Platinum Partners at SMAU Milan

29 September 2010 by nazam

Platinum Partner a SMAU Milano

The Smau Business lands in Milan. This is where the Microarea Platinum Partners from North-East Italy will be waiting for you. They will illustrate their solutions, created for specific market segments, and provide answers to any question of yours regarding the ERP software

Make sure that the Smau Business event is on your agenda: from the 20th to the 22nd of October, at the Fiera Milano City!

By Fabrizio Perricone
     Product Marketing Manager

Nine Partners will be attending the Microarea Platinum Partners Stand: (Wednesday 20) Europroject (AT), Joker (VA), S.I.T. (BG); (Thursday 21)  Piero Basso (GE), Select Informatica (TO), Treebyte (VI); (Friday 22) Artware (AT), Microarea Enterprise Solutions (MI), Micron (TO).

Come and see with your own eyes the most recent features of the product, have a glance at the “previews” , find all the answers you are looking for, and discover the solutions belonging to the Microarea ecosystem: the Microarea Platinum Partners are a valuable resource towards providing answers to any of your questions.

If you have not yet familiarised with 3.2
, this is the right time to do so: come and find out how the latest version of is able to improve your working habits whilst improving your company efficiency! 

Do not miss out! All visitors will be provided with the Magopad, the Microarea eco-bag and, off-course, information relating to, the Partners and their vertical solutions.

Come to SMAU with the entrance ticket offered to you by Microarea.

The official website of the event provides information including how to get to the fair, the most interesting workshops, conventions, and meeting occasions that will take place during the three days of the event.

From the 20th to 22nd of October, starting at 9.30 until 18.30, at the Smau Business event in Fiera Milano City: come and visit the Microarea Platinum Partners stand. They will be there, waiting for you!

The Foreign market: an excellent business opportunity

29 September 2010 by nazam

The Foreign market: an excellent business opportunity

The foreign market represents an excellent opportunity for your business growth.
Microarea makes available in 10 languages and conforming to the legislations in force in the various European countries.  

by Fabrizio Perricone
     Product Marketing Manager

The difference existing between a “normal” company and a “successful” company, more than often, is given by the entrepreneurial ability to drive your investments along the right road.

Lately, a large number of Italian companies have decided to invest their money in East European countries. The European market is highly competitive, and the possibility of gaining access to countries which until few years ago were considered “off limits” or quite “hard” to reach, now offers excellent opportunities of business growth.

Microarea, throughout, sets forth on the market an all-round and flexible tool for the investment management in foreign countries. Ten languages available and five specific fiscal localisations: is the perfect choice to make sure that your company is sure of using the same management tool in Italy as well as abroad.

Over 200 companies in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Switzerland and Bulgaria use daily to manage all of their corporate operations at the very best. There is large number of Italian companies that use within their HQ (Headquarters) in Italy as well as in their subsidiaries abroad: this allows you to keep under control your business also thousands of kilometres away.

Being connected via Internet to your remote server with EasyLook, or managing the exchange of data off-line in XML with a scheduled and automatic approach, are both examples of how is able to remove distances and bring close by also the utmost remote installation.

1 iPad for 1 Mago

15 September 2010 by nazam

1 iPad x 1 Mago

The campaign 1 iPad for 1 Mago has kicked off! A fantastic opportunity for all users to be awarded an iPad 3G 16GB

This is not the usual prize competition...

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Microarea offers a "once in a life time" opportunity to all users with active Microarea Live Update (MLU) service. Starting from the 15th of September up until the 30th of November 2010, he/she who introduces to Microarea a company that will then decide to use for a "first class" running of their business, will receive a stunning Apple iPad 3G 16GB!

Did you know that you can use also via iPad? Thanks to EasyLook all you need to do is run a browser (Safari) and enter your server address (e.g. You will then be able to use with your usual username and password. Within your LAN or via Internet!

Watch the video and find out all details by visiting the related online page.

Mago.Net 3.2 Service Pack 1 is now ready for download

6 September 2010 by nazam

 Mago.<i>net</i> update

A new update for the Service Pack 1 for 3.2 is now available.

By Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

The first Service Pack for the 3.2 release of is now available in the Private area of the Microarea website, under Download Product.

The update contains several new features capable of ergonomically improving the application. Details and further information can be found in the Download Product area.

Please bear in mind that the download of the update is free of charge for all the users that have subscribed the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) contract. If you wish to verify your M.L.U. position, simply access the designed area.

Similarly to all updates, also this service pack is "cumulative": the update can be successfully completed also if having installed, at present, the most recent releases of, hence without having necessarily installed the release 3.2.

If you have not subscribed the M.L.U. service, contact the Microarea International Sales Department in order to uncover the convenience of being always updated!

Please remember to seek the assistance of your Microarea Reseller referral when wishing to perform the updating of your installation.

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