Mago.Net is ready for electronic invoicing

29 October 2010 by nazam

The Microarea electronic invoicing management project has been presented at the SMAU Milan in cooperation with the lending institute Unicredit and the user Renner Italia SpA.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

A highly interesting workshop has taken place Thursday 21st of October 2010, at SMAU Milan, relating to a growingly important subject: electronic invoicing and document dematerialisation. IT managers, administration managers, and individuals representing different professional associations crowded hall 5 of wing 4. Their aim was to acquire information regarding the benefits and investments level needed in order to exploit such opportunity, available not only to the SMEs but also to large multinationals and public administration.

The case history being presented included three main participants: the company Renner Italia SpA ( user), Unicredit and Microarea. Unicredit presented its Invoicecomm service for the management of the document dematerialisation. Microarea has outlined how allows obtaining a communication interface in order to manage the flow of information in electronic format (XML). As explained very simply and effectively by Mr. Andrea Rinaldi (Microarea ERP Development Manager), in order to bring forward the management prototype of the electronic invoicing, all that had to be done was create an "adaptor" or "translator" (call it as you wish) in order to read and write the data in the form required by the Unicredit platform.

The project will benefit all Users: once that this prototype has been defined, it can be "industrialized" and included within the standard functions of, hence allowing its immediate use on behalf of those companies that rely on for the management of their business and that use the Unicredit platform for the inter-exchange of information. However, looking forward in time, there might eventually be the possibility of creating further "adaptors" able to manage the flow of data that wants to be channelled towards other lending institutes. 

The road to be followed is now clearly outlined: with, Microarea can now be considered the perfect solution for the management of the documents dematerialisation and their operating in electronic format.

SMAU Milan 2010: ideas and solutions

29 October 2010 by nazam

feedback SMAU Milano 2010 

SMAU Milan once again proves to be an important showcase for the ICT world.
The stand D64 has been attended by a consistent number of visitors, whose questions and information requests have been taken care of by the 9 Platinum Partners, always ready to provide top quality knowledge and expertise in order to provide the best possible solution for each type of enterprise.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Following the positive experience of SMAU Bologna, there was great expectation for the three day long SMAU Business event in Milan. No one has been disappointed: the visitors (including various users) have been able to obtain all the information and answers they were looking for, as well as satisfying curiosities and requests concerning the software world in order to enhance their company enterprise efficiency.     

51000 people have enlivened the two wings of the Fieramilanocity from the 20th to the 22nd of October. Many ICT operators as well as a large number of companies wished to see with their own eyes the technology that is able to improve the business processes of their own companies. At the stand D64, the visitors have had the opportunity to meet highly trained and qualified operators, able to provide concrete solutions to address the company needs.   

The overall outcome of the event has surely been positive: many North-West Italian Users have visited the Fair by taking advantage of the free entrance ticket offered them by Microarea. Various ICT companies have shown interest towards entering the Microarea Community. Enterprises belonging to a varied background have obtained explanations and demonstrations of what offers to all Small and Medium Enterprises.

Have a look at the brief video with the photographs of the event and the "backstage".

A special thanks to all of those who have visited Stand D64...see you at the next event!

Service Pack 2 for Mago.Net 3.2 ready for download

8 October 2010 by nazam

Mago.<i>net</i> update

The Service Pack 2 for 3.2 is ready for download in the Private Area!
News regarding the management of the "Black List" and further improvements, not only for the Italian end users, are included in the updating pack.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Seventh updating of since the beginning of this year 2010: the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.) once again confirms to be highly important. Please remember that the M.L.U. allows to download, free of charge, all of the updates released by Microarea as well as benefit from other useful services (e.g. e-learning, forum).

The Service Pack 2 is highly important for the Italian users since it allows to include in the "Black List" identities subject to VAT who are lacking the VAT number yet have a fiscal code. Furthermore, it is now possible to take in consideration the documents according to registration date or document date. 

New VAT reports have been included for Switzerland. In Romania, the standard VAT rate variation (which has increased from 19 to 24) has brought about the need to revise the default data and VAT registers.  

A consistent number of improvements, of interest to all countries, have been included: find out all the details in the release note of the new Service Pack.

We advise you to seek the support of your Microarea Reseller when wishing to update your, in order for you to be sure that highly professional and safe hands handle your installation and company data .

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