Professional Lite Edition Professional Lite Edition

The accounting software for small companies operating in the services industry, trade, logistics and distribution.

The complete management of administrative, active cycle, passive cycle, inventory and logistics permits obtaining a rational organisation of the business. A flexible solution able to adapt to your changing needs.


Small retail and logistics enterprises

1-5 workstations
In-house management of the accounting cycle trading companies and basic transformation Simplified security needs

 Caption Professional Lite Edition is designed for trading companies that need a highly modular, flexible solution full of sophisticated functions that is still easy to use and maintain. Professional Lite Edition includes a wide range of modules that provide advanced management of data analysis, security, reporting via the Internet and scheduling of operations on the basis of the company programming. Professional Lite Edition offers:

  • Modular and flexible structure
  • “Intelligent" updating via the Web
  • Management of privacy of company data
  • Very high integration with MS Office for data input and output
  • Advanced reporting
  • Wide range of modules to suit all management needs
  • Multilingual support

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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