The WEEE module makes the accounting software able to calculate the Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment eco contribution automatically.

The WEEE module makes it possible to set the parameters for automatically calculating the contribution, generating the relative documents.

Thanks to this module, it is possible to define the total amount of the contribution for the various item categories, automatically deduct the eco-contribution in the sales invoices, generate WEEE entries.

Various lists relative to the WEEE entries generated are available so as to control the contribution calculated in a selected period.

WEEE: main features

WEEE categories

With we can define WEEE categories, stating the total eco-contribution for each one.

WEEE CategoriesWEEE Categories

It is really easy to use the WEEE module, when default data is uploaded, already provides categories and relative amounts.

Settings for Item

We can indicate the WEEE Eco-contribution directly on the single item, or refer to one or two WEEE category in the item.

Automatic Item/WEEE Category associationsAutomatic Item/WEEE Category associations

With it is possible automatically associate the items with the WEEE categories: we can associate the same WEEE category as the commodity category or the WEEE category indicated to a set of selected items.

WEEE Contribution Calculation calculates the Contribution in the sales documents.
In particular, when saving a sales document (immediate invoice, accompanying invoice, receipt, credit note), after inserting the items subject to the eco-contribution, asks if you want to generate the WEEE entry.

In the WEEE entries we find information relative to the Eco-contributions. It is possible to edit the quantity and value calculated and also to directly add new entries.
Once the WEEE entry is confirmed the line relative to the calculation of the contribution is added to the sales document.

Various lists relative to the WEEE entries generated are available to enable us to control the contribution calculated in a given period.


The WEEE contribution, automatically calculated by can be added with a line like Service, to the sales document or it can be only registered in the WEEE entries.

Immediate Invoice with WEEE amount calculationImmediate Invoice with WEEE amount calculation

If you decide to insert the WEEE contribution line to the sales documents, it is possible to set which item code to assign.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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