Security Light: manage your data access Security Light: manage your data access

The Security Light module makes easy to inhibit program features of the ERP accounting software to the desired users.

With the Security Light module it is possible to diversify inside the company the type of use of by its possible users, setting prohibitions to access certain forms of data entry, procedures or reports of the application to some of them.

Where Security Light is used to enter access prohibitions, the menu is composed exclusively of the commands the user is authorised to use.
We can say that the access prohibitions entered using Security Light prevent the use of a given function securely, in other words not only by removing the relative items from the menu, but triggering a real authorisation control mechanism that is practically impossible to bypass and this is always adopted, irrespective of the type of client used (, EasyLook or Magic Documents).
Thanks to the simplicity and intuitiveness of the graphic interface specifically made available to set the access prohibitions, the definition of the profiles of various users is particularly quick and easy from the operative point of view.

Security Light: main features


If for a certain user, depending on the tasks they perform in the company, accesses through Security Light are customised, specifically denying the possibility of accessing some application functions, they will not even see the corresponding commands appear on the menu any longer, so they will have a more concise menu structure that only contains the basics, in other words what actually falls within their tasks and that, consequently, they are enabled to use.

By prohibiting the use of a certain menu item to a given user, not only is access to this item prohibited but also the general use of the command associated with it, so all the possible corresponding items are removed from the menu and the command is disabled to the lowest level so it is completely unusable inside the application.


Inside the Administration Console, the graphic interface of Security Light, which makes it possible to configure these access prohibitions is very simple to use and makes it possible to keep the situation of each user under control.

The whole structure of the application menu is visualised as what we are normally used to having in execution phase, but complete with all items (including the disabled ones) When a given user and a company are selected, if a access has been prohibited to a certain command, a red dot will appear alongside the corresponding menu items. Conversely, if the user can freely access the command, the dot is green. If a yellow dot appears alongside a menu branch, this means it contains items referring to authorised commands but that have some access prohibitions.

For each element of the application menu, branch or command item, it is possible to use Security Light to create a graph that shows all the access restrictions set. For each user, every associated company is examined and, based on the prohibitions that have been entered, a different coloured dot appears alongside the menu element.

Chance to evolve

If it is necessary to upgrade to a more sophisticated protection system that can place other more complex application objects or a greater level of detail under security, applying more advanced data protection criteria, you can decide to pass to the Security module without losing any of the prohibitions already set with this tool. Indeed, as soon as the company is protected with the Security module, a specific migration procedure is automatically executed to transpose any pre-existing prohibitions into the corresponding settings valid for the new module.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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