Success Stories with the ERP software Mago

Let's find out about real cases of customers who gained profit using Mago in their daily work.
Success Stories is the section where you can learn how Mago has increased efficiency in the users' jobs.

Mago is used in a wide range of applications. One of the best ways to learn about Mago and understand whether it can provide you with a solution is to see how Mago is used by others. The Case Histories here provided are a few examples. If you can't find a case study fitting your scenario, please contact us; our specialists will be able to guide you properly.

Associations and Cooperatives


Mago for a No Profit firm

The experience of managing a non-profit humanitarian organization that provides a wide range of services for the young, the handicapped and immigrants To learn more >>

Electronics industry


Argus Security: innovation and new fire prevention standards

Argus Security is a major player in the global market for fire alarm systems and relies on for the management of materials, inventory and accounting. To learn more >>

Production of professional food slicing machines

The story of a successful SME, which employs Mago.Net to improve performances and enhance efficiency. To learn more >>



Novella: excellence of the Italian Riviera since 1903

Thanks to, Novella pasta factory meets the needs of food traceability, manages the recipe through manufacturing and relies on targeted customizations made by the Partner. To learn more >>

Case study VitaminCenter

VitaminCenter srl, a leading company in the field of the distribution of nutritional supplements, adopted an advanced information system for managing logistic and administrative procedures. Kirio, the software house from Bologna, implemented the Mago.Net and K-Logistic platforms: product ... To learn more >>

Industrial meat working

Importing, processing and selling meat constitute an extremely complex and delicate chain, especially in view of the need to keep under constant control the origins of raw materials, their quality, processing and packaging To learn more >>

Furnishing & Design

F.P.M. S.R.L.

Management of revenue cycle and production

Thanks to its characteristics Mago.Net has proved to be an important partner in accompanying through its evolution an innovative and successful Company on the Italian and Overseas markets To learn more >>



Bracchi Group: a modern logistics with Kirio

K-Logistic is vertically integrated with the solution proposed by Kirio (Microarea Platinum Partner), which manages the warehouse logistics Group Hounds, from receipt of goods for shipment. In particular: the reception of data streams and messages of end customers Schindler and ... To learn more >>

Flexography stamping of packaging and wrappings for food and pharmaceutical material

The flexography stamping of packaging material for food and pharmaceuticals is carried out following a matching process of raw materials, and the manufacturing cycles can be engaged in order to produce X number of items. Having said this, each of the mentioned cycles needs to be provided ... To learn more >>



Presezzi Extrusion Group and Kirio

Manufacturing machinery for the industry K-Logistic manages warehouse logistics, from delivery following the supplier’s order to the transfer to the workshop for assembly. In particular: • Receipt of goods (raw material and components); • Transfer to sales; • Sending and receiving goods ... To learn more >>

Mago for the collectables and merchandising industry

The experience of Intercoins within the merchandising, office stationery and supplies industry, as well as the expertise regarding the Microarea solutions, has allowed the migration to Mago.Net to be completed successfully by using platform functionalities in order to reshape the company ... To learn more >>

The case of Mercury: A modern company in your pocket

A winning idea and rapid growth in terms of business. Mercury was founded seven years ago by four business partners, who decided to import gift articles from South-East Asia to sell. The headquarters are in Genoa, as is the warehouse of 4,500 square metres and the showroom, an agency has ... To learn more >>

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