Microarea in the world

Microarea believes in the global market potential to generate new business opportunities for its partners. This is the reason why Microarea expanded into foreign markets with over 350 partners, including Brasil, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.

Hereunder please find the numbers that summarise Microarea’s success beyond the Italian boundaries:

  • Over 200 installations;
  • 60 Partners;
  • Two digit number percent increases in turnover;
  • Large number of joint-ventures between Italian Resellers and Foreign Partners to offer customised solutions.

The Mago4 ERP provides to the End User a complete multilingual support that allows him/her to use the user interface with the preferred language. Furthermore, Mago4 contains the functions localisation in order to cast itself to the different fiscal legislations while covering the typical requirements of the market in which it is installed.

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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