Enterprise Edition Enterprise Edition

For medium sized companies, an ERP to trace the complete strategic picture of the company: advanced management of manufacturig, administrative area, analysis and controlling, and logistics. Offers powerful data analysis tools and extended security functions.


Financial and industrial companies

More than 10 workstations

Advanced management of administrative, active, passive, logistics and production cycles
Advanced management of production and relative phases,
Management of outsourcing
Effective tools for data and reporting analysis Security requirements extended to all company sectors


SMEs owe their success on the international markets to their capacity to continuously adapt to the variations in the demand and, in general the conditions of the market they work in. Enterprise Edition is designed for them, because its flexible and modular nature enables a prompt reaction to the market fluctuations and to reposition their products and services according to the new business opportunities.

The product can trace the general strategic picture of the company management.

It offers two types of user licences (Financials CAL and Full CAL) based on the type of users who will be using the programme. A company can choose to use different types of licences to suit the needs of the different professional figures working inside it. The Financials users will have all the administrative and commercial modules, including the tools, while only the Full users will have the complete configuration available. The licences, unlike in the other versions, are concurrent, so they allow non-contemporary access by several users. Enterprise Edition offers:

  • All the functions present in the Professional version
  • New and advanced Planning functions
  • Pricing that takes into account company specialisations
  • Two types of CAL (licences) for different types of users (Financials and Full) working in the same company
  • CAL useable in "concurrent" mode

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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