Microarea Platinum Partners @ SMAU Bologna

31 May 2010 by nazam


The North-East Italian Microarea Platinum Partners are pleased to invite you to the SMAU business (the most famous Italian computer and Information Technology expo) taking place in Bologna, specifically dedicated to the SMEs. There are many reasons explaining why the exhibition is worthwhile being visited the 9th and 10th of June, including the highly interesting Workshops and the opportunity of meeting some of the most important Microarea Platinum Partners.   

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The stand A4 will be.....attended by 6 Platinum Partners. Wednesday the 9th you will be welcomed by Giga (Padua), Treebyte (Vicenza), Tecnobiemme (Modena); Thursday the 10th by AT Informatica (Verona), Servizi IT (Verona) and Kirio (Bologna). 
You will be able to get hold of news and latest information regarding the product and meet personally some of the most professional, expert and competent Microarea Platinum Resellers. Come to experience with your own eyes the Mago.net vertical solutions developed by the Partners themselves. If you are not a Mago.net user yet, take advantage of their consultancy in order to further understand in which way Mago.net is able to increase immediately the performance profitability of your company.

If you are a user of the Microarea products, do not miss the opportunity of visiting the stand of the Microarea Platinum Partners. Apart from receiving all the information you require, at the stand you can collect (also if you are not a Mago.net user!) the “Magopad” to enliven your bureau!

Create your own pass to enter free of charge the SMAU Business Bologna 2010: register on the SMAU Website (by following the link you will find the invitation code already filled out) in order to obtain your free entrance ticket! You can download the invitation in PDF format by clicking here and using the invitation in future to create your complimentary ticket.

The exhibition will take place in the major fair centre of Bologna. The event official website contains all the details and information on how to reach the location.  

Do not miss! Be there the 9th and 10th of June, between 9.30 and 18.30, at the SMAU Business Bologna to meet the Microarea Platinum Partners...They are waiting for you! 

Bulgaria...A constantly growing market!

28 May 2010 by nazam

One of the targets that Microarea wishes to pursue is increase the number of business opportunities for its Partners and End Users.
The commitment towards reaching such goal is turned into practice also throughout the perpetual expansion in the international market.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The rendezvous which took place the 20th of May, in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), provided to many local SMEs the opportunity to uncover the high quality of the Mago.net ERP management software as well as the professional competence of the Microarea Partners.

The most important local TV channel, along with the press, provided the event with an excellent degree of visibility. The Gold Partner ACTIM from Stara Zagora (represented by the CEO Ralitsa Kulezich) and the local Chamber of Commerce planned and organised the event in every single detail, achieving an important result from an attendance point of view: 40 participating companies!
Apart from the Partner ACTIM, also the Gold Partner Magoarea (embodied by the CEO Tsvetan Kazakov) and the Microarea International Channel Manager (Réka Ujj) provided a highly significant contribute towards the successful outcome of the event.

The participants showed great interest, particularly in relation to the administrative management and manufacturing management made available by Mago.net. Greatly appreciated also the technology standing behind the product and ensuring an excellent usage experience (essential towards the productivity enhancement of each single end user), the “outward” openness offered by the TaskBuilder.net platform and Magic Link (SaaS technology), and the strong customisation flexibility guaranteed by the integrated report generator (Woorm). 

The event lasted four hours, time that has flown by with no hesitation: matter of discussion have been the importance of the ERP software for every company, and the fundamental role that the business Partner (Microarea reseller) plays by advising and implementing the customised system in each user company. The remaining time allowed providing a swift tour of Mago.net and the presentation of various “success stories” in order to match the deeds to words.

An accountant, attending the presentation, brought to the attention of everyone the fact that his job in jeopardy “due” to the atomisation and simplification that Mago.net provides to the administration management! Clearly the latter was said “for a laugh”, but still it helps to demonstrate just how much the support that Mago.net provides to all the company departments has been understood and appreciated

The Stara Zagora Chamber of Commerce website provides the possibility to view the article regarding the event jointly with the video broadcasted on TV... all of which obviously in Bulgarian!

Mago.Net 3.1 SP1 is now available in the download area!

21 May 2010 by nazam

 Mago.<i>net</i> update

News for all Mago.net users: the Service Pack 1, for the 3.1 release, is now ready for download

by Fabrizio Perricone -
Product Marketing Manager

Microarea has issued the very first service pack for the 3.1 release of Mago.net

The update, other than ensuring a superior experiencing of the program, introduces several new features, a couple of which specifically addressing the Italian market.
To uncover all the details regarding the 3.1.1, visit now the download area!

In order to access the download area, you need to have subscribed the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.). Should your M.L.U. be inactive, you can find out all about the new functions, included in the Service Pack, by visiting the introductory page found in the download area.
Avoid losing the opportunity of being always up to date with the most recent legislative provisions and regulations. Increase the productivity of your company by taking advantage of the new available functions. Call the Microarea International Sales Department to receive further information regarding the M.L.U. service!

The Service Pack 1 can be installed as upgrade of the 3.1: the currently installed release does not need to be uninstalled. If your Mago.net version is older than the 3.1, you need to uninstall the program (only on the server) and hence run the setup of the 3.1.1. The client PCs will update the first time they launch Mago.net: no human intervention is needed...it is totally automatic!

Nu uita niciodata sa ceri asistenta vanzatorului tau autorizat Microarea atunci cand doresti sa efectuezi actualizarea Mago.net: bazeaza-te pe competenta si experienta lui profesionala si astfel vei fi in mod sigur intotdeauna la curent cu toate schimbarile!

The 3.x generation of Mago.Net: a rock-solid reality

3 May 2010 by nazam

The release 3 of Mago.net is increasingly expanding: the number of installations is experiencing a constant growth not only in the number of new end users, but also in regards of the substitution (upgrade) of the 2.x already being installed.

The benefits are undoubtedly evident: updating is beneficial!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager 


Mago.net 3.x (now 3.1) proves to be a well-balanced, high-quality performing and innovative product. This is blatantly demonstrated by the many companies which previously used the product release 2.x, and that currently have chosen to benefit from the outstanding new features available in the new main release of the ERP management software “made in Microarea”.

By simply having subscribed the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.) service, you can enjoy all the benefits provided by the upgrade to Mago.net 3.1! Should your M.L.U. not be active, call the Microarea International Sales Department in order to make sure that your Company takes full advantage of all the updates that Microarea regularly issues so as to provide legislative modifications and growingly flexible and powerful functionalities capable of enhancing your Company’s productivity.

Uncover the benefits offered by the new aspects brought about by Mago.net 3.x.

Before updating your Mago.net, please remember to consult your Microarea Reseller referral.

"GO EAST"... Microarea attends the Eastern Virtual Fair

3 May 2010 by nazam

Microarea has attended the first ever IT world Virtual Fair to be organised in Hungary. Great interest, many contacts and countless number of new business opportunities for the entire Microarea Community.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager


Mago.net has once again shown to be ready to the challenge the foreign market, also thanks to its brilliant functional and linguistic localisation.

The Szoftverbörze fair took place between the 17th to the 19th of March: three days during which the stand was firmly in the “hands” of Reka Ujj (Microarea International Channel Manager) and of the IT Ware staff (our Hungarian Partner).

By attracting over 12000 visitors, the fair has revealed itself as a prestigious showcase, capable of uncovering Mago.net to the wide range of operators of the Hungarian IT field.

The Microarea stand experienced the presence of over 300 visitors, many of which have attended the “live” presentations. The international market is indeed receptive and the Mago.net management software (strongly established in Italy) is gradually increasing its presence in interesting market slices also beyond the Italian national boundaries.

Microarea has developed functional adjustments in order to make Mago.net perfectly conforming to the legislations in force in the nations where it is distributed (Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Switzerland).

The fair also included a “beauty contest” having the various stands as participants: and, Ladies & Gentlemen, the winner was...Microarea !!!

Please find hereunder the link to the fair website (available all year long) where the banner flash, created solely for this happening, can be found: http://metanet.hu/?page_id=55 ...in case of difficulties with the Hungarian language, we advise you to utilise an automatic translation tool (e.g. the Google Toolbar).

Furthermore, an interesting article regarding the Microarea and Mago.net “universe” is available for you in the virtual newspaper of the fair.

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