SMAU Bologna 2010: positive feedbacks

29 June 2010 by nazam


Great feedbacks from all the participants to the event that took place in Bologna the 9th and 10th of June. 
A television troupe has developed a footage including images of stand A4 and an interview to the Italian North-East Sales Channel Manager Nicola Miglioranzi.  

by Fabrizio Perricone 
Product Marketing Manager

A large number of visitors (and a highly consistent quantity of general and specific information requests) in search of solutions tailored for definite merchandising sectors. The six brilliant Platinum Partners of the Northeast area (AT-Informatica, Giga, Servizi.IT, Kirio, Tecnobiemme, Treebyte) have alternatively been present throughout the two days of the IT fair, always ready to provide exhaustive answers to the visitors, handing out brochures and leaflets, and producing interesting product demos'.   

Two very intense days, especially if referring to the mornings (period of the day during which the peak number of visitors was reached). 

In no way could the TV miss the stand of the Platinum Partners...and in fact, the OdeonTV troupe reporting from the fair has focused its attention on stand A4, filming and interviewing Nicola Miglioranzi (Italian Northeast Sales Channel Manager), who was present at the exhibition for the entire two days. The footage will be broadcasted in the near future on the digital TV and Sky channel 827. If you wish to have a look at the preview of the footage (in Italian language, lasting 2 minutes and 30 seconds) simply access the website . Within a month the video will no longer be available on the portal of "Protagonisti nel Tempo", but will instead be visible on the Microarea YouTube channel.   

Also, the Magopad (the mouse pad "made in Microarea) has been highly appreciated by the guests of the A4 stand.

We are looking forward in seeing you at the next SMAU event: from the 20th to the 22nd of October at the Fiera Milano City!

Extensions for Mago.Net: New needs, new solutions!

29 June 2010 by nazam


The upcoming 3.2 release of, besides providing a manifold of new functionalities, will allow using new licenses specifically created to satisfy various utilisation scenarios of the ERP software, while fulfilling the most recent requirements set forth by many enterprises.     

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Being holder of a "User license" is necessary if wishing to utilise Just as for all business software, the user license is a "justifying document" (or voucher) which authorises the legitimate use of the software, hence keeping the user safe from any type of undesired surprise in case of inspection or verifications by the authorities.

Every now and then, it does happen (also if in totally good faith) that the user utilises the regularly licensed software beyond the license terms and conditions: this situation can be very dangerous especially because it could lead to severe sanctions.  

Microarea, wishing to satisfy all of the latest needs and requirements brought forth by its users, has decided to introduce four (4) new licenses that guarantee the safe use of also in the following situations:

  • use of for the managing of multiple companies (Multi-company extension);
  • stand-alone installation for "disconnected" use (Standalone extension);
  • utilisation for testing purposes (Test extension);
  • installation on backup server (Backup extension).

Lets us now see more thoroughly the meaning of the various extensions.

The multi-company extension allows managing companies being controlled or connected by means of one sole installation. The multi-company extension, needless to say, is highly useful to business groups or holding companies! Furthermore, activating the multi-company extension allows to activate free of charge the module for the multi-company balance management!...and there is more: in the near future, specific functionalities will be provided to all of those who will activate the multi-company extension, as for example the possibility for the companies belonging to the same group to share the masters.

The standalone extension offers the possibility of replicating the company installation on a single PC (on a notebook for example) and ensures the utilisation of the information found on the company database. The latter extension allows keeping your company always "by your side", also when disconnected from the company servers. 

The Microarea test extension offers its users a tool capable of safely managing the test installations on server (should they be virtual or physical), replicating the company installation as well as including 2 CAL floating. The test extension is particularly useful to medium-large enterprises needing to perform in depth testing before setting to production a new software version. 

The backup extension could also be called "S.O.S. extension": in fact, it ensures operative continuance also in case of the company server being blocked or out of order. The extension allows installing the exact copy (in regards of modules and CALs) of the purchased configuration on a backup server (normally turned off). Should a crash, downfall or any other type of block of the company server take place, the backup server can be activated given the fact it is already configured, and hence ready to guarantee to the entire company operative continuance.         

The extensions can be accumulated: they are not mutually exclusive.

Have you identified the extension which best suits your company or are you not yet sure of using as stated by the terms and conditions of the license agreement? Contact your Microarea Reseller referral, he will swiftly provide you with the desired answer! 

Furthermore, if you wish to receive additional information, please visit on our website the section Software Licenses FAQ.

Bulgaria: the Municipalities have now found the perfect solution

29 June 2010 by nazam


The Bulgarian market has provided highly positive outcomes in regards to the implementation of the Partner Microinvest has achieved excellent results at the 13th edition of the National Congress of Municipal Financial Specialists!

by Fabrizio Perricone 
Product Marketing Manager

Thanks to, Microarea provides the international market with a product conforming to the fiscal legislations in force in the countries where the product is distributed and, furthermore, which "speaks" the same language of the end user.

The 13th National Congress of Municipal Financial Specialists took place in Nessebar (Bulgarian resort found on the western coast of the Black Sea), from the 10th to the 12th of June. During this important event, the Platinum Partner Microinvest presented to the audience the ERP software. The presentation was included within the main theme entitled "Legal framework for expanding the municipal revenue base". The over 150 financial specialists attending the event have shown great interest, this proved by the elevate number of questions that have been addressed to the Microinvest experts before and after the event.

The European Union provides a large amount of funds for the technological innovation of the local Administrations, and this is the reason why Microinvest (following the successful presentation during the congress) is working towards implementing the management software in many Municipalities.  

The Dupnitsa Municipality is currently utilising for the accurate and effective management of its administration-accounting tasks. The Platinum Partner Microinvest has followed up step-by-step the implementation, ensuring top satisfaction to the end users.
The installed solution consists in 13 workstations, Trade Pack, Mail Connector, multi-company balance, analysis and controlling, Security and Auditing.   

Microinvest, thanks to and its highly professional personnel, has made a hit: an incisive presentation during the Congress and a successful case with the Dupnitsa Municipality: the elements needed to expand the presence of within the Bulgarian public administration are no longer missing. has shown once again to be the perfect solution for SMEs as well as for the public administrations. The synergies existing between the European Partners and Microarea allowed to be perfectly conforming to the fiscal legislations in force in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Hungary, without forgetting Switzerland and Italy of course.  

Vertical Solutions for Mago.Net: B2B...not only e-commerce

29 June 2010 by nazam

 B2B: Soluzione Verticale per Mago.<i>net</i>


The SIT Srl Platinum Partner (based in Ranica, Bergamo), leader in the creation and implementation of management vertical solutions integrated to, now introduces into the market a module that truly provides the possibility of bringing your business on-line with!

The new vertical solution "B2B for" is an undoubtedly outstanding innovation, given the fact it embraces both its structural and functional characteristics; in fact, B2B has been designed on a web platform and integrated to the ERP software, with which it shares database, masters and price and discount tables.

Hence, you can make the best out of the program whenever and wherever you wish, by using any device connected to the Internet. Furthermore, you will enjoy the confidence of working with safe and always updated information.

B2B includes a number of valid tools for its use:
Selective usability: throughout a profile creation process, the access can be allowed to three different types of users, such as agents, clients and internal users;
Catalogue: for a fast and simple research;
Basket case: to validate or annul an order;
Validation: efficient validation system of an order only if the latter can be fulfilled;
Installation: the module can be installed on a local server (also if pre-existing) in order to: gain full possession of the data in use, avoid hosting and new hardware costs, and prevent from losing system speed;
Notifications Option: a module providing automatic notifications via E-mail, capable of issuing warnings every time the order status is modified.    

Fully functional and unlimited usability: with "B2B for" you will embrace all the elements needed to maximise your business performance!

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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