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25 February 2010 by fperricone

 Consigli per gli acquisti su misura

Microarea aims to provide its Users and Partners with useful information and tools to help them better manage their business. The Portal is a handy work tool that continues to evolve!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The Microarea Portal is continuously evolving to meet the needs of its End Users.

A new tool to satisfy the most demanding and inquisitive users, as well as an interesting analysis tool is available in the End Users’ Private Area.

Thanks to the new page in the Installed Products section (Reserved Area | My profile), you can discover which other modules have been purchased by other businesses using who have the same product configuration as you! An interesting buyer’s guide!

A histogram shows the percentages of users who, in addition to having your same configuration, have purchased a particular module. You can further refine your analysis using a filter on the macro-category and sub-category of goods: discover which modules have been activated by businesses operating in your sector!

If you’re a Microarea products User, create your login immediately to access the Reserved Area and take advantage of all the services Microarea makes available to you.

Click here to create your login: it only takes 90 seconds!

Microarea Portal makes it 6!

25 February 2010 by fperricone

 Portale Microarea poliglotta

The global market is increasingly restive: new contacts, new business opportunities, new partnerships. Microarea is now multi-lingual, reaching out to its many markets!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Our increasingly enhanced presence in Bulgaria, Poland, Rumania, Switzerland and Hungary has urged Microarea to...make it 6!

In addition to Italian and English the Microarea Portal is now also available in Rumanian and Polish. And very soon we’ll be adding Bulgarian and Hungarian versions!

The Microarea Portal has always spoken two languages: Italian and English. Maintaining content in two languages constantly aligned is an important mission for us, offering businesses north of the Alps the opportunity to get to know Microarea and ERP

Microarea wants to further increase its presence in countries in which it is already a solid business reality, providing its End Users, Partners and simple Contacts a vital benchmark to help them keep constantly up-to-date on product innovations, while allowing them to get to know and make the most out of the functions provided by modules, and much much more!

Keeping content on the Portal up-to-date in six languages is undoubtedly a daunting task, but the advantages provided by the increased visibility will widely pay back the effort required.

The website "new" languages will allow Microarea to be easily reachable via Google searches and using other search engines in "reference countries", enhancing visibility for the entire Microarea Community, formed by its Partners and Users, and obviously by Microarea!

Never made use of the function for viewing the Microarea website in a language other than the preset language? It’s simple: use the drop-down menu in the top right corner and choose a country!

Annual VAT and F24: Mago.Net keeps you up-to-date!

25 February 2010 by fperricone

 Aggiornamento per Mago.<i>net</i>

New regulatory measures: annual VAT and F24 return services available to users! Microarea keeps you up-to-date and informed by continuously adapting its Products to the latest regulatory legislation in record time!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

With the new Service Pack, Microarea adapts your to the latest regulatory measures as related to your annual VAT and F24.

To immediately update your to the latest regulatory legislation, simply register to the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.) service, or use in Pay per Use mode!

The Service Pack 2 of 3.0 is an important product update which, in addition to providing other improvements, contains a revised F24, as requested by resolution no. 395/E dated 28 December 2007, adapting the annual VAT data report.
Moreover the new Intrastat management for services is already present and it is based on the draft documentation released by official organism.  As soon as possible Microarea will release a new update in order to grant the complete compatibility to the official documentation published after the Service Pack 2.

Microarea constantly monitors regulatory legislation in countries where is already used by numerous businesses: for Bulgaria the VAT ledgers have been updated, as requested by recent changes in its VAT legislation.

Thanks to the M.L.U. service, you can now update your system by downloading the Service Pack from Microarea’s website (Reserved Area | Download Products). Microarea recommends contacting your Microarea Retailer, whose experience and technical knowledge will help you update your as smoothly as possible, guaranteeing the security provided by a professional, which translates into security for your business data and a viable timetable for returning to normal operating conditions.

Don’t waste any more time: contact your Microarea Retailer to check on the possibility of updating your system!

Haven’t yet subscribed to M.L.U. but want to update your
Contact Microarea by e-mail at to find out how!

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