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The Sales Force Management tool in the accounting software permits to codify Salesman, Commission policies and to calculate commissions.

Sales Force Management can be used to codify Salespeople, Commission policies and to calculate commissions. involves numerous methods of calculating commissions, various types of accrual and the management of commissions from outstanding bills.

Sales Force Management: main features

Salespeople Master Data

In, the main data is divided into two separate masters data: Salespeople and commissions policies.

The salespeople master data contains the personal details, commissions and social security details of the salespeople, whether employees or suppliers.

SalesPeople Master DataSalesPeople Master Data

For each salespeople we can set a fixed monthly amount, if foreseen, and establish the reference Commission Policy, code them as Area Manager or, alternatively associate them with an Area Manager inserted previously.

In case of a professional subject to Enasarco, it is also necessary to indicate the data necessary for social security calculations.

Commission Policies

Commissions Policies summarize the contractual information that form the basis to pay each salespeople.

Commission PolicyCommission Policy

Any type of calculation can be applied to the commissions: item or customer category, a mix of both, applied discount, etc.
Commissions can be accrued at issue, due date or received payment of the document. We can also manage mixed situations with maturation partly when issued, partly at due date or when receiving payment of the document.
Commissions can be calculated from the sales price after or before discount or the margin between discounted sales price and final, average or standard cost.

Every policy can be associated with one or more salespeoples.

Area Manager and Second Saleseperson is also extremely flexible in managing the Area Manager; indeed it can manage two salespeoples on each single document or one salespeople and one area manager.

When managing two salespeoples, the commissions are completely unconnected from each other while in managing salespeople and area manager, the latter collects the commissions on what is paid to the former.

The commission policy can be different in the event of two salespeoples while it is the same for salespeople and area manager.

Commissions in documents

We find the commissions calculation on all the documents of the active cycle beginning from the sale order.

Invoice with generated commissionsInvoice with generated commissions

Commissions are only paid from invoices and receipts. The credit notes are used to generate reversal commissions.

It is possible to edit every value proposed by on the documents (unless we have specified otherwise in the commission policy).

We can also modify the salespeople proposed or insert one if not provided.

Salespeople Entries

Using a specific procedure, for each invoice, receipt and credit note where there is an salespeople, creates a salespeople entry.

The sales document data and commission data are summarised in the salespeople entries.
Commissions are settle on the basis of the Salespeople Entries.

Actual Accrual Date UpdateActual Accrual Date Update provides various lists based on the Salespeople Entries that allows us to keep the commissions to be accrued and accrued and the ones to be settled and settled.

Sales Force Management Statistics

A series of printouts provides precise, complete information relative to salespeoples (turnover, commissions, statistics), giving us the possibility of choosing between detailed and summarised sheets.

List of Entries by salesperson and InvoiceList of Entries by salesperson and Invoice

We also have available a number of statistical printouts of the salespeople turnover that can be supplemented by further customised statistics thanks to the use of the report generator integrated into the program.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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