Mago for Italy's Abruzzo region

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The mobilization to help the earthquake victims of Abruzzo is remarkable. 

Microarea and Tecnobiemme (Italian Platinum Partner) have been provided a "technological help" to Civil Protection and Fireman to solve the problem of stocking the all the things collected in the rubble.

Thanks to Mago and the customizations made by Tecnobiemme, the picking and the classification of the goods is done applying a label on each object: the type of object, the status, the owner are printed on the label.

The operator in the repository uses terminal unit connected to the Mago database to specify the location of each object.

Mago provides useful statistics about objects stored in the repository and it allows to immediately know where an object is located.

At the moment of giving an object to the owner, thanks to the use of the terminal unit connected with Mago it is possible to recover an object in seconds. Before to consign the object to owner a report is printed and it must be signed by the owner himself.

Just an help to assist all the people that everyday works for Abruzzo's people.