Astonishing new features in the new Mago.Net 3.1 release.

15 April 2010 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> update

Microarea updates your ERP management software!
Loads of new features in the 3.1 new release of uncover the advantages available to your Company.

By Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

You can download the new release of simply by having subscribed the M.L.U. service! Please remember to request the help of your Microarea Reseller to install the 3.1: highly qualified and specialised personnel capable of managing your upgrade in the best possible way.
Whatever the core business of your Company is, the 3.1 release is ready to offer numerous new features to enhance immediately the profitability to your Company! Please find hereunder a list highlighting a number of these features:

• Factoring management (Financials area)
• Inspection Management regarding the production receipt and issue (manufacturing area)
• Rebuild of Inventory balances on best performances (logistics area)
• Greater responsiveness of the Web interface (Easylook)
• Simplified access to the Microarea website from thanks to the committed links
• Significant increase in the XGate and MagicLink performance

It is diminishing indeed to mention such few new aspects, when there are over 50 of them ready to be used! Discover them all by reading the release note!

The Microarea Live Update Service is the key to access the Download area of the Microarea portal and download straight away the new release of!
Verify as soon as possible, with your Microarea Reseller, the possibility to install the new release .

Did you not subscribe the M.L.U. but still wish to update your
Find out how by calling now the Microarea International Sales Department!

The international success stories with Mago.Net

2 April 2010 by nazam



Microarea desires to provide growing voice and exposure to its End Users. This is the reason why, long ago, the company decided to create (in the Portal’s public area) an advertisement showcase.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The success stories (or case history, if you wish) allow companies to advertise themselves directly in the Microarea Website’s public area: a fine advertising of charge!

The Partner can directly publish, on the Microarea Portal, his End User’s success story, statements and announcements. Furthermore, he can make the case history available in PDF format, hence easy to download and print by anyone interested! This is a highly valuable advertisement tool for both the End User and the Partner!

Microarea ensures (in all nations were is satisfactorily employed) the possibility to publish the “stories” either in the local language, or in any of the languages available on the Portal (Italian, English, Romanian, Polish, and in the short term also Bulgarian and Hungarian).

In the Italian Portal you can already find over 10 success stories, some of which also available on the International (English speaking) website. Microarea recently has extended the possibility to issue the case history also in Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian language, thus creating an even greater audience for your company’s promotion!

Check with your Partner the possibility to create a success story and see your name published on the Microarea Website!

Vertical and industrial solutions for also multilingual!

2 April 2010 by nazam

 multilingual solutions for Mago.<i>net</i>

Microarea is able to offer, thanks to its highly skilled and qualified Partners, an extremely wide range of vertical solutions in order to provide for the specific needs of the commercial and industrial environment, and satisfy the requirements of the service companies.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager is an ERP software, designed to be complete and modular and consequently able of offer the perfect management solution for all the Italian and foreign SMEs.

Microarea relies on its experienced network of Partners (presently in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria) to offer solutions integrated with, and specifically created to address the requirements of companies operating in the most diverse merchandise sectors.

The Microarea Partners possess all the tools crucial to cover the specific needs of their End Users. This is thanks to’s structure, open to the Web Services (software in Software as a Service “SaaS” form). Also, thanks to, Microarea’s platform for the development, in C++ language, of integrations on, and, last but not least, thanks to Magic Link which offers the possibility to create customisations in the language chosen by the developer, as well as to communicate with by means of the Web Services.

More than 50 solutions, developed by the Platinum Partners, are available in the Solution’s Showcase for

Microarea’s importance within the international market is in constant growth. Consequently, the company decided to provide the solution Showcase with all the languages in which the Portal is accessible (other than Italian and English, now also Romanian and Polish are disposable, while Hungarian and Bulgarian will be available very shortly). This will allow the Italian Partners (who wish to expand their business in those countries in which is already established) to benefit from a greater exposure, and at the same time ensure to the foreign Partners a stronger and closer relationship with their local market.

Uncover the integrations developed by the Microarea Partners, you might find an extra help towards “slimming” down and making your work more effective! Click here to access the Solution Showcase for!

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