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Bracchi Group: a modern logistics with Kirio
“Thanks to this tool we’re able to timely deliver interesting information to the client. Information, which previously took every worker 2 hours per day to collect, compared to half an hour per month now.” Dott. Lorenzo Annoni, Chief Executive

Customer Profile

The Bracchi Group has a history, which spans over almost 100 years and is characterised by continuous growth in terms of turnover and market share. In the beginning Bracchi Srl, founded in 1928, was working in the area of transportation with three or four vehicles, while in 1968, under a new ownership change came thanks to the Annoni family and the opening towards the area of logistics. Until the year 1994 Bracchi was a mid-sized company, with an annual turnover of 20 billion Italian Liras, followed by an enormous expansion and a turnover in 2012 of 98 million Euro. The company’s headquarters are in Fara Gera d’Adda, in the province of Bergamo, where they have five warehouses; three branches abroad, in Poland and Slovakia, with vast warehouses. The company has international clients, mainly working in the areas of lifts and escalators, electro-mechanics, paper processing as well as cosmetic-pharmaceutical products.


To implement modern logistics, corresponding to the market’s requirements, the Bracchi Group had to act on the interaction between the company’s own logistics system and those of the clients. This meant keeping the procedure’s main moments under control, abstracting transport, shipping, storage from the client and improving the company's own storage procedures, the preparation of orders as well as shipping: a flow - not anymore unidirectional - implying an adequate informatics system, specialised in controlled management of logistics’ procedures - also the most complex ones - flexible and based on advanced applications, to supply the clients with modern dashboards.

Proposed solution

K-Logistic is vertically integrated with the solution proposed by Kirio (Microarea Platinum Partner), which manages the warehouse logistics Group Hounds, from receipt of goods for shipment. In particular: the reception of data streams and messages of end customers Schindler and Kone; data exchange standards applied to the second-level clients that do not include a proprietary standard; notification of abnormal events (receiving wrong messages, non-compliance ...).


K-Logistic, vertical solution integrated with proposed by Kirio (Microarea Platinum Partner), convinced the Bracchi Group mainly because of its capacity to track every step. How does K-Logistic exactly work? At the same moment the goods arrive, via the informatics system, the respective data is registered to the carrier (especially the hour of arrival) while a mission is assigned to a worker (which goods have to be unloaded, barcode-reading, positioning on the shelves). The same procedure is applied to exiting goods, with assignment on an informatics level of a mission for the worker (which goods to prepare, where taking them, etc.). Every step is monitored and registered. Therefore the Head of Logistics has the possibility to follow every single step. And this is true not just for the Head of Logistics, but also for the client. In particular the client can now control the situation via three alternatives: via a data exchange between K-Logistic and the own informatics system, with access to a preinstalled website, with requesting statistics and reports. But K-Logistic is more: it offers also the possibility to carry out an operation in so-called late configuration. Bracchi also manages around 20% of packages, which arrive unfinished and have to be prepared in product boxes with different codes. Thus the workers enter the warehouse and thanks to the data provided by K-Logistic are able to quickly and correctly pick up the right pieces on the shelves.

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