Woorm: The visual report generator Woorm: The visual report generator

Woorm is an extremely powerful and flexible reporting tool, designed specifically to meet the needs of a management application and full integrated with

Reporting is definitely one of the most important functions for an ERP accounting product, and the one where customisations are most often requested.
To respond to these needs, provides Woorm (Windows Object Oriented Report Maker).

From the customer address book to the reclassified financial statements, from the price list to the production costs analysis, and the invoice…all the management reporting needs, from the simplest to the most complex, can be resolved with Woorm.

Woorm: main features

From idea to end result in a blink

Woorm can be used to easily create the reports a company needs, combining a visual design interface with a powerful database inquiry engine.

Its simple and intuitive interface means it can also be used by non-developer users to create the reports they need for their job, or to customise some of the hundreds provided by

For the more expert users, Woorm provides its inquiry engine with SQL-like language for maximum freedom in extracting data. It is also possible to execute native instructions of the database, both for the inquiry and to combine reporting actions with execution or triggers or stored procedures.

No limits to information needs

Woorm can extract data from all the tables managed by, but not only that. It is also possible to use data managed by other applications or extracted using database “views”.

The reports created with Woorm are independent of the database used, and like, can be used with any kind of database supported by the application: SQL Server 2000 or 2005, MSDE, SQL Express, Oracle 10G.

Woorm can also be used to freely define fields and columns calculated with logical-mathematical expressions, fields valorised when events occur etc… Totals and subtotals can be set without limits to the number of levels and columns to valorise.

A powerful event-driven engine makes it possible to define the custom events to associate actions, for example, when particular combinations of data occur, and thus associate page jumps, calculations of totals, visualisation of fields or figures etc...

The right look for company data

Woorm provides a wide range of tools for professional data layout: colours, fonts, images can be freely combined on the page to correctly highlight the important information.

It is possible to construct a report using an already existing layout, for example a pre-printed form, scanning it and using it as the background to set the data in the layout desired.

The graphic elements can be activated also in response to events: fields and information can be made to appear or disappear, or can be re-coloured etc… according to freely expressible conditions under the form of logical-mathematical expressions.

Prints containing a lot of information can be adapted to the page with the assistance of the “zoom” function, or divided into several pages, precisely defining the final arrangement of the data.

The reports created with Woorm are printed on any printer, just as they appear on the screen, providing guaranteed results in any company context. Woorm also specifically supports dot matrix printers for anyone using multiple carbonless copy pre-printing.

Information get new life

The reports created with Woorm are not static pages of data: Woorm enables interactive and parametric use of the reports that transforms them from simple printouts into real applications.

Woorm provides a versatile definition of parameters that are collected inside windows the conform to the standard interface of Archive searches can be set (e.g.: customers, items) with the same tools used in the rest of the programme, and content and visualisation of the parameters can be managed according to events. It is therefore possible to construct even highly complex reports that guide the user.

The data presented by Woorm on the screen can be “sensitised” (as a “link” to an Internet page) to execute other reports in a cascade or to open the corresponding documents. For example, from an accounts summary it is possible to visualise the detail of the accounting sheet that fed it or from a turnover statistic you can open the document corresponding to the total displayed, and so on.

Sharing data, simply

Grazie a Woorm è estremamente semplice condividere le informazioni: i dati presentati, tutti o in parte, possono essere trasferiti in Word, Excel, formato testo o HTML. I report possono essere salvati e condivisi anche nel formato nativo di Woorm (RDE), per essere visualizzati da un altro utente nell'interfaccia di

In combinazione con il modulo MailConnector, i report di Woorm possono essere esportati in formato PDF e spediti come allegati a messaggi e-mail, anche compressi. Grazie al potente elaboratore di espressioni integrato in Woorm è possibile estrarre l'indirizzo o la lista di indirizzi destinatari dagli archivi di, realizzando delle vere e proprie applicazioni di mail-merge.


Some features are not available on all Editions.

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