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The Purchase Orders module in the accounting software makes you manage the control of a company's purchases.

The Purchase Orders module is set up to manage the control of a company’s purchases.

This module can be used to manage suppliers and prospective suppliers, register quotations, transform them into orders (or register the orders directly without going through the quotations), automatically generate purchase orders to guarantee deliveries to customers, analyse the future trend of the inventory stocks.

Purchase Orders: main features

Supplier Quotations

The Supplier Quotation is the first document in the Passive Cycle.
In the Quotation can be issued to a Supplier or to a Prospective supplier. When the quotation is processed in an order, the prospective Supplier is transformed into Supplier.

The Supplier QuotationThe Supplier Quotation

The supplier or prospective supplier master data provides all the distinctive details including terms and conditions of payment, currency, price list and much more.

The quotations can be created by manually inserting all the data or by copying other quotations.

Like the other documents, the quotations can also be issued in a different currency from the base currency of the company. automatically converts every value according to the fixing in the currencies master data or inserted manually into the document.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order can be generated by loading all or part of a Supplier Quotation. Being it often the first document in the passive cycle, it can also be inserted manually.

The Purchase OrderThe Purchase Order

An automatic procedure creates the purchase orders, taking into account shortages, possible minimum stocks and defined reorder lots for items and the quantities needed to satisfy the requests. The expected date of delivery permits to plan reordering.

When registering the order, makes the variation to the orders for the items inserted, so to keep the available quantities under control.

The orders can also be issued in a different currency. automatically converts every value according to the fixing in the currencies master data or inserted manually into the document.

Price and Discount Policies

The price and discount management in makes defining price application policies very flexible.

Prices can be linked to the supplier or to the item or to both. We ensure that automatically proposes the most recent price applied by the supplier for a given item. It is possible to manage a base price, an average purchase price and a standard cost.

We can define a personalised prices and discounts policies, assigning priorities to the different values.  For example, the most recent price applied from the supplier for that item can be proposed, or if there is none, the standard supplier price for the item or also the base price of the item.

Importing a file

To facilitate and speed-up the introdution of documents you can import text files containing item codes or barcodes (eventually generated with an optical reader).

Importing items from file in a Purchase InvoiceImporting items from file in a Purchase Invoice

Besides item codes you can import the quantity, relevant prices and discounts and, if managed, the Lots.

In the same way you can also import note files if there are several lines of text to be associated with the document.



Generating purchase orders

For optimum management of inventory stock we can use the Generate purchase orders from Reserved/Shortage procedure which automatically makes it possible to reorder inventory goods from suppliers when there is not enough to cover the needs.

Generate Purchase Orders from Reserved/ShortageGenerate Purchase Orders from Reserved/Shortage analyses current on-hand, minimum stock and maximum stock, reordering lot, controls the presence of any Purchase Orders and relative quantity for each item and checks the quantity committed to Sale Orders or needed for our production activity.

We can use the procedure not only to reorder to suit reserved, but also to minimise stock, setting it to also consider shortage.

Purchase Orders Statistics provides a considerable variety of lists to analyse, control and verify all the aspects of Orders management.

Purchase Report: Orderd by Item/Period CondensedPurchase Report: Orderd by Item/Period Condensed

Use the lists of analyses of the portfolio to verify quantities and prices of goods and services in quotations and supplier orders. The many reports permit precise analyses of the progress of the deliveries to make and to receive.

You can verify amounts and quantities in orders, centring control on suppliers, articles, and crosschecking the figures, an perform several analyses:  for example, check if one supplier has more competitive prices than others, and the delivery times of the various suppliers.
You can also insert Order budgets in supplier master data, automatically update actual data, and compare budget to balance.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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