Task Scheduler: execute activities periodically Task Scheduler: execute activities periodically Task Scheduler is a tool that permits to programme the automated performance of procedural activities within the ERP accounting software

It can supervise their execution, at preset date and time, completing the operations required in silent mode, in other words without the need for interaction by the user, controlling their success and keeping track of any information and error messages in the system register of events.

Task Scheduler: main features

Schedulable tasks

The types of activities that can be schedule as such include most of the batch procedures, the report printouts, carrying out outsourced executions, sending emails, application data backup or restore and data import and export (of the XGate module is installed).

Tasks in sequence

It is also possible to construct articulated sequences of activities, to execute one after another.

Within a sequence, an activity can also be set as “blocking”, in that if it is not executed this could lead to blocking the succession of activities underway.


Graphic interface made available to manage the scheduled activities is particularly easy to use and also includes visualising all the messages that this tool has added to the register of system events so as to be able to easily reconstruct the events that have taken place in the absence of an operator.

More efficiency

So, it is possible to delegate trivial repetitive and routine procedures that do not need specific interaction by the user or also particularly burdensome processing that involve extensive use of time and/or of certain resources to this tool so they can be automatically carried out during the night or during nonworking days, for example.

Planning the activities that can be performed by the system automatically appropriately provides a considerable advantage in terms of time and optimum use of tools available and therefore of efficiency and productivity.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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