Mail Connector: send PDF reports via e-mail Mail Connector: send PDF reports via e-mail

Mail Connector is the module that enhances ERP accounting software with the support to send emails, faxes and to generate PDF files.

Mail Connector can be used to considerably speed up and reduce the costs of many routine operations: sending accounts statements to customers in PDF format, invoices and orders via fax are just some examples of the functions that Mail Connector offers!

Mail Connector: main features

Ready, aim... Send

The perfect integration of the module with makes the sending email/fax in multiple automatic procedures and reports functions present in the management modules of available: these include deferred invoicing to prints of receivables/payables documents, accounts statements and letters consenting to the treatment of personal data.

A third party product is necessary to send as fax.


Any report whatsoever can be sent via email or fax with a few clicks. The manual send interface reproduces the one available in the email customers (e.g. Microsoft Outlook): it is possible to indicate the recipient (using the Outlook address book if you want to), the CC (carbon copy) and the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipient.

It is also possible to receive notification of delivery and/or reading!

Automate = Save

Mail Connector provides a kind of programming interface available in WOORM (report generator). In the reports it is easy to indicate the fields containing the key information to send the email: this way, not only is it possible to automate sending any report but it is possible to ensure that the interface fields for manual sending are already filled in with the dynamic data extracted from the report!

Not enough? In synergy with the Task Scheduler module, it is possible to indicate a recurrent planning schedule to send reports: the Task Scheduler will then pilot sending using Mail Connector on the set day and time.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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