Manufacturing Mobile

Manufacturing Mobile Manufacturing Mobile permits to perform manufacturing confirmation using a mobile device. Manufacturing Mobile module extends WiFi benefits to manufacturing sector. The module is a significant integration of manufacturing modules and an important extension of mobile features. The use of mobile devices as part of the manufacturing processes is particularly suited to the management of the internal processing steps resulting in the finished product. Manufacturing Mobile is designed to confirm and load in production the last phase of an internal order with a mobile device.

The module integrates with Base and Advanced Manufacturing modules and it is available for Professional and Enterprise Edition.

Manufacturing Mobile: main features▼

Production Loading

Production Loading - Manufacturing MobileProduction Loading - Manufacturing MobileThanks to the Production Loading you can confirm production just with your mobile device. When launching a Manufacturing Order you can pick up the materials to process that you need, and also load the items that you are producing. All without the need to move from one part to another in the factory thanks to WiFi technology and mobile devices usability. The procedure allows you to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of mobile without compromising the completeness of traditional confirmation. In addition to final product loading, you can confirm a second choice and a waste product, use articles variants, select an existing lot of loading or create a new one adding its expiration date. You can enter further information about the process, as amount, setup and processing time. All with just few clicks on your mobile device.

Production Kanban reordering

With production Kanban reordering procedure, you are sure to have the Kanban items needed for manufacturing. With the mobile device you can real-time provide the manufacturing manager with all the information you need to plan purchase requests and manufacturing orders of the missing items, relating to each cost center. In a short time you will know the real demand about these items, thanks to the information received in a timely manner by the production department. The proper server procedure helps to create the necessary manufacturing orders and purchase requests. meets your company needs, e.g. permitting you to choose whether to consider some of the data - such as minimum stock required for each article or its inventory availability -, and changing manufacturing orders and purchase requests coming from the procedure before they are processed.

customizing grids and data entries of mobile device

Data Entry Login Configuration- Manufacturing MobileData Entry Login Configuration- Manufacturing MobileUsing Manufacturing Mobile functions is even easier and suited to your specific needs, thanks to the mobile device customization procedure of grids and data entries. With this procedure you choose the selection grids of production orders to be loaded. You can decide to show, for example, the order or the variant, or simply to see a more significant field before the others. And that’s not all: in the same way you can define which data are displayed in the form, deciding whether to make data editable or read-only, and if you want them to be mandatory or optional. These customizations are set on the server and automatically applied on all the mobile devices that you are using. The personalization choice is guided, in order to match with the production parameters you've always used in traditional confirmation; in this way the risk of mistakes is zero!

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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