Microarea has been blocking its prices... since 2005!

24 December 2009 by fperricone

Microarea blocks M.L.U. price

Microarea has decided not to ask the ISTAT (national statistics institute) increase for the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) service for the fifth year running: a tangible action to demonstrate how attentive it is to end customer needs.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager


 The last adjustment is labelled 2005! 2010 is therefore the fifth year running where Microarea is not going to ask its end customers for an adjustment to the M.L.U. fee. Considering the particularly critical economic time, even though slowly recovering, Microarea wanted to tangibly demonstrate its nearness to all the firms satisfactorily managing their business thanks to Mago.net. The thousands of firms keeping the M.L.U. service active are guaranteed with total protection for their investments in ERP software, being able to count on the continual updating released by Microarea to keep Mago.net in line with the normative changes and, also, to improve and increase the latter functions put at disposal. All this signifies numerous benefits for the User for them to manage their corporate business in an increasingly accurate, rapid and secure manner.

The 3.0 release is the latest updating free of charge made available by Microarea: almost 130 innovations, 60 of which in the ERP field (from accounting to manufacturing) and the same number in the systems field (as an example: the complete WEB interface for using Mago.net directly with a browser also via Internet). Many of the numerous management innovations have been developed specifically for the Italian market, others for the foreign market (Microarea operates in Bulgaria, Poland, Rumania, Switzerland and Hungary) and still more valid for both the domestic and international markets.

The updating to make Mago.net conform with the new legislative measures for Intrastat management (EEC Directives 2008/8/EC and 2008/117/EC) will be available shortly. This normative updating will also be available for all the Users with active M.L.U.

The M.L.U. once again confirms its strategic importance for the over 18,000 businesses using Mago every day; Microarea continues to block the cost of fees at a time when everyone is making an effort to recuperate profitability where possible: this signifies quality and attention to the effective needs of our end users.

Vertical solutions: Business Analysis for Mago.Net

24 December 2009 by fperricone


Q2Net: Business Analysis for Mago.<i>net</i>

Apart from depending on productive efficiency and sales ability, the competitiveness of a business concern is also influenced by the quality of its management, economic and financial control, market strategies, technological innovations, flexibility meaning adaptability to changes (Michael Porter, marketing expert).

With Q2.Net, DATA becomes INFORMATION at a click: this is the motto of the solution developed by Quasar Sistemi Srl (Microarea Gold Partner).

With Q2.Net, Users in any commodity sector can analyze, verify and operate the data in Mago.net, and in other databases, to take prompt strategic decisions, without having to build up tedious fatiguing DataWarehouse! All this thanks to the QlikView associative technology, with an extremely low Time to Market and a simple, intuitive and rapid process!

With Q2.Net — Business Analysis you can:

  • Analyze the turnover of one or more customers (even all of them), in the selected period and also by line in the document, grouping up the data by Customer Category, Article Category (Commodity, Homogenous, Article Type, Producer, Product Category, Product Sub-category);

  • Calculate the Gross Contribution Margin (GCM) on the lines of Asset Cycle documents, condensing it by customer or by asset classification;

  • Analyze corporate Costs, final and estimated;

  • Determine the Corporate Operating Results, period-wise;

  • Conduct “What if” analysis on Corporate Management Costs;

  • Immediately draw up a Budget starting from effective corporate data and adjusting the value of the Turnover and/or desired Contribution Margin or the desired management Cost;

  • Analyze the economic incidence of the revenue and payment periods also by individual customer or supplier;

  • Export all the visualized data in Excel, Txt, Pdf format;

  • Publish and consult the data on web platform;

  • Manage safety and access to data;

  • Process more than 500 million cells in 2 Gigabytes of Ram memory!!!/span>

    With Q2.Net — Business Analysis the addresses and personal details of customers and suppliers can be georeferenced by the Users through Google Map API or similar, allocating information taken from Mago.net to them (e.g. turnover).

    Q2.Net — Business Analysis is also a simple dynamic reporting tool (printing dependent on what has been selected) thus avoiding having to draw up numerous static reports.

    Q2.Net — Business Analysis is therefore an integrated tool for analysis and surfing the data in Mago.net, capable of creating corporate instrument panels and reports in a very short time.

    With Q2.Net — Business Analysis you can work without the risk of erroneous changes in the data and without occupying management workstations.

    The Q2.Net solution is already available also for the latest Mago.net release: the 3.0!

    Visit the area reserved at the Microarea site in the Solutions for Mago.net section for more information on the vertical developed by Quasar Sistemi Srl: you will find all the references needed.

The talk in the Microarea Community: VAT Plafond and Mago.Net 3.0

4 December 2009 by fperricone

 The Forum of the Microarea COmmunity by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The Microarea Community Forum is now a place where experiences, hints, tips and ideas take form: the Mago.net user, the Partners and Microarea all of us participate in the success of the Community! Join in now!
     A Mago.net user opened a topic about the usage of the VAT plafond and the management of the plafond in Mago.net. Our user presented the case of who receives the invoice from supplier on the next month of the delivery note and he points out a problem of reconciliation of plafond data. He asked how that situation has been tackled from other users.

The answer to the request of the user came directly from a person of Microarea that remarked that in the Release 3.0 of next exit (the post is prior to 20 November 2009) is available an improved plafond management. Furthermore, the Microarea personnel explained the feature and implemented functionality.

The user has very interested in the new release of Mago.net and he asked for the availability of Mago.net 3.0.

An article in the MicroareaNews blog has been reported in order to answer to user.

The excellent news is that the user that opened the topic, thanks to the M.L.U. service subscription, he can both enjoy of the Microarea Community Forum and he can download the 3.0 of Mago.net for free!

The Microarea Live Update service allows you to be sure of being always up-to-date and to benefit of all the improvements that Microarea makes periodically available. Furthermore you have access to the Microarea Community where you can get the answers to your doubts, questions and curiosities and you can provide your ideas to improve your Mago.net!

If you want to read the entire topic about the VAT plafond directly on the forum, click here (in Italian language) and you will access to that thread (you need to log-in). You will find many other interesting discussions related to the world of Mago.net.

Add-on for Mago.Net: the advanced management of credit

4 December 2009 by fperricone

 Exposure management with Mago.<i>net</i> and K-Fidi

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager  

The credit management presents in Mago.net allows you to consider some of the innumerable parameters, which in some cases it is necessary to consider before proceeding with the acceptance of an order rather than the delivery of the goods. Thanks to the solution K-Fidi by Kirio Srl (Microarea Platinum Partner) the management is extended to guarantee a greater flexibility and control of the conditions of exposure.

      The motto used by Kirio for its solution K-Fidi is "better safe than sorry": the motto is particularly right in a moment economic that it lasted for several months and that sharpens the sensitivity of the companies in the management of credit to customers.

The K-Fidi module allows you to block an order to customer during the issuing if it detects the overcoming of the constraints on exposures. The blocked order will not be available for the delivery on delivery notes or accompanying invoices until it is authorized to unblock it under administrative password.

Thanks to some reports the state of those orders can be managed and through a suitable procedure it is possible to unlock some orders to be treated with the usual procedures in Mago.net.

It is possible to insert the parameters which govern the functioning of the module in a fast and independent way, thanks to a tab in the customers master that shows the four fields that determine the exposure given to the customer on four separate criteria:
  • block on a single order
    block exposure on total orders to be delivered
  • block exposure on turnover not collected
  • block exposure on total
The parameter "days for effects" indicates how many days after the date of collected payment through bank check, it can be considered not more subject to cancellation; this parameter affects only on the calculation of exposure on overall viewing even to be collected the receivable presented to bank.

"Thanks to K-Fidi we always have under control the level of credit granted to customers, we can decide how much  expose our Company to customers" Michele Cicognani CEO of ACP group S.r.l. says.

The salient features of K-Fidi may be summarized in the following points:
  • limit the maximum amount of the single order
  • maximum amount on customer orders when these are to be invoiced and they are not still collected
  • overall parametrizable exposure
  • exposure management with control on bank check
In order to know the solution in detail and to download the brochure of K-Fidi, you can visit the Microarea website in the area "Solutions for Mago.net" (in Italian language): click here to go directly there.

At the moment the solution is available for Mago.net 2.x, but, thanks to the simplicity of the porting to 3.0, the Platinum Partner Kirio will be able to offer its solution compatible with Mago.net 3.0 in a short time.

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