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26 November 2009 by fperricone

Upgrade to Mago.<i>net</i> 3.0 for free!

di Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager 3.0 is the natural evolution of release 2.13: update it without problems and we guarantee you a modern, high performance product with improved ergonomics and with the capacity to contribute towards radically increasing the Business’ productivity. 

How much these introduced innovations on 3.0 would cost you? ZERO! Yes, you understand it correctly: zero, in fact by subscribing to Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.), downloading the new release is entirely free of charge!

Remember that from 9 November, the Candidate version of the new release is available for Microarea Partners. From Friday 20 November, the final version will be ready for downloading both by Partners and Users, again by the ones having their M.L.U. service active.

You still haven’t subscribed to M.L.U. or your M.L.U. has expired? Contact Microarea straight away to discover that it’s really worthwhile having your updated and aligned with legislation in force!

If you’re not sure whether you have subscribed to M.L.U., enter the Reserved area of the Microarea Portal (follow the simple instructions given in this site if you don’t have entry credentials), after you will find the information you’re looking for in “My Profile”.

Remember that it is important to always contact your Microarea dealer before completing any software updates.

With Microarea, always on the cutting edge!

26 November 2009 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> 3.0 is compatible with Windows 7!

 by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Microarea, always on the alert for the latest technological solutions useful for increasing the productivity of each single user, was awarded the compatibility “stamp” for the new Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. Standardizing and simplifying the setup process played an essential part in reaching this important result. It also staked on the Wiki technology to furnish a new flexible Help line.

Are you planning to buy a new PC or update your operating system to Windows 7 but you’re afraid that can’t keep up with you? Don’t worry! Microarea is always in step with the times: as a Microsoft Partner, Microarea had have a chance of testing the latest Windows 7 way before it was put onto the market; this offered the possibility to carry out all the necessary controls to be able to boast the compatibility before the product came out.

Standardizing the installation itself is an important factor for guaranteeing maximum reliability and eliminating the risk of incompatibility: standard components, recommended by Microsoft, provide the assurance of having the maximum compatibility. The server setup is now entrusted to an “msi” package (the Microsoft standard for setups for any type of application). The client setup is set to the Microsoft ClickOnce application: simple, effective and above all, it’s reliable! has always been committed to support and use the latest technologies; Wiki is the key word for a flexible, complete and simple management of the immense library of know-how available at user’s disposal. The new Help & Information Center is developed exactly on Wiki technology (the one also used by Wikipedia just to get the idea). An on line Help is always updated due to the fact that it’s on line, direct links to the e-learning library of Microarea University make it a modern and simple Help instrument without stopping its content evolvement. The Help & Information Center “contributors” are currently personnel of Microarea, but in the nearest future Partners and End-users may also give their contribution to make it increasingly complete.

"Classic" or web interface…they are just the same!

26 November 2009 by fperricone

Easylook: the complete web interface!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Have you ever thought about how useful it could be to have your office always in your pocket? 3.0 offers the solution for you: the Web Easy Look interface was enhanced by data entries, automatic procedures (batches) and obviously reporting. Can you imagine that your entire and complete configuration fits in an Internet browser?! 3.0 was also improved in the ergonomics of its interface in Windows environment.

You can use the entire functionalities of Mago from your favorite browser once you have the Easy Look module on your installed 3.0. Either connect through the corporate network or through any other Internet connection: you can always be connected to your Business data… and you can also use it, open a new session or edit an already inserted data apart from the already well-known “looking, analyzing and controlling” functionality! The Ajax technology, used in creating WEB interface application, renders the user experience reactive, rapid, and practically gives the same performance as the one offered by the “classic” interface.

Our Easy Look module supports the most common browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. from now on has multi-platform thanks to the complete WEB interface offered by Easy Look: If you are at home, open Safari from your Mac and have access to your Business information and data controlled and managed by in just a few second!

The oldest PCs are no longer in service due to the available “heavy” applications in Windows environment on the market. Gain great benefits by using 3.0’s new WEB interface: no need to install special applications just to have a browser! We guarantee no heavy processes on the client’s side …therefore your old PC will be as good as any new!

The access to the work session is protected by user name and password and it acts according to any of the functional limits, that have been set previously, through the Security Lite / Security module.

Microarea has also thought about improving the ergonomics of the user interface in the “classic” modality. The “container window” of the main menu hosts the opened masters, reports, batch process in function. There is a sheet in the “container window” for each open window in function. It’s easy to use, to be always on the top!
Have you got an HD monitor or two monitors connected to your PC? Well then, “free vision” would be the best solution for you: with this modality you can “unhook” the windows one from the another and enable to visualize each master/window, report or batch wherever you want to! Just think about to open and analyze the GANTT diagram on one screen, while on another one, open a graphical visualization of the bill of material to be produced. Or on one screen have a look at the balance sheet while thanks to the second screen you can operate on accounting transactions. An increased productivity and efficiency is guaranteed! Try this handy system and you will never be able to do without it.

You can keep all the functions in use under control through the multiple window visualization and the window “carousel”… with an eye to the refined aesthetic aspect.

Part-time or shift workers as Mago.Net Users: CAL Floating is the solution!

26 November 2009 by fperricone

CAL Floating: a new concept for client licenses

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager 

Microarea has endowed all the 3.0 Editions with an important feature which until now had been the sole prerogative of Enterprise Edition: the concurrent Licenses!

The flexibility that distinguish enables to manage Businesses of varying nature, and now it is also extended to provide flexibility on Licensing: the new CAL Floating is available for all the Editions on 3.0. Thanks to the new CAL (Client Access License) type, allows the software to be used by more than one user at the same site but limits the number of simultaneous users to the number of licenses purchased. As soon as one user closes the application the CAL is released and becomes available for another user.

CAL Floating can also be used for multiple access to sessions by using the same User Name (a Cal Floating is obviously required for each session). This important behavior gives you the chance of entering in two companies at the same time or in the same company but on different fiscal years.

Increase the profitability of your business: discover 3.0!

26 November 2009 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> 3.0 to increase the profitability of your business!

 by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

It’s time to evolve! Install the new Milestone Release of straightaway and enjoy the immediate benefits on your business ROI. 3.0 guarantees a far better user experience and increased users’ productivity than the one offered by the last 2.X release family. Moreover on the numerous product improvements released in all functional areas, from accounting to production, It assures a great increase in the performance of each business process.

3.0 offers you a state-of-the-art at 360°: the experience “look and feel” has been renewed and became much more effective. It’s maximizing the performance of the newest hardware elements without giving hard time to the older ones. It also supports Windows 7, the freshly launched operating system of Microsoft, however it still enables you to use any kind of operating system even through remote, thanks to the new web interface of the software!

Do you think that your PC become obsolete comparing to this new technology? Thanks to the web interface even the oldest PCs can be used as work stations, practically without any functional limits: therefore all, reports, data entry forms, automatic procedures (batches), available on hand in your favorite browser! 3.0 could be installed at any type of hardware environment right to the end, from the latest to the oldest ones, thanks to the multithreading. It guarantees that the hardware environment is exploited to perform on the best and maximum level under any type of conditions. For example, if we try to open more than one reports on one work station at the same time, there is no more QUEUES and endless waiting time, as it happened before on the previous release family. It’s definitely a time-saving functionality, and as everybody knows, time is money!

You have just read only a tiny part of the latest developments, what Microarea offers you without any additional costs by updating your to the release 3.0! Were these few lines sufficient for you to be impatient to have 3.0 on your PC, but you are still afraid of exorbitant updating costs? Shouldn’t be worried: To download 3.0 and update your current release won’t cost you a penny. It is enough to be subscribed to the Microarea Live Update service and to open an End-user account on our website! Read further our newsletter and discover the freshly introduced major functions in this new release.

More than 60 improvements from Financials to Manufacturing!

25 November 2009 by fperricone

 More than 60 ERP improvements

 by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager 3.0 is really a new “NOT TO MISS” release: a leap forward technology and ergonomics, increased productivity for your company thanks to numerous innovations in our ERP solution. Let’s see all the major implementations in the three main areas: Financials, Logistics and Manufacturing. Don’t forget, all is for FREE at your disposal!: the Users that have subscribed to the Microarea Live Update (M.L.U.), starting from November 20th can download the new release without any costs!

In the Financials area many new features cover the Italian needs but many other features are implemented for everybody or for specific country. The accruals / deferrals are automatically managed even those pluriennial! It is enough to indicate an end date of the fruition after the close of the current year and will automatically charge each period in the proper manner.
Now on the balances of customers / suppliers and financial accounts from asset written in Forecast Accounting can be carried over into the new year just as happens for the actual account balances. A very useful feature for Italians it is the check of a VAT number: 3.0 offers the possibility to check if the VAT number provided is valid and exists. Thanks to a special link in the contextual menu in the field where you entered the VAT, you can connect to the service provided by the Internal Revenue Service and you know immediately if the data is valid: comfortable, quick and foolproof!

In the Logistics area is interesting to know that thanks to a new parameter, you can make mandatory the inclusion of an item code that exists in our inventory master; this function is present for sales and purchase documents and for inventory transactions. It helps to manage the inventory at the best. Sometimes the quantities in stock and the value of the stock are affected by the presence of articles and / or movements without unit of measure: now you can avoid this unfortunate situation by enabling the automatic control that checks whether the article has a valid unit of measure and if the one used in the movement is available for the item (such as the derived unit of measure). In 3.0 has been extended the control / block for documents that decrease the quantity in storage if the quantity available is not sufficient or lead the safety stock in each deposit, obviously all things are completely configurable. In order to always control the actual stock level on the single deposit, that information is integrated in the dropdown box associated with the insertion of the item code. Interesting news in the sales force management: the ability to manage sales peolple and area manager on individual branches in the customer master (Other locations), it offers greater adaptability to more varied management of sales force. In order to conclude the quick selection of news in Logistics area, I would like to mention the renewed inventory correction procedure that allows the simultaneous analysis of lots and locations: a great saving of time and greater control, guaranteed!

In the Manufacturing area was introduced several innovations, really hard to mention in few lines considering the importance. Let's see some of them. E.C.O. for experts of manufacturing is certainly a familiar acronym, it stands for Engineering Change Order and it allows to manage in a controlled manner, thanks to an appropriate work-flow, the changes to be made to the structure of a bill of materials for both of processing and materials. 3.0 allows a refined and rigorous management of the process of ECO through the introduction of appropriate forms, procedures and dedicated reports. Manufacturing management is undoubtedly a complex issue: the adoption of the Kanban method can greatly simplify the management of the repetitive productions (the method was introduced for the first time by Toyota). In 3.0 provides a simple management of the "tag" that allows you to work through this mode. The possibility to decide whether to buy or produce certain components of a statement is normal practice in the manufacturing world that takes the name of Make or Buy. Again 3.0 implements everything necessary to manage in a simple but precise way the "phenomenon" of the Make or Buy. The GANTT was renovated: a new component with more modern look and improved usability has replaced the "old" OCX component. The possibility of including in the BOM the components with fixed quantity, will be useful to many production situations.

These are just some of the improvements introduced on the "ERP side" in 3.0: on November 20th , the new release will be available for download and you will discover all the many news releases by downloading the documentation from the Download Products on the Microarea Portal. In order to access this area you need a login and you have to subscribe to the M.L.U. service. If you do not have your login, access the Private area and, at the request of credentials, follow the simple instructions.

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