Suppliers, Customers and Prospects Suppliers, Customers and Prospects

The ERP software provides a very detailed and customizable management of customers and suppliers data. Prospects management makes preparing the offer easier.

While prospect data contain basic information to make an offer, customer and supplier data are very detailed so as to pilot the program behaviour to suit the actual needs of the single customer and supplier.

Each customer and supplier has a great deal of default data, proposed and customizable within the single documents, such as the preferred terms of payment, IBAN code, price list, currency, discount rate, just to mention a few.

Specific parameters enable to control, for example, the customer wouldn't exceed the maximum credit line allowed, or that the amount of the single order or the total amount of all combined orders wouln't exceed a given ceiling; one can even decide which groupings to perform during deferred invoicing.

Suppliers, Customers and Prospects Management: main features

Integrated Google Maps

From within any address field you can launch Google Maps to locate the address on the map or satellite image, other than being able to search and import the address, including GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude).

Google Maps integrationGoogle Maps integration

Furthermore, anywhere a VAT number is required, you can check the validity of a European VAT number, thanks to a function leveraging the VIES online service provided by the European Union.

Privacy law regulation

In keeping with the regulations dictated by the privacy law, the programme can be used to print and send to all customers and suppliers, information on the treatment of personal data, complete with authorisation for this treatment, tracking previously sent letters.

Privacy statement letterPrivacy statement letter

The report texts are freely modifiable by the user through the use of Woorm.

Master data bindings

The data structure permits both to link to each other customers that are also suppliers, so to print an account statement that includes all their entries, and to turn prospects into "official" customers or suppliers, using the already available information and leaving to the user only to complete the entry the with the missing parts.

Identifying data of customer Identifying data of customer

Alternative offices

It is possible not only to spcify branches and operating offices for each customer and supplier, but also to indicate which one is the preferred site to deliver goods to, to send documents to, to make out payments to, and to manage this information when printing documents, and in earnings and payments.

Other branch offices of customerOther branch offices of customer

Invoicing customer

Being able to issue a transport document to a customer and send the related invoice to a different customer is a common need among many companies; handles the task efficiently using a simple attribute on the customer data, without the user having to do anything.

Customer sale dataCustomer sale data

Automated notes

Managing automatic notes for each customer and supplier is straightforward: the operator can decide which notes to visualize and which ones to print in the documents, even differentiating the text for each type of document.

Customer notesCustomer notes

Send documents via e-mail

In the presence of the Mail Connector module user can configure how each customer and supplier prefers to receive documents (via fax or e-mail). This streamlines and speeds up sending any kind of documents, from invoices and accounts statements.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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