Send letters by mail directly from

Send letters by mail directly from

With one simple click you can now send letters, communications, dunning letters, invoices or any other type of document via mail, this thanks to and the Zucchetti PostaLite service. No more queues at the post office, stamps, placing in envelopes or labeling: will take care of everything with PostaLite!

Improving the efficiency of the document mailing process allows saving.

With the Zucchetti PostaLite service, perfectly integrated within the ERP, any document can be sent via mail with one simple click! PostaLite is an "add on" to the Mail Connector module, the module that allows sending via e-mail any type of document turning it into PDF format.

Have a look at the 90 seconds video and find what PostaLite offers

With PostaLite you can choose to dispatch in the way that best suits your needs: mass mailing, registered mail, certified mail, always and only with one simple click.

You can send documents in black and white or colours, as well as use double-sided printing.

PostaLite is integrated within on all reports (these being customized or standard), in the printing/filing documents procedure: any type of document can be hence sent by mail with one easy click!

Thanks to the PostaLite service by Zucchetti and, the mailing of the documents becomes easy, efficient and fast!

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