An even stronger relationship joining Italy and Bulgaria

23 July 2010 by nazam


Italy has been the market of reference for Microarea since 1984, a market capable of offering a large number of users and resellers. Starting from 2003, Microarea crossed the national borders and stepped into foreign European countries, providing a speaking their same language and localised according to the laws in force in each single nation.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The growth of Microarea in the foreign markets is in constant increase, this thanks to the presence of local Resellers, as well as Italian Partners who have decided to invest time and money on the foreign market in order to bring their skills, knowledge and experience also beyond the Italian national borders.  

The participation agreement with the CIIB - Confindustria Bulgaria (Committee for the Italian Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria) has been signed on the 22nd of June, with the aim of further enhancing the visibility of internationally, and more specifically in Bulgaria. Around 200 Italian companies are associated with the CIIB.  

Having joined the CIIB means being able to benefit from an easier and preferential cooperation between Italian and Bulgarian companies for the implementation of solutions based on

An other important ''move" towards increasing even further the number of opportunities offered by the active and interesting Bulgarian market!

WMS, DMS, and even further!

22 July 2010 by nazam

Mago.<i>net</i> - cooming soon    

"Major works" are currently being brought forward by the Microarea development department: WMS and DMS are the technical names of the new modules...but yet is more to come!  

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Highly interesting new features for Users and Partners Microarea are warming up in the source code of the future release. Microarea is, and always has been, groundbreaking, utilising the most recent technological improvements made available by the IT market, in order to provide a safe, performing and reliable Apart from providing technological innovations, Microarea is seeking to shock the market by introducing new integrated solutions to, is such a way to cover the most relevant areas in the interest of our Users and Partners.

WMS is the acronym for Warehouse Management System, often also called Logistics Management. The new module is able to:

  • enhance productivity
    thanks to an improved organisation and realisation of the activity within the storage, optimising the paths, suggesting the inventory location in which the goods are to be positioned or picked from;
  • increase the quality and reliability of the logistical flows
    deriving from the precise and on-time tracing of each operation, reducing the anomalies and the order preparation time whilst increasing consequently the service quality provided to the clients. 
  • simplifying the inventory operations
    throughout the Picking and Putaway phases, it is possible to verify and certify the quantity found in the various inventory locations, reducing as much as possible the mismatch between the physical and accounting quantities

Logistics, when referring to storage management, is an extremely wide subject, and its operative management can be quite complex. Microarea has focused its attention and efforts on the usage simplicity and immediacy: the module is able to handle the most advanced tasks (typical of a warehouse), nevertheless it can be integrated easily and rapidly into the simplest situations, hence contributing to a fast improvement of the company productivity.
The RFID terminals (also known as hand terminals) are tools that, more than often, turn out to be essential towards the correct picking, stocking and inventory management. The WMS module integrates the interfacing of such devices in a clear and extremely functional way. In order to enrich your knowledge regarding this subject, you can consult the White Paper relating to the WMS found within the Private area on the Microarea website.     

DMS stands for Document Management System. Microarea is developing a system capable of managing and attaching any file type to any desired ERP document. The main advantages provided by the DMS are:

  • reducing of the spaces needed for the storing
    cubic meters and kilograms of paper reduced to a hard-disk of few centimeters;
  • management costs knock down
    flexible and powerful instruments that allow to simplify the document searching and storing; 
  • document inalterability
    the bits never grow old, paper does: always available and perfectly readable documents;
  • privacy and security 
    each employee has the possibility of accessing only and exclusively certain documents;
  • work efficiency
    optimisation of the time employment in regards to the document physical storing;
  • respect for the environment
    less needed paper, less trees cut down.

One of the main aims of Microarea is to create a powerful and intuitively usable "plug-in". Here are some of the features that make the Microarea DMS a brilliant help for the every day work: drag&drop of the files to be attached to the ERP documents, full text search to find a whatever document by simply indicating a part of the present text, OCR for the document word recognising, automatic document filing, scanner interfacing, management of the e-mail attachments. To uncover further details, consult the White Paper in the Private area.        

Further news are on the way: the enhancement in Woorm (report generator), new customisation possibilities for the interfacing application, and lots more...a little bit of patience and soon you will get to know them all!  

New release notification service

20 July 2010 by nazam


News and integrating features for are periodically issued by Microarea, ranging from the new function designed to enhance company efficiency, all the way to the complying action aimed at bringing the company management in line with the latest legal enforcements. 
In other words, there is always a valid reason for updating your!

by Fabrizio Perricone 
Product Marketing Manager 

The Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.) makes sure that your is always up to date.

Microarea, starting from the 3.2 release of, has activated the "Balloon News" with the aim of offering to the User a growingly useful service. Thanks to this service, which is totally free of charge, you will be informed every time Microarea issues a new product release. Such information will be visualised directly in by means of a "cartoon" that will appear in the bottom left corner.

If you have not yet subscribed the M.L.U., get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department in order to find out how to activate in few minutes the M.L.U.!

It is always advisable to contact your Microarea Reseller Referral before performing the update of your installation. 

Mago.Net 3.2 is now available and ready for downloading!

12 July 2010 by nazam

Mago.<i>net</i> update

The new minor release of provides new outstanding production and accounting functionalities. 

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

The first significant functional highlight, that stands out in 3.2, is the acknowledgement of the measure introduced (the 28th of May 2010) by the Italian revenue and tax department: the communication model reporting the active and passive operations engaged with operators located in countries with a tax-privileged legislation. In other words, with countries belonging to the so-called Black List. Italian companies having business relations with countries listed on the black list have to submit the first communication model by the 31st of August!  

Another significant conforming action is the one involving the generation of the foreign bank transfer file, which allows to choose, throughout a parameter, whether to use the new layout (without currency reasons) or the old layout.

In view of simplifying the manufacturing orders confirmation, maintaining however the necessary elasticity and precision, certain buttons of the procedure toolbar can now be hidden by means of according configuration parameters. 3.2 fully supports the latest, most performing and safe version of the Oracle database: the 11g R2.

To uncover all the improvements introduced in the release 3.2 of, access now the Download Product area. Remember that in order to download the update, you need to have subscribed the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) service. The M.L.U. allows you to be always updated with the latest legislative measures. 

Furthermore, the M.L.U. provides free access to the e-learning courses (over 170 available courses) found in the Microarea University section within the Microarea Portal, and the possibility to participate to the Microarea Community Forum, where you can exchange opinions, ideas and suggestions with other users, Microarea Partners and Microarea itself.
Access the section "My Profile", found in the Private Area, in order to verify your M.L.U. status.

Do you wish to receive further information regarding the M.L.U.?  Call the Microarea International Sales Department, or contact your Microarea Reseller.  

In presence of customisations or verticalisations, make sure to address your Microarea Reseller referral before performing the update.

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