MagicDocuments: Microsoft Office Integration MagicDocuments: Microsoft Office Integration

The MagicDocuments module can be used to create solutions integrating with simple electronic documents on Word and Excel, and to interact with ERP Software using the familiar interface of Office, allowing the best possible business activity while saving time and money.

With MagicDocuments there are no limits "to export to Word or Excel", but it is possible to create documents "alive", that work on up-to-date data in real time, usable at your pleasure. MagicDocuments allows the best combination of the guarantees to provide certified data from the ERP system and the multi-dimensional capacity of the office tools. Sharing information is even more simple, clients who use MagicDocument do not even need installed on their PC! 

The best flexibility does not mean less security: Clients who use MagicDocuments are subject to the same high degree of security available in traditional modes of

MagicDocuments: main features

Operative straight away

Anyone using the solutions based on MagicDocuments only need to know how to use a calculation worksheet or insert a text document to be able to carry out complex management transactions.

All the phases of the procedure are guided and make using the software truly simple and intuitive.
MagicDocuments can be used to create a practically infinite series of templates that can be customised however you like. Contact forms, offers, price lists, letters, statistics: these are just some of the possible documents that can be created, customised, shared.
All of this without the need for costly operations at the programming level, thanks to the application of the Smart Documents technology in Office.

Simplified data access

With MagicDocuments the integration of and Office achieves two significant results:

  • It enables an Office user to populate an Excel or Word document with data extracted in real time from the company database to simply and effectively create analyses, reports, graphs etc…
  • It also enables operators without expertise in using the management programme to insert or extract data and documents into/from it continuing to use a familiar interface like Word and Excel
MagicDocuments can valorise the skills already found in the company since it extends the possibilities of use of some programmes in the Microsoft Office 2003 Professional suite, turning them into real alternative interfaces to, without necessary knowing how to use the actual management programme.
Word are Excel are known and used by practically all professional operators; Office is also a powerful platform to develop customised solutions, and is definitely more cost-efficient to use than the ones created using other programming languages.

Documents sarin and standardization

People using the solutions created with MagicDocuments can work on data managed by while continuing to use the powerful functions of the Word and Excel interface (tables, fonts, colours, images etc…) to create pleasant, easy-to-consult documents, which can also provide a direct vision of the company data without having to do any intermediate exports.

The documents created with MagicDocuments can be managed as templates to be reused again and again, and to update the data contained in them with a simple click.

  • For example, a sales manager can update a sales analyses electronic worksheet, already formatted and including layout, with the most recent data available and immediately print it or share it with associates.
  • An Administrative manager can do the same thing with an accounts analysis to send via email to the Auditors to be discussed in the Board of Directors meeting.
  • A salesperson can "download" the offer inserted into in compliance with the company sales policies into a Word document with layout prepared and add other information, details etc… to it.

More integration among company activities

It is possible to collect all the document templates created with MagicDocuments in a shared "container", for example at the company or department level.

MagicDocuments can be used to organise the solutions in the Resource Repository of; people who are authorised to use it can access it by navigating with the Menu Manager, using both and directly from inside Office.

Therefore, the latest and most up-to-date versions of documents like offers, standard-letters, statistics are available, and will therefore have a standardised and institutionalised appearance, the contents of which can easily be defined and updated to suit the company needs.

Lowering operating costs

On balance, the solutions developed with MagicDocuments provide real savings on the total cost of the IT system management, with the following advantages:

  • Fewer risks of error. It is possible to eliminate the “copy and glue” operations that are often sources of error, having to work at the same time on different applications in order to retrieve data to be inserted in the document.
  • Lower staff training costs. It is no longer necessary for everybody to know how to use the management programme thoroughly; it is possible that some personnel in the company only need to use the Word and Excel templates.
    Simplification to find information. Thanks to MagicDocuments it is also possible to search company archives and retrieve the information in the various sections of the document currently being worked on, all without leaving Word or Excel, in a fraction of the time normally needed to retrieve the data found in separate applications.
  • Customise at a lower cost. Developing a solution using the Office tools is quicker and less expensive than with normal programming tools. Often the end user already has the know-how needed and they can pass from idea to creation without a long and expensive software development project.

Increase in flexibility without security penalties

To be able to work on the management system and the company database using the solutions created with Magic Documents, it is necessary for the user to be recognised by the system with login and password.
Access is granted according to the same criteria attributed for access to; if a user has the right to use a function, that setting will have value both when they access through and through the Magic Documents solutions.
Furthermore, user profiling enables the company to set levels of access to data differentiated according to the company roles so that, for example, an administrative manager can access accounts data, analyse it, extract it, while a sales department worker can load or extract data relative to contacts.
Note that in both cases, the use of simplified or in any case customised interfaces can be of great assistance in their jobs, without sacrificing anything at all in terms of protection and confidentiality of company data.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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