaving the personal contact information. All of the areas have been heavily restructured and rationalized in order to be even more coherent with the pre-determined browsing schemes. The end result consists in having a website that is now faster (100% speed increase), “lighter” and less abundant of textual information (this true at least for the higher browsing levels), the latter being an aspect that often intimidates the website visitor causing him to “jump away” in a undetermined manner in order to find something more stimulating.  

A further improvement, browsing wise, has been provided by the “customization” of the home page for the User that has entered his/her credentials. Whether we are dealing with an End User or Partner Microarea, the home page will adapt accordingly, offering simple access paths to those functions (found in the Private Area) that are inherent with their profile (e.g. the User will have direct access to the MLU management rather than the on-line courses while the Partner will have access to the orders areas rather than the management of the sales opportunities).

Two services of primary importance, for both the users and Microarea Partners, have been profoundly re-designed:

  1. Training area: the reports and catalogues have been re-planned both in the public and Private area. Furthermore, customized reports have been implemented in such a way to keep track of the courses followed by everyone and, for the End User, reports that suggest the courses that “cover” their current Mago configuration. 
  2. Support Area: in the private area you can now find a search engine that sets forth queries regarding the efficiency of the entire Microarea Knowledge-base (Help Center, e-learning courses, FAQ, Etc.) with a “full text indexing” method and by means of a modern and easily understandable interface...the Microarea “Google”.    

In summary, hereunder is a list of the areas on which we have particularly concentrated our efforts:

  • Create immediate browsing paths
  • Guide the browsing throughout “Call to Action”
  • Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions ( much does it cost? Where can I buy it?)
  • Introduce a more direct and “friendly” type language
  • Simplify and “target” the information request module
  • Improve performances (loading speed
  • Maximise the compatibility with all browsers

Similarly, to the “last version”, the website will continue to evolve, not only in regards to the contents but also in relation to the offered services.
I wish all of you a pleasant browsing experience on!

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