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The Sales Orders module makes a powerful tool to manage orders, quotations, and leads / prospects. 

Sale Orders can be used to insert Quotations and Orders to own customers.

This module can be used to manage customers and contacts (potential customers), register quotations, transform them into orders (or register the orders directly without going through the quotations).

A series of prints helps us carry out analyses and statistics relative to what our customers order.

Sale Orders: main features

Customer Quotations

The Customer Quotations is the first document in the Active Cycle. In it can be issued to a Customer or to a Contact (potential customer).
When an offer is processed in an order, if there is a Contact this is automatically turned into a Customer.

The Customer QuotationThe Customer Quotation

The Customer or Contact master data provides all the distinctive details including terms and conditions of payment, currency, list prices and much more.

The quotations can be created by manually inserting all the data or by copying other quotations.

Like the other documents, the quotations can also be issued in a different currency from the base currency of the company. automatically converts every value according to the fixing in the currencies master data or inserted manually into the document.

Sale Orders

The Sale Order can be inserted manually or all or part of it can be generated simply by loading a Customer quotation.

The Sale OrderThe Sale Order

When the order is inserted reserves the inventory quantity so as to always keep the quantities available under control. The expected date of delivery permits to plan the deliveries to make and to programme purchases.

The Priority indicates to the automatic procedures which orders to process first, if there is not enough inventory stock to cover them all.
We can process the orders in delivery notes and invoices manually or automatically, choosing whether to only send the goods we have enough of or to deliver everything, irrespective of the quantities in inventory. it helps the preparation of goods for delivery by using the Picking List document. In between sale order and delivery note or accompanying invoice, enables to pick goods from storage for preparing them for delivering. It is a very helpful: it avoids to see the goods, already stored for a deliver, as still available in stock.

Price and Discount Policies

The price and discount management in makes defining price application policies very flexible.

It is possible to manage several prices lists, providing for brackets of quantities and dates of validity, have prices linked to the customer or to the item or to both. It is also possible to apply prices deriving from the mark-up on purchasing or manufacturing costs of the goods.

We can define a personalised prices and discounts policies, assigning priorities to the different values.  For example, the most recent price applied to the customer for that item can be proposed, or if there is none, the standard customer price for the item or the list price associated with the customer or even the base price of the item.

Importing a file

To facilitate and speed-up the introdution of documents you can import text files containing item codes or barcodes (eventually generated with an optical reader).

Importing items from file in a Purchase InvoiceImporting items from file in a Purchase Invoice

Besides item codes you can import the quantity, relevant prices and discounts and, if managed, the Lots.

In the same way you can also import note files if there are several lines of text to be associated with the document.



Sale Orders Statistics

The possibility for analysing, controlling and verifying data in the archives of our management application is one of the fundamental steps for correct corporate management.

For example, the lists of analyses of the portfolio can be used to verify the quantities and prices of goods and services inserted into the offers and customer orders.

The payment schedules can be used to very precisely verify our punctuality in processing the deliveries.

The possibility of verifying the amounts and quantities of the orders, centring control on the customers, on the items and crosschecking the data, enables us to verify for example the progress of the quotations for a given custom, to check how much an item is requested and if there are seasonal or monthly peaks of orders.

With it is possibile to insert Order budgets in customer master data, automatically update actual data and compare budget to balance.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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