Service Pack 1 for Mago.Net 2.11: now available!

24 November 2008 by fperricone

 Mago.<i>net</i>  by Fabrizio Perricone

Today the Service Pack 1 for 2.11 was released! The main new feature is the possibility to indicate the type and the action on the element code total. Some other application enhancements are implemented.
I'd like to remind you to read the release note of the Service Pack for more information. 2.11 SP 1 could be installed with WebUpdater 2.11 as a brand new installation or as an upgrade of an already existing version.

The new Microarea Portal is now On-Line

24 November 2008 by szarino

 by Sonia Zarino

The new Microarea Portal is now On-Line with a spanking new web site that has been completely renovated from a graphics, content and usability point of view.  The idea behind this change is to establish an immediate contact with you the user.

Usability, simplicity of content, easy to navigate: just a few of the key words about this brand new Microarea web site.

This new site has been designed to furnish clear, immediate and pertinent answers to the busy users of the web.  The new Microarea Portal has been created as a set of itineraries capable of guiding the user to the information that he or she is looking for in that particular moment in time.

Final users, partners or simply anonymous visitors are accompanied through the various sections according to the choices made by menu driven options, and who can find the information required in just a few clicks of a button.

Microarea has decided to go down the road that leads to the web as the numbers supporting the design of the new portal demonstrate: 12 resources dedicated for the development, and 40% of the technical and marketing structures utilised to process the content and inherent technology.

The new portal is even richer with information and is available in different formats:
•    video, available with the click of a button according to the various navigation threads;
•    Adobe .pdf format, available to be downloaded and printed (market and product documentation);
•    video streaming (e-learning and video-courses);

To give you an idea of the wealth of the free material available on the Microarea Portal, there are 104 e-Learning training courses for you to understand Mag.Net in microscopic detail, 70 video steaming courses, 14 Promotional Training Demos and more than 200 Screenshots showing the most significant scenarios.

You can also download product brochures in .pdf format in English and Italian and other interesting novelties, sheets about successful experiences and testimonies given by the users of  These explain how the various Companies have been able to fully satisfy their management requirements thanks to the implementation of our software and support from reference partners.  

Another novelty is represented by the possibility of visitors, recognised by the site as Microarea users or partners, to interact with the site and to comment about the latest news posted in the area dedicated to companies.  However, all of you can keep updated about our products thanks to the RSS which allows you to keep your eye on the latest issues without having to navigate through the site.

In a few weeks a forum will be made available where users and partners alike will be able to interact with each other and with Microarea, to easily and quickly exchange information, opinions, ideas and observations in order to share the know-how and expertise that characterises our community.

As is normal for a web portal there are many other things in the pipeline and over the next few months additional novelties will be introduced to further enrich the content and functionality.  This is the new challenge that Microarea, together with its partners and users, is preparing to gather together and the results of which, we are absolutely certain, will not be lacking.

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