Bar-code devices in your warehouse: WMS Mobile

Bar-code devices in your warehouse: WMS Mobile

Warehouse management on the palm of our hand. With a Wi-Fi Rfid handheld device, or with a simple bar-code gun, you can manage the loading and unloading of goods, stock transfer, packing and unpacking... all synchronized in real time with your ERP software

The module WMS Mobile for allows the management of all aspects regarding the warehouse logistics of the palm of your hand! Thanks to the Wi-Fi Rfid handheld devices (or simply with bar-code guns) you can perform the receipt and putaway of the goods, create the inventory, complete the picking and handle the shipment.

WMS Mobile for Warehouse logistics on handheld terminalsWarehouse loading and unloading are carried out with few... beeps of your handheld Wi-Fi Rfid device. By “shooting” on the bar code of the items, stocks and locations, you will obtain the desired result with extreme precision and speediness.

WMS Mobile conveys in real time, to the company database, information thought the terminal (handheld device). The WMS mobile runs also in areas that are not necessarily covered by the Wi-Fi signal thanks to the intelligent data saving system in the memory of the terminal. Such system also updates the company database once being under Wi-Fi area again or once the device is positioned back into its dock connected to a PC.

The WMS Mobile also allows managing, throughout the handheld device, the stock putaway, packing and unpacking operations: a truly irreplaceable help that allows carrying out, quickly and efficiently, all warehouse logistics operations.

WMS Mobile is compatible with the most common handheld devices (Psion, Datalogic, Motorola) that employ the operating systems Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Windows CE.

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