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The Lots and Serial Numbers module of the ERP software unloads goods from the warehouse and automatically updates the Lots details, enabling a personalised management based on the company activity.

We can adapt the Lots management to suit our needs by setting various parameters. can be used to manage serial numbers through internal numbering and/or by following the numbering of the supplier/manufacturer.

Lots and Serials: main features

Managing Lots

With it is possible to use the Lots numbering attributed by suppliers or generate one with autonumbering.

Item LotItem Lot

If autonumbering is used it is possible to opt for single numbering by item or by company (the same lot number can be attributed to different items or not).

Various information can be found in the Lots master data: codes, quantities, values, validity end, pre expiry, on hand, book inventory, quantity in storage, automatic counters etc… also notifies expired lots and lots that are out of stocks.

Lots in Sale Documents

It is possible to parameterize the proposition of the lots on sale according to the company activity, for each document deciding whether to take material from one Lot alone or also from different Lots.

We can tell our general preference and indicate any exceptions for specific customers.

In the event of automatic proposition it is possible to decide whether to discharge from the most recent or the oldest lot.

Managing Serial Numbers

Every time we use the sale or purchase documents or inventory entries to enter an item managed in Serials, allows us to indicate (or it automatically inserts) the internal and/or external serial number.

Internal and Supplier Serial Numbers

In the sale and purchase documents and in the inventory entries, reference to an item managed in Serials enables the internal Serial number and the supplier Serial number fields.

Internal Serial Number and Supplier Serial Number in BoLInternal Serial Number and Supplier Serial Number in BoL

We can fill in both fields or just the one that interests us, depending on our needs.

If the inventory description includes this (typical for the load entries), the internal serial number can be automatically generated by the program.

Item search by serial number

In any sale, purchase document and inventory entry we can use the Serial code to search for an item.

Search by serial number in a documentSearch by serial number in a document

After inserting the serial number (or part of it) , we can select the item we are interested in and includes on the document both the item found and the serial number searched.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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