ESL.Net, Wireless electronic labels

27 January 2009 by szarino


by Sonia Zarino

ESL.Net is a new plug-in device developed for by A&M srl (Microarea Platinum Partner) to enable you to update the prices and information about products in real time, without having to manually access these on the shelf to change the traditional paper labels.

This new application, designed an developed by Applications & Management srl, Microarea Partner Platinum, receives and instantly updates the information for definition of the goods: selling price, promotions, discount, etc.
It has been designed for the retail market and besides being used with you can also use it with the solution. It does not require any specific management for the sales point.
ESL.Net has many strong points, namely:

  1. Reduction of management costs, since it eliminates the need to daily update the paper labels;
  2. Greater efficiency, since the system provides indication of eventual errors in the transmission of information;
  3. Improved management of promotions, since it can count on a quick implementation of the change in price;
  4. “Intelligent” labels, to supply the sales staff with additional information about the products;
  5. Greater customer loyalty, by an increase in the perception of the quality of the service provided;
  6. System modularity, it can be adapted to all types of requirements;
  7. Customization of labels, in accordance with the requirements concerning information and appearance of the sales point.

ESL.Net is based on wireless technology for the transmission of information from the transmitter to the sales information system and electronic labels.
The main advantage of this system consists in the fact that no cables or expensive infrastructures are required, since the wireless technology does not require any physical connection between the transmitter and the electronic labels.
For further information please visit ous web site

Perhaps not everyone knows that...

27 January 2009 by szarino


by Fabrizio Perricone

Since this issue of the Microarea Newsletter a new survey starts: the "perhaps not everyone knows that ....". In a few lines we will give you the "pills information" relating to features extremely useful and perhaps not so much known.

Here is the first “pill”:  to see the ledger card in the original currency allows you to record transactions in foreign currency but not everyone knows that to see the ledger card in the original currency is necessary to have the synthesis balances in original currency (for example a cash account in dollars). It’s possible to enable the management of currency accounts even after operations have already registered to the account.
Also on the account in foreign currency (but also in receivables and payables in foreign currency) may be necessary to record a difference for the exchange rates at the end of the year to exhibit a more realistic amount in the balance. Please use the Microarea Community Forum to retrieve more info: exchange your experiences and obtain advice from other users!

See you on the next newsletter!

1 year with the MLU: more than 300 improvements for Italian and foreign market introduced in Mago.Net in 2008!

27 January 2009 by szarino


by Fabrizio Perricone

The Microarea Live Update is a service that lets you keep your up-to-date, use the on-line training library (totally free of charge!) and all other services available in the Microarea site.

More than 300 improvements for Italian and foreign market introduced in in 2008!
More than 100 e-learning courses always and everywhere available!
Not only changes related to law requirements but also many new features for make your work easy and efficient. Periodic updates delivered by Microarea can always be abreast with the latest technology available: improved performance and increased security are the main benefits of being always technologically up-to-date!
I’d like to mention a couple of improvements for application area among the myriad of those implemented in the past year, just to give an idea of the importance that the MLU has for the product.
In the Financials area the new module "XBRL Balance” allows for the generation of the balance in electronic data interchange format mandatory for companies in Italy that must submit the balance to the chamber of commerce, also useful for those who are not bound by law. The IBAN management is a new fundamental feature.
For the Logistics area the creation of two modules in a single year is truly remarkable! A new module allows to manage manage the WEEE contribution and another module (Quality Inspection) provides the tools to ensure adherence to specific standards of quality of products purchased from suppliers.
In the Manufacturing area a new feature allows to use XML files to import and export data of picking on manufacturing picking list and the control panel that provides a complete and flexible tool to manage the production cycle very effective!
The certification of compatibility with Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 allow to perfectly understand how Microarea is always careful to offer solutions that allow to exploit the latest technology available on the market!
Thanks to e-learning courses to users with active MLU can discover in detail every single feature of familiar with the product to maximize the results of your work, without wasting time (and money ...) to perform operations, using in a comprehensive manner, can be performed with ease and precision.
Users that subscribed the MLU service benefited in 2008 not only of all the innovations introduced in in the past year but also for new services provided for free by Microarea!
Remember that since January 12th this year the Microarea Community Forum is available. From July 1st only users with active MLU can join the community and enjoy the benefits that this new tool for sharing experiences and collaboration allows to get!
For any further information about Microarea Products and Services or to subscribe the MLU service, you can contact Microarea at or its Local Reseller Partner.

Ideas and Suggestions: your "wish list" for Mago.Net!

20 January 2009 by fperricone


by Fabrizio Perricone 

Would you like a new feature in Do you have a suggestion to make an already existing procedure more flexible?

The Microarea Partner now can put their proposals, suggestions and ideas in the new section Ideas and Suggestions in the Reserved area |
For users who are using and signed the MLU service is available a specific Forum in the Microarea Community: do not hesitate to make known your ideas and suggestions to make easier to use and even more flexible!

Microarea is always attentive to the needs expressed by its Partners and Users: imagine the satisfaction of seeing a future release of that contains what you have proposed!

Microarea Community is here, the forum to share and improve knowledge, opinions, experiences around the Microarea products and services

9 January 2009 by szarino


by Sonia Zarino

The sound of toasting and best wishes is still echoing in our ears and Microarea already has important news for its users and partners:   the Microarea Community, an online forum that, as from 12 January will enable anyone who actively participates to improve and share their knowledge of the Microarea products and services.

We talked about this with the project manager, Andrea Rinaldi, who stressed the most significant features of this new tool: “The forum has three basic objectives:

  1. To be a place to swap information where people can network and share experiences on the Microarea products and services, give and get help or just swap ideas and points of view;
  2. Become a store of experiences and knowledge of the Microarea products and services accessible to the Community and easy to use with appropriate keywords;
  3. Create added value for all the Community users with the accumulation of contributions by various participants that translates, for example into saving a good deal of time (and therefore of money!) spent searching for information or developing software.

So, the conjecture is common interest and desire to share.”

Mr. Rinaldi uses a suggestive image to simply explain the mechanism of the forum: “Imagine the forum as a large container to which each regular visitor adds even just one coin: the great thing is that because we are dealing with knowledge, the content can only grow, and the container will never be empty, however much people draw from it the knowledge collected there. Overall, the more active the community of people networking in the forum, the higher added value obtained. Furthermore, individual users get back a lot more than they give and everyone can draw great advantage from joining the forum.”

You can only access the Microarea Community after registering on the Microarea site, using the same selected credentials. Depending on your profile (partner, user, prospect), you can access diverse areas where you can initiate discussions on issues you are interested in.
“Microarea hosts the forum”, explains Mr. Rinaldi, “but it doesn’t guide the discussions: we thinks its right for the users of the service – Microarea users and partners to communicate directly with each other.
Microarea mainly acts as moderator and ensures compliance with the principles of “Netiquette”: politeness, reciprocal respect, relevance of the topics, ban on advertising etc…”

How can you enter the Microarea Community?

Here are the simple steps to take in order to join the Community:

  • If you haven’t already done so, register on the Microarea portal;
  • Access the Forum and use the same credentials to enter;
  • At this point we recommend carefully reading the Netiquette that includes the code of conduct so you always act correctly and can avoid possible “gaffes”;
  • After reading and accepting the Netiquette regulations you can start visiting the forums and access the various theme areas to suit your profile.

It’s a good rule to read what has already been written on a given topic so you don’t repeat issues that have already been covered. If there is no answer to your question, you can ask the Community for help by writing a new post. One function that could be of interest to the user is notification by email of the response published on the forum.

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