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25 February 2009 by fperricone


by Fabrizio Perricone

We know well how important is to provide courses with clear and complete content, but it is equally important to make the search of the course you want quick and easy!

The search interface and selection of courses has been improved: the possibility to select the language of the course and clarify to which countries the information in it are applied are two things that certainly improves the ergonomics of the interface.

The Microarea University is available for all our Partners and to all users with an active MLU service.
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Case History: Alkor sp.zo.o., together with Mago.Net to optimise commercial activities

17 February 2009 by szarino

 Case History: Alkor sp.zo.o., together with Mago.<i>net</i> to optimise commercial activities

by Sonia Zarino

An import company operating on top of the range swiss watch market, new needs about the optimization of purchasing, selling and data remote access processes: Mago.net has solved all problems.

Since 1999 Alkor sp.zo.o.  has been importing and commercialising prestige Swiss watches for the Polish and east European markets. Besides the commercial activities, a Customer assistance centre is being created with the objective of developing post-sales activities and technical support. 
The Company has 10 employees and an annual sales revenue of circa 3 million Euro.

The Corporate commercial activity consists of a network of agents which utilise a remote integrated application with Mago.net, allowing them to perform e-commerce type transactions over the Internet.
Some of the watches commercialised by Alkor are: “Adriatica”, “Grovana”, “Oris”, “Revue Thommen” and “Pierre Ricaud”.

The Requirements
Alicja Rybotycka Financial Manager of Alkor, explains that following a careful analysis of the Corporate business model, the requirements to be applied for the selection of software were identified which have resulted in the choice of Mago.net.

  • capacity of software to manage the forecasting processes for sales and consequent purchase orders of the goods;
  • availability of tools to analyse sales and financial trends of the Company;
  • possibility of remote access to corporate inventory data to place orders (Clients), or to re-establish spares (Suppliers).

An ulterior but important request was that of being able to find the best way to improve the effectiveness for the management of purchase orders, inventory and barcodes and at the same time minimising the creation of paperwork.

The system used previously had many limitations, including the scarce possibility of data analysis. Neither was it integrated with electronic mail or Office; this represented a considerable obstacle in terms of enriching the application with new functionalities, as well as the utilisation with external applications.

In the classic sense of word-of-mouth advertising, it was a Swiss partner of Alkor, already a Mago.net user, who recommended the product.  The positive judgement by the Partner, confirmed by some Alkor employees who had already had the opportunity of using Mago.net Easy Look at the Swiss offices,  considerably determined the final choice of Mago.net

The Solution
The configured used is that typical of a commercial company.  It includes the financial modules, commercial modules and some tools like Mail Connector and Xgate for the exchange of information and documents.
Besides the standard modules, and thanks to the use of Magic Link, integration with two independent applications developed from the platform used for Mago.net has been realised: a program for the sales force management which can be used in remote, and an e-shop program.

The Advantages
“We have optimised the management of the inventory, improved the process for accounting recording and retrieval of data.  We have also experienced considerable improvement in the financial analysis and management of commission for our agents” is the assessment of Alicja Rybotycka who concludes by saying: “On the whole Mago has improved the way we work each day in all the sectors of the Company.  It is an open and flexible solution, capable of easily being integrated with third party products.  Mago.net has a set of innovative tools that manage electronic mail and reports to keep control of the company situation  at all times”.

Configuration adopted:

Mago.net Professional Edition pw by SQL Server

• Server
• MagicLink
• Magic Documents
• Easy Look server
• XGate
• Financials
• Sales
• Inventory
• Forecast Accounting
• Sales Force Management
• Lots & Serials
• Intrastat
• Sale Orders
• Purchase Orders
• Purchases
• Fixed Assets
• Cash Management
• Mail Connector
• XGate
• 1 WEB CAL*
• 10 CAL*

*Client Access License

SP1 for Mago.Net 2.12 now available!

11 February 2009 by fperricone


by Fabrizio Perricone 

Microarea continues to make your Mago.net more performant and easy to use. The new Service Pack helps to improve the experience of use of your Mago.

If you're an end user and you have subscribed the MLU service you can immediately benefit from the innovations introduced by SP1: log in with your credentials and go to Reserved Area, section "My Updates" and download the update.

The Service Pack 1 can be installed as a "first installation" (without need to install the 2.12 before) and it can also upgrade versions of Mago.net prior to 2.12.

Please download WebUpdater 2.12.1 to install the SP1 of Mago.net 2.12.

For details of improvements in this new update, please refer to the download page in the reserved area.

In case of verticals/customizations, please contact your Microarea dealer before performing the upgrade.

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