Security: manage your data access Security: manage your data access

The Security module full access control to the business objects in the ERP accounting software

The Security module offers a complete solution to manage the level of access to the management objects present in
For each user it is possible to manage a “security profile” that defines objects and actions available for the actual user.
From data entry to the single fields, from reports to database tables, from automatic procedures to administrative tools: everything can be placed under the control of the Security module.
The menu is only composed with the objects the user has at least right of access to.Setting authorisations is simple, rapid and precise thanks to the intuitive graphic interface.

Security: main features

Total control

Accessing some read only data (e.g. customer budget), preventing access to certain management objects (inventory entries) eliminating visibility of certain reports from the menu are just some of the things the Security module allows us to do.

The objects the user has no right to access are deleted from the menu: this simplifies the activity of the user who only finds a menu containing the functions the user can use to perform their job.

There is no danger of bypassing the security system: the Security module always recognises the user and attributes the correct “security profile” even if the operator connects to the application from a different workstation than usual.

Easy to manage

The Security module offers a simple and flexible interface to set, edit and control the authorisations set on the objects. Wizards are used to rapidly guide user profiling step-by-step.

The tools made available by the Security module can be used to effectively control the level of access to objects and put the profiling detail in place.

Aggregate = Simplify

Roles are used to make security profiles management even more effective and rapid! The roles make it possible to group together users that perform similar tasks and therefore to manage the security profiles by Role rather than by user. Less “entity” to profile means more simplicity in implementing security regulations and simplicity of future maintenance.

For example, in defining a “Bookkeeper” role and thereby managing the security profiles on the actual role, the users just need to be associated to the role and they inherit the security policy defined for the “Bookkeeper”.

It is still possible to manage exceptions to the original role/s: the different “treatment” reserved for the user can be indicated and the Security module will apply this variation to the user desired only.

Born ready

Security is provided with a set of already profiled predefined Roles. If you like, it is possible to import these roles immediately after installing the Security module and therefore activate data protection straight away, rationally and widely documented by the materials provided with it.

The security profiles set for the predefined roles can be freely modified.


Following an update of there may be new "management objects" (e.g. reports) present that since they didn’t exist when performing the initial security profiling, could become accessible by all, creating possible problems of data security/privacy.

The Security module also has this under control!

After a mago.Net update, it is possible to ask Security to set the most appropriate protection policy for the new objects. As always, the automatically set security policies are freely modifiable.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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