Service Pack 1 for Mago.Net 2.13

19 June 2009 by fperricone

 Service Pack 1 for Mago.<i>net</i> 2.13

 by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Service Pack 1 for 2.13: upgrade now!

Service Pack 1 for 2.13 is available in the Download area.

Thanks to your M.L.U. you can update your Mago to the new version. Discover all the news downloading the documentation available in the download area.

All the update are "cumulative": you can upgrade from every release to 2.13 SP1 without the intermediate step. Try the I.S.U. (Internet Software Update) service to download and, if you want, install the new version!

You have to use the WebUpdater 2.13 to install the new Service Pack.

In the presence of vertical customizations, contact your dealer before upgrade your

Mago.Net 2.13 released!

8 June 2009 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> 2.13 released! 

 by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager is always evolving, integrating new and useful features that improve the performance of your job: think that the release 2.13 offers 80 new implementations!

The whole benefits from the improvements introduced by 2.13. Let’s see together some of the main news!We are starting from the Financials area: two new procedures allow very fast and accurate revaluation of the accounts in foreign currency and payables/receivables in foreign currency by providing the currency and the fixing to be used, with the possibility to choose interactively which accounts or payment revaluate.
Hyperlinks was added in all the reports of payment schedules with the possibility to open the data-entry of payables/receivables with a simple double click…this feature is really amazing!
The Logistics area benefits of many improvements, let’s see some of them. It's now possible to see a preview of the e-mail that you are about to send to a client when you save a sales document and, if you want, you can change all of the characteristics of the e-mail! The ability to send a document via e-mail to the client is now easier than ever: a new button is born in the data-entry of sales documents, it allows you to send the document via e-mail without the need to enter in edit mode. Definitely a good time-saver and moreover it eliminates the possibility of unwanted changes to the document.
About the eco-contribution WEEE is now possible to specify the amounts related to the categories for periods of validity: it is certainly very useful to set the values for future periods including the variation of the same, also prevents the modification Documents referring to different periods see unintended variation in the amounts of eco-contribution.
A new batch procedure allows to process the picking list very quickly and easily, it automatically generates accompanying documents.
Let's take a quick excursus in the Manufacturing area.
A feature that improves the elasticity of the first step of the production process to generate the Manufacturing Order with only selected rows of a production plan.
Now the scrap from production can maintain the link with the lot that generated the request for production (MO), which can further improve the analysis of production costs per job.
To ensure a more sophisticated analysis, the MRP can avoid to use of certain storages of production: it is sufficient to set a flag in the storages master!

To end the brief tour of the improvements of release 2.13, I wish to mention an implementation on the Platform: it is now possible to specify a document starting automatically. In practice runs the document as soon as it starts.

I would also indicate the presence of several improvements developed for the foreign market that could be interesting to those who have branches abroad or want to approach the international market by managing its business with

To discover all the news about 2.13 for both your and foreign market, download the release notes from the download area on our website.

To install 2.13 please download and install the new WebUpdater 2.13.

How can you benefit from all the implementations of release 2.13? Simple: the M.L.U. service is enough!
Thanks to Microarea Live Update you can download and install the release and service pack that Microarea periodically releases. Check the status of your M.L.U. by accessing the Microarea website in the Reserved area.

The M.L.U. also offers the opportunity of free access to the entire library of on-line courses on the Microarea site. For example, you can follow the updating course of the release 2.13 shows you clearly and completely the functioning of the main implementations of the new release. Do not wait any longer: sign in now to Microarea University!

In the presence of vertical solution or customizations contact your dealer before upgrade your

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