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The Quality Inspection feature in the accounting software permits to automatically generate the Inspection Order when on the Bill of Lading the item is stated subject to test and inspection. 

The full integration with the Purchases module means it is just necessary to indicate on the Bill of Lading that this item is subject to test and inspection to automatically generete the Inspection Order when the document is saved.

The Inspection Note can be used to process one or more Inspection Orders as long as they are for the same supplierand can be used to indicate goods are Conforming, Srap or To return to supplier. can generate the inventory entries to load the goods in the approriate storage or a Return to Supplier document, depending on the result of the test and inspection.

Quality Inspection: main features

Inspection Order

The Inspection Order can be entered manually or it can be automatically generated from the Bill of Lading. It includes the items to be inspected, the quantities to inspect and the quantities already inspected.

The Inspection OrderThe Inspection Order

The generation of an inventory entry is used to load the goods in a specific storage for inspections, stocks but not availability are added  since the goods need to be inspected before being discharged.

Inspection Note

The Inspection Note can be manually or automatically compiled by loading one or more Inspection Orders referring to a single Supplier.

The Inspection NoteThe Inspection Note

The results of the goods control (Conforming, Srap or To return to supplier due to nonconformity) are registered in the Inspection Note.

References to the Inspection Order and to the originating Bill of Lading can be found in a specific tab on the note.


Depending on the results of the Inspection, generates:

  • an inventory entry that moves the goods from the testing storage to the conforming goods storage, so ready to be sold or used in production;
  • an inventory entry that moves the goods from the testing storage to the scrap goods storage;
  • a document to return goods to the supplier that delivered the goods not conforming to quality standards

Non Conformity Reason

For each result of the inspection it is possible to associate a Non conformity description that wlil be automatically added to the inventory entries.

It will be possible to create customised reports that highlight the highest quality products and the best suppliers - all in order to guarantee proper control of products sold or used in production, and assistance in selecting suppliers with the best quality standards.

Reporting can be used to print templates relative to Inspection Order and Note.

Reports are also available and provide a summarised and analytical list of the orders and notes registered, selecting from different data.

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