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The ERP accounting software can produce and send Intrastat lists required by Europea Union regulations for exchanges among member countries.

The European Union law requires that trade among European countries must be provided into declarations that companies have to send to the customs authorities.

The module is perfectly integrated with the Financial module and with other logistics modules, and it is based on proper "intra-EU entries" linked to each document to generate the declaration.

As each Country has its own Intrastat system, is localized for each country supported.

Intrastat: main features

Customized periodicity

Submission terms are specified for arrivals and dispatches, and they can be modified each year.
They allow you to manage both normal transactions to be included in lists and adjustments that refer to previous periods.

Post Intrastat entry from an immediate invoice Post Intrastat entry from an immediate invoice

Combined Nomenclature and Classification of Products by Activity

The possibility to save each combined nomenclature and CPA code in a table simplifies the posting of any intra-EU transaction.

Intrastat data in item master dataIntrastat data in item master data

Nomenclature and CPA code can be linked to inventory items too, in order to be suggested in sales and purchases documents.

Automatic intra-EU entries

The perfect integration with Sales and Purchases modules allows you to get intra-EU entries automatically, using information set in each document, related to for example to operation and transaction types, and taking advantage of combined nomenclature as well as net mass weight stored in item master data.

Intra-EU arrivals linked to the received documentIntra-EU arrivals linked to the received document

Electronic submission

Intra-EU declaration can be printed on paper or on file to be sent to local customs authorities.

Special reports help the user to check entries and amounts before sending the declaration.

Some features are not available on all Editions.

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